Tuesday, November 1, 2011

knit one*purl one...

On a quest to teach myself something I have always wanted to do...

When the chill of the Autumn nights appear I find myself drawn to the fiber aisles at the craft stores.
I cannot help myself~
 the colors, the softness of them,
the creative possibilities...

I am hoping to learn how to follow a pattern sometime in the near future!

( I am not a very good pattern follower but am holding out hope that I can remedy that)

I have crocheted since I was a teenager but never really followed a pattern,
I have taught myself how to do a flower but mostly I crochet scarves,
lots of scarves.

I like scarves, but now I want to maybe make a hat or two to go with them ;)

I watched a few you tube videos on how to learn how to knit
and once again I am so thankful for the ability to press a button and 
learn something new!

So while I am watching tv and need to keep my hands busy and out of the
treat bags, I will finish this scarf.

Sure to be one of many in my near future!
(hey you gotta walk before you can run, right?)

Theresa xoxo

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Although I should be ashamed to show you what a dork and novice I am,
I will tell you anyway...
I just edited my title because I spelled purl ~ pearl.
"yup, shuck me an oyster, cuz I'm gonna knit me somethin!"


  1. I've only recently discovered your blog, it's just wonderful!

  2. I'm with ya girl. Knitting is easy patterns are the hard part. Learning all the terms makes my head spin! It that time of year at my house too. Time to pull out the yarn.

  3. Good luck with your new hobby! Looks like you have a good start.

  4. It all looks so warm and cozy. Good for you to try knitting! I love the warmth of that hobby and the feeling you get when you've finished something special. Enjoy!
    - Susan

  5. I was a scarf knitting fool for about 2 years and then I stopped, but this makes me want to start again.
    Remind me to send you my favorite quick scarf pattern Ok? I'll scan and email but remind me...these burlap fumes are getting to me... lol

  6. THERE IS nothing like the feel of hand spun as you move it through the needles. I have been knitting for over 50 years and find joy in the process. I hope you will too.

  7. I have never learned to knit and your knitting looks lovely. I think there is something wonderful about crocheting or doing something with yarn when it is cold outside and the yarn feels so soft and cozy working with it.


  8. What a BEAUTIFUL blog! I love the knitting pictures- I never learned to knit, but I do crochet. Maybe one day!

  9. Looks so deliciously tempting Theresa - I don't knit or crochet - have been tempted to learn, but truly don't need another vice that I can't tend to properly....Have fun! Happy November! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Love the look of your yarn, Theresa...you will finish a beautiful hat I`m sure.
    I love yarn also, but never finish my projects- so stopped knitting :)

  11. You are teaching YOURSELF?!! That is so you ! So amazing! I had a friend teach me to knit years ago & I knit Annie a scarf & Kelly one & that was it :) I really wanted to make my kiddos little caps but...I never could figure it out :) But your yarn looks so cozy that it makes me want to pick it up again...who am I kidding...I don't sit still...I should be right now that is for sure...poor Rooco just asked me to hold him & I said just a sec :) Better go & love that boy up...can't wait to see your creations!!!

  12. Girl...you crack me up! Since you're in the mood for shucking...I mean knitting...you can save me the pearls!
    Good for you for trying something new and if your past endeavors are any indication...you'll be a pro in no time.

  13. Hey Theresa looks like you're a pro already!! When I knit I tear out more than I knit!!! SO I love crocheting!! Guess what Kaitlin found Pinterest and she is so hooked I just got hooked I mean signed up too!! OH NO!!! The craft show is over at least this one! Check out my blog for the update!! Scraves are so in right now that I know you'll be kickin them out right and left!! LOL Take care, XO Fran.

  14. I would have done the same thing!
    Z always catches my mistakes!

    You have time to knit?


  15. I'm cracking up, you dork. LOLOLOLOL

    I wouldn't have noticed!!!

    I crochet... but I don't think it's right - and the hat I made once would fit someone with a head the size of an x-large beach ball.
    So... I guess I don't crochet. LOL!

    I can't wait to see what you end up with! It will be gorgeous - I know this fer sure!

    ;-D robelyn

  16. you are off to a lovely start, theresa! have fun learning the process:)

  17. Oh, my! Brave girl you are...but with that gorgeous yarn, it looks tempting!!

  18. Oh wow, I love that gorgeous yarn! I crochet, but knitting is just something I haven't had luck with...I always drop stitches by accident! lol I can't wait to see your creation...It's going to be beautiful! Knit a pumpkin! lol

  19. Good luck with that ! That's one craft that I found out early I was no good at , stitches just kept getting tighter and tighter.Some things I just don't have patience for. I guess this is one of them . But I do love hand knited things .

  20. Beautiful yarn!!!
    I am the same, every time I go into Michaels or Jo-Ann's, I have to pick up yarn. I love crocheting and knitting, but I haven't done it in a couple of years. But when it starts getting cold, I always get the urge!
    Have a lovely day.


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