Saturday, May 22, 2010

I see almost everything as a possible planter...

This bench obviously is not a planter but will probably hold one or two very soon! It is in fact No kidding. It looks to be a bench from a baseball or football field for the players to sit on. Nice and sturdy and a whopping 8' long! So what makes it a deal worthy of telling you about? How about a $5.00 price sticker! I know right? Can you feel my giddyness even now? It is fabulous! I have some other finds from the weekend to share with you later this week, most of them will go to the show on the 4th but this baby is all mine! It will make the trip, but only for display purposes, I mean really can you blame me? :) Now on to the title of the post... I know this first one isn't unusual but I married this little bench to a huge wooden mailbox and there you have it, a planter. I didn't plant these this year, but I put a few in the box last year and now they have taken over. easy peasy. Yup, that bait bucket is a future planter, or maybe a silverware caddy, or a grill utensil holder...
This one is my new favorite, as in it's the only NEW one this year so far! I used a wire fish basket used for holding your catch of the day to hold a wave petunia. I know the flower is small right now but you know how crazy those get so I'll take more pics as it grows this season. I pushed the pot through the basket lid and then covered the clay dish and bottom of the basket with marble chips. Not only do they look pretty but they also help keep the plant stable. You could use other rocks, they just have to be larger than the holes in the basket. Then I planted the petunia.

There you have it. Really simple but all of your friends will be amazed at the brilliance of your idea. Or they will worry about what you do with you free time!

This is the wheelbarrow of hens and chicks I inherited from a dear friend. They are slowly getting thinned out this year. They are in there pretty tight right now. Along with another flower that for the life of me I cannot remember the name of right now. ugh.

so I decided to put some in this. Can you guess what it is?

Why an old chicken feeder of course! It works perfectly for these since they require such a small amount of dirt for their roots.

Impatients in an old enamel bucket.

Another enamel bucket with a variety of flowers all in the early stages. I love the color of this bucket with its green trim. It's really the little things that get my heart pumping!

I painted this hobby lobby find white to put in my planters. I actually found two of them in the super duper clearance section and one is around front in another planter. I didn't even get to the front for pics today, I'll do that in a post soon though.

This one is nestled in the laundry tub full of begonias and a coleous (if I spelled it wrong then just take a peek at the pretty colored plant in the back.) Remember these are all baby plants, we are just at the beginning of safe planting around here. I did mix in some cow manure compost like Amy talked about over at New Nostalgia. I also made the recipe she shared for homemade laundry soap. It works great and saves a lot of money in the process. It's funny but it just made me feel good to make my own laundry soap and it only required 3 ingredients. She really as a ton of great ideas on her blog. Thanks Amy!
Hey I just realized that as I was gabbing away I combined the laundry tub planter with homemade laundry soap. Am I good or what? I could write for the news... giving them better segways than 'There was a shooting in town yesterday...up next we have Martha here to teach you how to make light and fluffy french toast! All said ofcourse with a big toothy smile on their faces! Gotta love the news.

Everyone needs a vintage frigideggs metal can full of flowers, right?

So there you have it, the beginning stages of my planters in the backyard. I'll get around to the front this week and give you all a peek of those. I know, I know, your at the edge of your seat:)
Thanks for stopping by! Theresa

I'm linking this up to a couple of parties this week... Funky Junks Saturday Night Special, Boardwalk Bragfest, and Tutorial Tuesday. I figure I better combine my party hopping as sporatic as my posting has been.


  1. I like all the ingenious ways that you planted the flowers. Love the wheelbarrow! I have been looking for one of those for the last 2 years. I don't know where I would put one, but I want one. Can't wait to see the front!

  2. Hello there,
    I too, try to see all the the things I can make a palanter out of. I love this time of the year when the possibilities are endless. Have a great evening and enjoy your Sunday.

    Smiles and Blessings,

  3. I love the way you think. All of your plant containers are inventive, creative, cute, adorble and wonderful.

  4. All fabulous ideas. I just bought two plants today at an antique mall that were planted in cool old metal teapot thingies (they looked like teapots but they were a lot bigger than a kitchen teapot). Anyway...they made great planters and the price was right! I also bought a chicken feeder today but I have a different plan for mine...I'll post about it if it turns out the way I envision it!
    But my favorite find of yours is that 8' bench for $5.00!! That is the deal of the century!!
    Sounds like you are having a great weekend.

  5. What a find, I love it, lucky you!!!
    All of your items are just gorgeous with your green thumb and knack for decor it all goes so well to make such a pretty yard to sit and look at.
    I can hear the smile on your face in this post, so lighthearted and fun!!!

  6. How sweet of you to mention me. Your comment on my Swiss Chard post was really super encouraging, and came at a time I needed a bit of encouragement!! Thank you for taking the time to write it, and thank you for reading and linking my blog!
    *love your planters, so much fun!

