Friday, February 8, 2013

playing with treasures...

Do you hang on to treasures with the intention of using them somehow,
but when the moment comes you get cold feet?

"It's too precious,"
"what if I come up with another idea later,"
"I will never find another one like this..."

Yes, you have now been privy to the thoughts that ramble on in my noggin.
(lucky you.)

I have had this medallion forever.
Really, I can't even remember where I got it now.
Every time I put it in front of me to use,
I would talk myself out of it.
Until a couple of days ago, when I decided it 
was time to give it a new life and added it to bits of chain 
and freshwater pearls, some sandwiched between rhinestone rondelles.
I'm so glad that I did,
I think it looks better as a necklace
instead of another buried treasure on the worktable!

newly listed...

It's a snow day here,
it is a gorgeous winter wonderland outside the window...
So soup is on the menu
along with hot chocolate waiting for 
the sledders!

Stay warm!


  1. I'm exactly the same way! Love what you did with it. I'm a pearl and rondelle person, myself! We have snow, too. So pretty in the morning. Have a great weekend.

    Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}

  2. i can SO relate to this.....i have many, many tresors sitting here as i type..what am I waiting for?? your medallion makes for a beautiful necklace assemblage that someone will wear and adore! stay warm...we're bracing for the "big one" too! ;)

  3. Theresa - my earrings arrived today. I love them. They are even more exciting in person. So glad I gave into temptation and bought them.

    And yes, like you, I have the same problem when it comes to alter and repurposing things. I always have to tell myself to be brave.

  4. Ditto. Double ditto. Treasures stashed everywhere but always afraid to use them. What if I ruin it? Can't get another. So they sit and sit. So silly. I'm trying to be better about trying to do things but it is VERY difficult. So glad you used this one. It looks fantastic! Great job!


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