Monday, May 3, 2010

Knock before entering...

When Danielle moved home she brought her dress form with her! Yea for me! It's not vintage, and it actually came from Steve and Barrys when it was closing, we bought it for her for Christmas, she is an aspiring fashion designer... I still love that it's here for a while, (I love that she's here for a while too!) and so I dressed her up this week! I bought this old dress for the buttons and material but after I washed it and started to put it in my stash well I just couldn't cut it up. Look at that teany tiny waist! The gather at the top is lovely. The Rhinestone is covering a small tear and the fabric has discolored in places but she still deserved a crown! So in the dining room she went and this brings me to the reason for this post...
She sits in the dining room and next to the bathroom. Yup you heard me, the bathroom. I wish I could move it away from the dining room but alas even though I can move any piece of furniture in the house I have yet been able to move this somewhere else! So knock before entering if you know what's good for you!
This chandi is one of three that I found at an estate sale in a box on the third day! Can you believe it? Nobody looked in the box for 3 days! Well you know what the last day of the sale means... 1/2 off day! Woo Hoo all 3 for $30.00! 2 of them are in this small bathroom and the last one is waiting for the perfect place.
Sorry for all of the dark and blotchy pictures, there are no windows close enough to this room to take a pic in natural light. Imagine how I look after I put my makeup on in here! I have to go to the mirror in the dining room for my mascara application! This rose picture was really too bright for me so I antiqued it and then put it in this chippy frame. It sits above the toilet, you've all seen one of those before so I'll spare you.
Duanes medicine cabinet. I love this little thing, the glass knob turns to lock the door.
Queen of the bath! No hair do necessary! She is from my primitive days and she watches over us as we brush our teeth. :)
I wrote mirror, mirror on the wall with a marker on the mirror. Max will surely use that against me one day! I did it once before in silver and I liked that better so I better find me a silver marker!
An old toothbrush holder is now a candle holder. I saw the mirror idea in a magazine years ago and always wanted to do it so I'm always on the look out for hand mirrors, especially bakelite ones, but I will fill in with vintage plastic ones until I have enough bakelite!
I think I showed this cupboard before, it is across from the mirror and holds ALOT of stuff! I swear toothbrushes mulitply in there!
O k I could only show you this because I spent the better part of Saturday morning cleaning in here. Today is a new day and so it's a good thing I took these pictures Saturday! Life has been busy here at 612 and I haven't been able to get any new creations done :( I did manage to put some things in the etsy stores this weekend though. Maybe tomorrow I can clear off the worktable and make a little something!

Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. Hi Theresa,
    What a beautiful bathroom!! I love everything in it! I can't believe the deal you scored the chandeliers for, don't you just love it when that happens?!!I also love your daughter's dress form, it looks lovely all dressed up.
    Fabulous post!!
    Have a great week.

  2. I love your bathroom! I don't think that I could cut up that dress either. It's gorgeous! The chandi and the mirror are my favorites. I have been looking for a mirror like that for forever. That and an oblong one. For the bath too! Need more pics of your house though! NOW! Puhlease!

  3. Loving the chandi! Such a great find...3 in one half price. A junker's dream!!

  4. that chandi is amazing, they were just waiting to go home with the right owner.
    Your bath is really lovely all of the little touches make it perfect. I love the mirror.
    Have a most creative day tomorrow

  5. Hi Theresa!
    Your bathroom is just fantastic! I mean, what's not to love in there?
    And three chandy's? WOW! Great, great score.

    So....what's "her" name? The dress form, that is. She's gotta have a name. :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


  6. Hey Theresa I had some catching up to do. LOVE, love love your patio pictures. That white cupboard is wonderful, it looks so comfy and relaxing out there. Your bath is wonderful, the mirrors hanging are a great touch. The chandis, dress form and the it all!

  7. Hi Theresa, It all looks great! I like the way the mirrors are displayed in the bathroom. Good job! Have a good day...Julian

  8. I don't know where to much wonderful stuff to comment on!
    First...I'm so glad you didn't cut up that vintage dress, it is so cool and the detail work looks amazing. It looks fabulous on the dress form (maybe you can convince your daughter she needs an extended visit at your house).
    Love your bathroom. I have a collection of vintage hand mirrors too. Some are wood, some are metal, a couple of bakelite. I want to hang them in my guest bathroom but I need to paint first before I hang more stuff on the walls.
    The chandelier is gorgeous and what a great buy!!
    Have a great week and thanks for always stopping by and commenting on my blog...I love when you visit!

  9. All I can say is WOW! Love everything in your pictures and I do mean everything!


  10. Love it. I am now going to sift threw my things to find a mirror to write on.....
    I have a primative doll and she will be sitting somewhere "important" now too.
    Enjoy and thanks for the brilliant ideas.

  11. I love your bathroom and especially the display of hand mirrors on the wall.
    It would be hard to part with that sweet mannequin and dress.


  12. Hey Theresa ~ Hope You get a Chance to stop by My Current Post..... Have a Great Day, Talk Again Soon~

  13. That dress is gorgeous! I can understand why you couldn't cut it to pieces. It looks fab on that form. Your bathroom is just lovely! Nice to say that about a bathroom. Some folks on this side of the world don't believe that part of the house warrants decorating. Mine are over decorated and I wouldn't have it any other way. Love those chandeliers and the hand mirrors on the wall. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! :) Tammy

  14. Thanks for visiting! I enjoyed your posts with my morning coffee. Love the birdcage planter!!! Everything looks lovely. Have a great Wednesday, M.

  15. Love the form, the dress and your bathroom! Now you have me on the hunt for an old toothbrush holder...

    And congrats on your win from Cheryl! She's totally swag, so I know you are totally going to love whatever it is that you won.

  16. Hey Theresa, did you send me your address? I didn't see it..... I would like to get your package mailed on Monday, so send it when you get a chance ~
    Thanks ~
    Have a Wonderful Mother's Day Weekend

  17. Who on earth fit into that dress? Love it :) And I'm so jealous you got such a great deal on those chandies!

  18. Oh...I love it! I think the mirrors are my fave..always wanted to do that...never did it well! Have a very Happy Mother's Day!


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