Wednesday, November 30, 2011

our new advent calendar...

one of Max's favorites

Hannah's favorites... the H for Hein (or Hannah) and the ballerina

I love the red shoe... thank you Barbie!

and of course baby Jesus... a favorite of all of ours.

My inspiration came from the Junk Drawer Advent Calendar over at 

the first time I saw the one that they made, I just knew that one day I would make one.
Well, that day was actually a few days 
and I didn't even make mine as detailed as theirs is!

I stamped the small tags with a script stamp in red and then stamped
the days onto them, and then I scrounged through all of my doodads to 
find the treasures for the tags.
I tried to make sure that there was a good mixture and that they would 
mean something to all of us.

I wanted our calendar to have pockets of some sort so that I could put treats in them for the kids.
(they would not have been so eager to help me assemble it today if there wasn't going to be treats involved!)
I folded an envelope in half and then I sewed a square of burlap onto the front.
Then I glued the tags on top of the burlap and the twine into the inside corner.

A friend of mine gave me the idea to string the tags onto a large frame,
and when I told Hannah the idea, she thought the chalkboard could be the huge frame.
So we stapled the twine to the sides and tied the tags to it.
We had an assembly line going as I glued, Max sorted and handed me the pockets and tags,
and Hannah cut string and tied them up.
family project for a sick day for the kids.
Hopefully they are good to go to school tomorrow!

We had our first snowfall last night, we only got 2" or so but the
communities around us got hit pretty hard with about 10"!
We were one of the only cities in the area to have school today.

excuse the screen but this is the view from my kitchen window,
I haven't put up curtains in a while and this is why...
it gives me the opportunity to keep an eye on Max when he is back there playing with his buddies!

fa la la...
Theresa xoxo

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  1. Way cute and how wonderful that the kids helped. All the more special to them in the future.
    Hope everyone is perky in the am and that mama does not catch it <3

    Snow! I am so jealous..but not about the shoveling part.

  2. Theresa your advent calender is amazing! I love it. I have been working on one too but since Dec 1 is tomorrow I don't think it will be done in time.
    So glad you shared this.


  3. Love your gorgeous advent calendar, so unique and personal. We'd love to have you share it at our "What's It Wednesday" linky party open now. Hope you can make it!

  4. love, LOVE the advent calendar and the fact the kiddos helped out (sorry they were sick though)....really cute!

  5. What an awesome way and classy way to do an advent calendar. Might have to make one for me next year..My kids like the bright traditional colors so theirs screams HOLIDAY. I would like this one for me - maybe put a quote about the season in each one to remind me of the reason for the season and to calm and enjoy.
    Great project as always.

  6. So very sweet Theresa....Gotta say - my fav is the H too....What a fun project. Hope the kiddos are feeling better....Have fun with that "s" stuff....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Ahhhh! That is PERFECT! It is so you! And you are so amazing! I hang my head...I ran around today shamelessly shopping for the cheapy chocolate ones....everywhere was out....but I finally found some :) A little embarrassing next to your AMAZINGNESS! I don't know how you could all pick a fave...I'll take 'em all!

  8. Oh my, this is so absolutely awesome and PERFECT!! Love all the details...the tiny red shoe is so great, each tag is charming...I have a framed chalkboard in my entry..this is such a great idea!! And what a view from your window, it looks like a Christmas card, beautiful!

  9. Great idea. My girls usually draw it on our chalkboard and then take turns putting an X through each day.

    Thanks for sharing:-)


  10. Poor Barbie...out in the snow with only one shoe on!
    This is precious and I just love it. Isn't it amazing what our kids will do for treats? Kinda like puppy training...huh?

  11. Oh my goodness that is just gorgeous! Love the tags, love the crown - love everything! won my giveaway!!!! Yay! Email me your info and congrats! jeanineb4etsy(at)yahoo(dotcom). =)


  12. Well aren't you just so fancy!! LOVE that advent!! It looks like a magazine pic!! Good camera work!! LOL I am not letting that snow get me down I am embracing it!!! LOL Sun is shining today and I hope Max and Hannah are feeling better!! Seems like alot is going around already!! How was your craft show? I'm elfing it up for another try this weekend!! I'm curious what are the treats? (or maybe noisey)Talk to ya later! XO Fran.

  13. Theresa, it sounds so cosy, that the kids helped making this wonderful calender. Such a big beautiful project. A great idea to hang them on the chalkboard - and love the crone .
    Hugs to you.

  14. I love your advent calendar - love the burlap and extra special little objects you glued to the tags. Your view through the screen is stunning! and the screen makes it look very artsy!

  15. What a cool idea for an Advent calendar! I love the chalkboard!

  16. That is absolutely beautiful!!
    Love the tags on burlap!

  17. Oh Theresa, how wonderful! What a fun new tradition! Your kiddos are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom who treasures the little moments in life.

    And what a beautiful view out that window. So beautiful it doesn't even need curtains. Take care,

  18. This is just the super cutest thing! I love it! Did you get to go on the home tour at all and see Peg's place at the Old Chair Factory? She's done a whole slew of re-purposing things that I know you'd just love.

  19. you have snow already?!!! it's still early fall weather here in NYC. That view is phenomenal and makes you one lucky lady!

  20. I love the tag idea!! What a great project to share with the kiddies. Have a great evening.
    xxx Liz

  21. Oh WOW, this is totally fabulous, Theresa!!! I LOVE it!!!

  22. Hi Theresa,
    Your creative advent calendar was featured at "What's It Wednesday". Feel free to grab a button.
    Thanks so much for sharing with all of us.

  23. Such a great idea, now I know what my next years project will be. Di A new follower of yours... I am at Holidays


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