Monday, February 18, 2013

Arts for the Cure!

Last week my sister, Molly, came over and we played with
the silverware some more.
This time we took the knives that have stainless steel blades
and cut off the handles to make
some new creations.

I took a couple of the smaller pieces and 
made pendants with them.
This is one of them, with more in the works!

This past weekend I broke out the soldering iron and
worked on some new ideas, 
but it was one of those days where
I didn't really feel like I accomplished much.
It was though, a very good trial and error day,
and sometimes I need those too.
We gotta keep striving for new and exciting
ideas in our art work no matter the trials it takes to get there!

I am getting ready for a special show this Saturday.

A fun filled day with an
artisan open house, silent auction and
music and dancing all in the name
of finding a cure for breast cancer.

I think it's the perfect way for
the old white house 
to open the show season.
so if you are in the area
we will be at 
The City Flats Hotel 
downtown Grand Rapids from 1-7
and of course, I would love to see all of your smiling faces!

Have a fabulous day!



  1. So wishing I was going to be in the area! Enjoy your show, love your necklace, you are fabulous!

  2. Those wheels of yours are always spinning. Love this new art of yours and know it will be a big hit at the event. Now if only I could be there too.
    have fun,

  3. Cutting knives with your sis :) Isn't it funny what is fun these days :) Blessings over your show season! I -like Kate-wish I could pop in on your show sometime!


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