Saturday, February 9, 2013

guest artist...

I am lucky to have 5 very talented and creative kids.
Each one has their special gift of creativity, 
they are all an inspiration to me!

Today I am going to share 
Hannah's latest creation.

This fabulous piece of string art is now gracing our dining room wall.
Like all good artists Hannah made good use of her resources.

She went out to the barn.

When she came back in she had a few pieces of 
wood for her future masterpieces.

love this girl...

This is a pretty large piece, measuring 2'x2'.
She painted it white,
freehanded our great state of MI.
and the put many, many nails around the outline
and then went string crazy!

edit... see the open heart?  That represents where we live,
so you see why it's so special!

I love it!
It brings a pop of color and most importantly 


to the dining room!

Thank you BOO!  
love you!

Have a fabulous day,
and may you too be inspired by the special 
people in your life!



  1. And a heart in the middle of the state....Adorable!!


  2. What a talented daughter! Love the bright pop of red, it really draws the eye. She must get it from Mom!

  3. What a great piece of artwork from Hannah and to have free handed the outline is great. I recognized our "mitten" the second I started to scroll down. Give that girl a big gold start from another Michigander.

  4. Hannah's string art is a wonderful example of how the simplest materials can inspire fun, unique works of art. As a fellow creative-type in Michigan, my hat's off to anyone who can free-hand our state!

  5. Love it too! I love watching your kids create...such a reflection of you T! This VERY COOL! Love it! I never would have imagined something like that up! But now I get to enjoy it! thanks!

  6. Oh my goodness Therea I LOVE this!! I actually love anything Michigan!! She is very talented!! On SundayvI saw this girl at church that had a Michigan tattoo it was so cool and she had it on her shoulder in the back. I don't ususally fall in love with tats but this one was so cool. Tell Hannah she needs to make them and sell them at the Farmers Market this year. Thanks for sharing. I love your gift in hte jar. And that's a easy recipe which is what I like too!! LOL I'd rather be creating!! LOL Thanks for stopping by Theresa!! Take care. XOXO Love Fran.

  7. This is so cool! Creativity runs deep in your family! LOVE it!

  8. I really love it especially the heart inside of it. What a special piece and it truly is priceless. Happy valentines day.

    xo Danielle


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