  7. Hi Theresa,
    What a wonderfully creative use of items for planters. Absolutely beautiful!
    Happy day!

  8. Well, you made me think that I have to learn to think out of the box!

  9. Hi Theresa!
    Your back yard is so pretty. I would love to take a stroll and just breathe in all the loveliness. Your bench is great, love the color too. And the old wash tub is so eye catching.
    I love all your vintage repurposed planters.

    Lovely post.


  10. Love, love, triple love the bleacher...and all your cute planters! Wouldn't that minnow bucket make a cute hanging light in your garden?
    P.S. You forgot to add...And now a word from our sponsors.

  11. Oh my gosh Theresa - I love them all, but the white enamel bucket with the bright flowers? Oh... it gets my heart pumping!!!

    SOOOOOOO fun and each gorgeous!!!

    :-) robelyn

  12. Gorgeous! I simply adore your style. So clever and creative! Love the mailbox and fish basket! Your flowers looks fabulous! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  13. Hello Theresa, That was a good deal on the bench! What a steal! Your flowers in the garden are looking beautiful. Have a god evening...Julian

  14. Hi Theresa~
    I am making Libbie's hubby make me benches very similar to the one in your post. What a steal!!! I would adore that 8 foot long bench! Mine are only six feet long, and the materials alone cost me $25 a bench, not including stain, so totally sweet deal. Plus your bench has charming character.

    Love all your planters. I have some of the same ones, chicken feeder,the wheelbarrow, enamelware. My heard garden exists in my laundry tubs. Your yard is so sweet! I hope you throw loads of parties each summer!

    Have a great week, it's hard to blog in the spring, isn't it? Too many wonderful things to get done!

  15. Hi Theresa, aren't you just lovin this Michigan weather! Finally we can plant!! My grandma always said don't do your planting til after Memorial Day. Oh how right see was so many times!! You never know about Mich. LOL I love all of your unique planters! I too use things like that to plant in! I can't wait to see how your plant in the fish basket comes out! Very clever!!! XO Fran.

  16. Theresa,

    All of your containers are so clever and so endearing. I'm glad that you are finally able to enjoy your garden. We have been so lucky here this Spring. My garden has never looked this good before.

    Thanks for stopping by today.

    My tree is a mesquite and the variety is a pink silk. (OR at least if I remember correctly it is). It's about 16 years old and way too large for the yard.

    I just caught up on your blog, I am so far behind in blogland - still fighting pneumonia. Maybe I should move the computer to the bedroom? No, that would be a disaster - I have trouble sleeping as it is!

    Enjoy your good weather


  17. The egg product can has me really going, now. Darn cute, what a wonderful brain you have to come up with all these creative "planters". Love your comment on my post! So glad to know I'm not alone in my twisted psychological outlook! I knew there was a legitimate reason for not getting dressed all day! Ha ha!

  18. Hi, just found you through tutorial tuesday. Love all your planters!! You really can use anything can't you!! And I can't believe you got an 8' bench for $5!! What a find!

  19. Once are amazing!!! I LOVE all your planters & your idea T! I have all my the ground...real exciting :) Actually I think once the boys grow up little I will be a little more crative like that...but for now...I am just lucky my 2 little peonie buds are still on the bush...I don't know how much longer they will survive. Bo is just waiting for me to turn around long enough to snap em off. I have caught his little fist on them many times. :) Your planters really are gorgeous!

  20. I love all your ideas. I don't think I will be able to get to my garden this year with the store opening up and all but I can enjoy strolling through everyone else's gardens, through blog visits. Thank you for your nice comment about my new shop. It was now or never to do it. Thank you for your support.

  21. You have adorable, and clever ideas for the garden...I love whimsy and you certainly have touches of that. Every Saturday I have a linky party called Garage salen Sunday. I hope you join in some time....I love to see what everyone scores on out there. Thanks for stopping by. Debbie

  22. I my goodness I am SO in love with that laundry tub full of begonias, can you pop it in a box and ship it over here to Australia pretty please ;0)
    Too funny about the cloche thingamajiggies we both found. Now I am on a mission to find out what the heck they really are!!

  23. love all your planters!

    thanks for stopping by my chandelier tutorial! :)

  24. I love all your beautiful blossoms in those gorgeous (and sometimes unorthodox!) containers. Just fabulous!

  25. Thanks for the motivation! I've a wheelbarrow begging for my attention too. I love all of your planters, glad I don't have to pick a favorite!

  26. Theresa, I was excited to see that you had linked up a garden post because you outdoor space is so inviting. What a post full of inspiring ideas. I really do love all of your various containers used for your flowers. They are gorgeous. I have a few old containers (though nothing as cool as the fridge egg container -- love it). You have once again motivated me to try something different in the garden!

  27. Me too - isn't it hillarious and creative at the same time! Some of my family says "your'e going to use it for what?" Jennifer

  28. The planters you have presented here are really awesome.Hope to place such at my place too.


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