Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have been having major problems with our internet... I am really going through some tough 
blogging withdrawals...
it's not pretty people, not pretty!
Seriously, someone needs to mend this quickly so I can do all of the things I want to do on the blog.
I have so many ideas to share,
posts that I NEED to post.
I have been thinking of ways that I would change up things over here.
Post more, tutorials coming your way, lots of fun things on the horizon...
now I just need our router to cooperate!
As soon as it does, I want to show you some of the fun I have been having over here!

(Right now I am sitting in the public library in the young adult room, 
acting like a young adult,
 and whining because I miss all of my friends!)

Until this gets worked out these librarians can expect to see much more of me around here!

I don't let myself whine for too long though

on to happier things...

This was one of our presents from Hannah... 
another reason why her and I love/stalk
She saw this idea on there and then proceeded to make three of them to give as presents!
I think it turned out beautifully, I love the little girl that Hannah painted, blowing bubbles
under a rainstorm of green and yellow.

Also, before Christmas I won a giveaway from Jeanine over at 
I received a box stuffed with crafting supplies and oh my gosh,
I cannot wait to show you some of the creations that come from
Jeanine's generosity!
She is not only generous in her giveaway but she give us doses of  inspiration on a daily basis... 
go and check her out,
 you will be so glad that you did!

Hannah, Max and I were all digging through the box, coming up with ideas for all of the goodies!

(Jeanine's picture, we tore the box open like wild animals-
I think we are lucky the mail lady will still deliver to our home!)

For instance Jeanine put a paper mache' dress form in the box
and I snagged it before the kids did, because a couple of years ago 

I made this silver platter assemblage and it sold on etsy,
 and I have been wanting one of my own for a while now
so THANK YOU Jeanine for contributing to our crafting habits!
I think my new one will be wearing some of the hand stamped ribbon that was in the prize box!


You see, I have so much to share with you...
but the girls just flickered the lights over here and I think that must mean last call
or something, so I gotta say good by for now.

Please know that I'm thinking about you and wondering what you have been up to!
You can bet there will be a great game of catch-up the next time I can link up,
whether here at the library or hopefully in the comfort of my own home, where people
won't look at me weird when I laugh out loud or ooooh and ahhhh while
oogling all of your beautiful creations!

I hope you have a fabulous 2012, full of love, laughter and many blessings...
in other words...
may your cup spilleth over!

and when it does, may you have a super sized
to mop up the excess!!!

Theresa xoxoxoxoxoox 
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  1. Hurry up and get your internet working. I love to see what you're up to. Happy new year to you and happy crafting with all that great stuff. I love that little dressform platter. So cute!


  2. I feel your pain.
    Blogger has been giving me fits and with my new job I do not have the time to fiddle with this stuff!
    Happy New Year girlie - can't wait to see what is coming...

  3. I feel your pain.
    Blogger has been giving me fits and with my new job I do not have the time to fiddle with this stuff!
    Happy New Year girlie - can't wait to see what is coming...

  4. Happy New Year Theresa

    Sorry to hear about the internet hopefully that will be fixed soon and you will be on your way. Love Love the inspiration and the creativity. Blessings to you and your family this 2012 year.

    Much love

  5. bonne annee mon amie! i hope it brings you a year of no "computer woes!" LOL! Health and happiness!

  6. It is just a tad frightening how addicted we can get and so exciting to see what you got!
    Love that tray. Don't blame you one bit for wanting to make one this time just for you.
    The artwork is fab. Tell her to keep it up.
    Happy Twenty-twelve!

  7. OMG, I adore the present from Hannah. So powerful and full of life and color. What a faboosh gift. Can't wait to see what you pull out of your creative hat this year. All the best. Sea Witch

  8. Oh yeah, been there done that at the library thing myself, not fun! I know how it is when you "can't" do something, makes you HAVE TO do it all the more, like when the cars in the shop and I have to get out of the house! Ha! Hope it's all good soon.

