Wednesday, November 23, 2011

meet violet...

All of the planets lined up and I was able to collage this morning!
Last night I dyed the ribbon and could not wait to use it on something.
 I laid the gauze over the photo and sewed and sewed,
then I snipped around the photo so she could peek through.

Then as I looked over the table to find something for the bottom of the piece
my eyes wandered over to the wax paper that I used for the ribbon dyeing.
WAALAA  a pocket, I stitched it to a doily that I sprayed with a little
glimmer mist and then I tucked a few special items into the pocket.
A vintage monopoly card-Indiana Avenue, a snippet of receipt paper, 
the definition of lady and a metal V... 
I'm naming her Violet.
A scrap of blue fabric tape measure topped with an old key and a 
silver bird hanging from a little hook that I fashioned from a bit of wire.

WOW that felt good!  

I have also made us a batch of body wash...
thank you Pinterest

So now we have a whole lot of wonderful smelling soap!
I didn't use Mrs. Meyers, I used a vegetable based lavender soap
and then I added a little lavender essential oil to it.
It is marvelous and just look how much money I'm saving!

I just love that part! ;)

So if you too would like to save some of your hard earned dollarinoes
then go check this out!  It really is very easy to make, I promise!

I took a ton of pictures this morning while the sun was shining, of all of the goodness
that I am listing in my etsy tonight. I will be having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Extravaganza at The Old White House and I would love it if you stopped by!
Lots of deals to be had... take that Wally World!

One last photo ~
at the show last week I traded with my friend Debby ~ a beautiful poinsettia for a couple of
my Santa ornaments. I'm hoping she will enjoy the ornaments as much as I am enjoying my
beautiful flower!

O.k. back to getting ready for tomorrow...

Have a wonderful night!

Theresa xoxo

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  1. Violet turned out great! I'll have to go hunt that soap recipe up. Thanks!


  2. He Theresa!
    Love your pretty collage. I am always amazed at how you artist are able to create such interesting small works of art using paper and snippets of this and that. Maybe one day I'll give it a try.

    Might have to try the soap recipe too.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Violet is stunning! That hand-dyed ribbon is scrumptious! And so many wonderful little details...gotta love it! Hmmmmm...a Meyer's soap knock-off, huh? I might have to venture into Pinterest land and look that up....Hope I can make time to visit your Etsy over the next few days - going to be crazy with the holiday and the son's surgery on Monday and a gazillion appts b/w now and then - but I'll try to pop in. Wishing you a wonderful and joyous holiday...Smiles & Thanksgiving Hugs ~ Robin

  4. No doubt you are an artist. I have never seen such detailed collages. Truly a gift.

  5. Violet is a charmer!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  6. I love Violet! I'm hoping since I finally have the store stocked and ready for Christmas now, I can get back to making some things. I wish I had room to move my studio over to the shop, but it's just way to small!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  7. Have a wonderful day with your family <3

  8. A beautiful collage!! I'm off to visit your etsy shop. I also sell on etsy.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    ~ Julie

  9. This assemblage is so lovely!! The pocket is the perfect touch! Don't you just love glimmer mist? :) Love your last photo so much, too, gorgeous statue!

  10. Hi Theresa, sorry I missed some posts here, but I`m so bussy with creating for my shows-
    Love your Violet. She looks gorgeous with the cheececloth around the photo, and the dyed ribbons are fantastic.
    Happy week-end to you Theresa.


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