Thursday, November 1, 2012

let the soldering commence...

(waiting for jump rings)

just a quick sneak peek at some of the new 
soldered pendants for this weekends show...

4th Annual Recycled Art Market
held at 
City High/Middle School
1400 Fuller Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI.
I am so excited about this show,
at least 50% of your artwork must be recycled.
love that.

I think that the upcoming election must be having
a subconscious effect on my artistic choices...
as I picked through a bag of vintage stamps my love of 
our country and history took over and I chose
the presidents over flowers.
I also added the Statue of Liberty, and some historical landmarks 
along with crystals, old marbles, beach glass
and a truly wonderful wooden pink yardstick
that was broken, now is found...
as soldered charms.

Lots more to do,
much creative brainstorming going on over here!

My east coast babes are well,
and for that I am eternally thankful.

My babes at home are down with
the flu and on good advice
we are going to be getting some grape juice today,
Thanks Z!
So no trick or treating pics to show,
we stayed in and watched movies.

O.k... back to work 

Thanks for stopping by, 
I always enjoy your company!

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Thanks for the party Debra!


  1. Love your art work! Glad to hear that everyone is safe and hoping the kids get over the flu soon.

    Susan and Bentley

  2. wow..very cool! bonne chance at the show!! these'll sell like hot cakes! ')

  3. the charms are wonderful. Oh I do hope you have a good show!

    Don't know if the grape juice helps after the fact, or only before, or even if at all...but it cannot hurt right? After I wrote you that I remembered my Dad always drank a small grape juice instead of orange each morning and he NEVER got the flu! guess I'll be buying some too! :D or like i said wine

  4. Lovin your Soldered Treasures.... I need to learn to do that ~ maybe in the Spring time, you could teach me! I sure hope that by next year, I will have a car & be able to travel!
    Have fun & Sell Tons!

  5. I am sure the pendants will be a big hit, love them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. LOVE the charms! You will sell out of them quickly! I am glad everyone is safe and sound!
    xo Cindy

  7. WOWSER Theresa!! Just caught up with you on your posts!! Danielle is a super star!! And I wonder why!!! AWESOME AWESOME vintage rockin laundry and other cool things she rocked out!! Man it made me wanta do something around here to make cuteness!! Love the mitts!! Great ideal!! So glad your business is doing so good. But I know it is from all your hard work too! But you get to meet alot of awesome people I bet!! Keep on Keepin on!! XOXO Love Fran.

  8. Glad your peeps are okay! Hope everyone still at home is on the mend soon. Love the pendants and I'm sure you sold out over the weekend.

  9. Hello Theresa,
    Soldering commencing around here. I tried my hand at soldering this weekend. I pretty much suck at it. I think I need more practice. Actually. I know I need more practice.

    Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving already? It seems as if the school year just started and now we are done with Quarter 1 and into the second quarter. I am getting older way faster these days!

  10. They are gorgeous with the old post stamps, dear Theresa-
    I hope they sold/sell good my friend.


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