    My daughter is crazy for the crayon art too. It sounded kinda 'not' until she showed me a picture, way cool. Your daughter did a beautiful job and how great that she made them as gifts!
    Happy New Year, Susanne.

  9. Happy new year, Theresa. So sorry to hear you are having internet problems. Last week, I couldn't get onto my blog or visit anyone who was using blogspot as their domain. I flipped! I called our internet provider, talked to several people and thankfully, by the end of the day, it was fixed. Hope yours is back to working soon. In the meantime, have fun creating with all those goodies. Best wishes, Tammy

  10. OH poor you, Theresa, hope it will soon be fixed..
    I just LOVE the solver platter, you made for your Etsy- and can so understand you want one for yourself, it is gorgeous- and such wonderful gifts you have recieved lucky lady.

  11. Well I have missed you Theresa! So glad you checked in!! God bless the library. I like to blog from my laptop and if Kaitlin is on hers I can't get on mine! Drives me crazy! So I can kinda relate!! Love Hannahs gift!! And that silver tray is pretty awesome!! Glad to hear you're gonna make yourself something! Happy New Year to you too!! Love, XO Fran.

  12. you won some great stuff girl

    I really like your dress on the silver tray, make us all one LOL

  13. K Girlie,
    If you hide out in the bathroom until closing time, maybe you can have a sleepover in the library and catch up with all things you missed out on while having router problems. I just went through router problems. Took me over a month to discover those things don't magically fix themselves like I was hoping. Thank goodness for school kids and the fact that they need the internet for their homework.

    We miss ya though, and the promise of more tutorials has me wishing I could drive over to fix your router problems (not that I have a clue what a router even is, I think there is one out in our garage too...)

    What a fun prize you won! There's nothing more magical than a box waiting for you in the mailbox.

    Have a good night. I will be picturing you sneaking through a dark library, diving and dodging under laser beams, while wearing some suit that deflects your body heat so you don't set those security cameras in the library off!
    K- now I am laughing hyserically...Sorry, but I have a VIVID imagination...

  14. Dang, you just clipped that last beam. Cops are beating down the door...Run! And ditch the weird suit, you can't run very fast in it. And doesn't look so good from the back, if you know what I mean... No offense. You know I love you dearly...

    (If it makes you feel better, no angle on me is pretty...Front, back, or side. Even if I suck it in. That just makes my boobs stick out even further than they already do.)

    Which is a lot. Just sayin'.

    (You really don't need to publish this last comment. Don't want word to get out about how crazy I actually am... Cuckoo. I know, I just try and deal with it the best I can.)

    Actually called my aunt who is a proof-reader to get the spelling right on that one. Cuckoo it is. And for good measure, here's the definition- slang for a crazy, silly or foolish person. A simpleton.

    Yup, check. That's me.

    And for crying out loud. Quit laughing so loudly. You're in the LIBRARY for goodness sakes.

    SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Don't make that librarian give you even more dirty looks. She was NOT happy about the whole over-night thing...

    Even if she covets the suit.

    Oh my word, I think I need to go to bed...

  15. You crazy lady! I am looking for some paper mache figures like that for an idea I got for Christmas but didn't get to! Who are we kidding? They would just be stacked by the pumpkin I had to have at Halloween for an idea and the 6 wreaths that I had an idea for at Christmas. None are done, but I have the stuff! Doesn't she with the most stuff win though?! Happy New Year and hurry up with that router!

  16. What a creative post - love it all. Great creative inspiration for a boring Tuesday for me - thanks!

  17. The crayon painting is superb! You are one lucky lady.

    I know I'm late resounding to your previous comment, but Congrats on going vegan! I hear ya about the chocolate, but you don't have to give it up! Oreos are vegan. Purely Decadent makes a delicious vegan ice-cream and Tofutti has the most scrumptious chocolate ice cream sandwiches. A lot of dark chocolates are dairy free and Whole Foods has vegan chocolate chips {they come in a green bag} for baking.. or snacking.


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