Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tribute to MOM xoxo

I have had my mom on my mind alot this week as I'm sure you all have had your moms on yours... This will be my second mothers day without her and even though I can say that the day to day has gotten easier times like this are tough. I am not saying this for sympathy but rather because she is the main reason I am who I am and last year I didn't have this blog to introduce you to her. This picture is (although small) is a good way for you to meet her. I have 11 brothers and sisters ( I am the second oldest) and so this is how I remember my mom looking all the while I was growing up, preggers! She always looked fabulous pregnant and was so happy when she was. When my parents married they set out to have 12 children! I mean really who does that anymore?

This is one of my favorites of her and her sisters at the beach with an accordian for entertainment, mom is the one with the accordian and the adorable cowboy hat! They always had so much fun when they were together, really so very silly! There was always laughter at those family gatherings! My oldest daughter, Danielle, tells me she wants this next picture of my mom tatooed on her arm, in which I tell her Bushie, that is Ukranian for grandma, would not be happy with her photo choice! My mom would have had a fit! We had never even seen this picture of her until we were going through old photos after she was gone. I have a feeling we were never shown it for a reason! But it says alot about my mom, she was definitely the life of the party! Her and my dad gave our family the gift of laughter and the gift of TRUE family. I remember them putting on Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, and then throw in some country and on Sundays only Polkas and dancing with eachother in our kitchen. Laughing and singing, it was wonderful! You gotta believe that having 12 kids couldn't have been easy all of the time but it was a great childhood and she is why I wanted forever to be a mom. Then when we started getting married all she asked for was grandchildren! more kids! When the oldest grandkids were 2 mom and dad started the annual family reunion for us. It's a huge deal and this last one was no exception. We have theme days and races for all of the kids and rent out an entire campground for 4 days of fun!

This next picture is a fine example of what she gave to us... complete craziness and the ability to laugh at ourselves and with eachother! This is a rare glimpse of the craziness at our last reunion. We had a carnival for the kids and some of the more eccentric of us dressed as carnies! Oh yeah we were a regular freak show! Starting from the left you have Billy Bob, he drew stick figure charactures of everyone, Reptile Man, The Bearded Lady, and her girly sidekick, Willamena the fortune teller (otherwise known as Uncle Wil!) a carny beauty, a weight and age guesser, The Ringmaster, another carny follower, the snake charmer (yours truly) and the tightrope walker! Oh my gosh I think we had more fun than the kids! Mom would have loved it! It was our first reunion without her and we wanted to bring as much laughter as possible to everyone. guess what? we succeeded!
So I know this has been soooooo long and if I haven't lost you yet this pic is my dads family with my mom on the right in front holding me and my dad is in the back on the left holding my older brother.

So there you have it, I know if you would have met her you would have loved her, everyone did! She always fed her visitors and told great stories! I know that I was blessed to have her for my mom and will thank God for that forever! I love you Mom! xoxo

I hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day! May you be surrounded by the ones you love and if you can't be may you remember them with love.

Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. Oh this is such a wonderful post!!!
    What a thrill to come from such a big family and have such a great sense of family love.
    The crazy is absolutely adorable.
    Your mother comes thru as a fabulous mom that LOVED her family so much. I have been told that Brooklyn is such a happy baby because of how happy we are in life. It shows that your mother passed on her happiness to each one of you and she lives on thru you sharing your love of life and happiness to your children.
    Happy Mothers Day

  2. Hi Theresa,
    I really enjoyed getting to know a little bit about your mother and your family. She sounds like a wonderful person who was full of life and fun. The beauty is that she obviously passed it on to her children and that cycle will continue.
    Thanks for sharing your family with us and have a fabulous Mother's Day.

  3. Hi Theresa,
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story of your Mother and your family. My Mom is gone too and I think of her everyday.

    Happy Mother's Day.


  4. What a beautiful tribute to your Mom, Theresa! She sounds like she had a real zest for life, and she obviously passed that on to the whole family. Those family reunions must be a blast!
    Happy Mother's Day,

  5. What a fun Mom! I hate the cycle of life! Wonderful tribute!

  6. Okay...if your reunions are THAt fun I think I need to look through history books as far back as I need to to figure out how we are related. We are both decendants of Noah! I am in!!! That looks too fun to miss!

    Oh your mom must have been quite the lady! So fun to learn a little about her tonight!

  7. Wonderful Post Theresa ~ a real Tribute to Your Mom & Family..... very difficult when Our Mom's are gone, but wonderful to be able to hold Memories in Our Hearts & the Old Photos ~
    Happy Mother's Day to You

  8. Can my family join your family??? I have a very similar pic of the one on the dock, that will never be released, but I can assure you, we would fit right in. Too funny, I just read Lib's comment...

    Happy Mother's Day to you! I didn't get called a creeper one time today! Wow! And I even got breakfast in bed!

  9. Hi Theresa, I hope you had a great Mother's Day! What a special tribute to your mom. I have goosebumps from reading it. Wow! You grew up in such a large family. I have on brother so I can't even imagine. One of my best friends is pregnant with her 7th child and I am still in disbelief. I have two boys and that is enough for me. To have that many kids, you truly need to have laughter and the gift of goofiness. My friend certainly has that and it seems that your mom did too. Your last family reunion looks like it was a real hoot! Many blessing to you and yours in the week ahead. :) Tammy

  10. Theresa, what a great post! Your Mom was so fun! You grew up in the best area to have that big of a family! That is a pretty cool picture of her that Danielle likes! She sure looks like a fun gal! We sure need more people like her now! I think that's what is missing now days! Good family values and just good old fashion fun! Hats off to your Mom for passing it on to you! XO Fran.

  11. Hi Theresa! What lovely pictures of your mom! I'm sure missing her is especially hard on Mother's's nice that you have such loving memories of her though...

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  12. What a beautiful tribute to your mom, Theresa! I enjoyed hearing the story of your large family. My husband has seven siblings and when they all get together, it's total chaos, laughter, and fun. I also love the family reunion tradition. It's so old-fashioned, a great way to reminisce and get caught up on everyone's lives.


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