Thursday, May 27, 2010

If you give a moose a muffin...

...Or if you find some fantastic goodies saleing then your just gonna have to clean your house and rearrange everything!

This is my haul from last weekend, I'm hoping to go out a little this weekend but since it's Memorial Day weekend, our town will pretty much just shut down and everyone (cept us) will head north. Much of this stuff will go to the show on the 4th but some of it is just for us to enjoy. See the tall wicker basket? It's actually an insulated cooler! How cool is that? WAY cool! I can't believe I'm saying this but I already have enough suitcases so this ones going. Awfully big of me don't you think? The white dish drainer is going as a prop to hold dishes and platters that I'm taking. A few things are to make into 'new' things. I gotta keep the big enamel pot because I don't have one big enough for corn on the cob and we like our corn on the cob! O.k. I HAVE to keep this... you understand right? I mean this is just the top,
This is the bottom! I love this, I mean it's got a crown on it for goodness sake! I learned that they are from Canada and there are some on etsy right now, so if you think this is as cool as I do then you just need to hop on over there and find yourself one, or two! I don't know what I will put in this yet but I just like looking at it!

My big old can... yeah I say that every morning when I look to see how my jeans are looking on me!

A clock face, not old just cool, a new pincushion base, I have no idea what the green thing is but it doesn't really matter it will be incorporated into something fun.

I found 2 of the brownie cameras, and the grate is definitely a collage waiting to happen. Got the idea all stashed away in my lil noggin!

this chair is petite size, but in great shape and will head to the show, along with the little wooden tool box, not sure about the very cool pewter canister though.

Then I found 3 of these old vinegar jars. They are sweet like they are and with a branch or big leaf they are very Pottery Barnish.

Or if you can't leave well enough alone then you head over to Karens and grab yourself a pretty label and modpodge it on there!

O.k. here comes the reason for the title, I found this fireplace at a sale and probably would have thought nothing of it until I heard the lady say it was for sale and needed a price tag, well curiosity got the better of me and I had to ask "how much", her answer? $20.00! Well I couldn't have said "sold" any faster! So I've been rearranging the kitchen and cleaning, and organizing and actually purging a little. (It's never good to purge a lot)

Oh yeah and I played around with paint and fixed the contrast and such and now I want to repaint my kitchen. It's no longer a muffin but a whole loaf of bread at this point! Our kitchen is actually blue but this made it slightly gray and wow is it cool! Would I tire of gray? maybe. Do I already have too many projects? absolutely! So this will have to wait. Oh I found the blue jars at the sale with the vinegar jars and I'm going to use them for vases for Cams graduation party. I really didn't go to many sales I just got lucky at the few I hit. It was raining here and apparantly there are not as many die hard salers around here as I thought! Yay for me!

So here it is all lit up... I can't believe I now have a fireplace in my kitchen, I love it! I've already rearranged the top a few times since I took these but these pics were in the computer so that's what I used. I don't know if I will paint it later or not, it's good for now, remember I have a HUGE to do list already! I am hoping we will get a good bit done this long weekend, with a cookout or two thrown in for good measure! I know for sure there will be a bonfire, we have been filling up the firepit since the snow melted. Better go get us some marshmallows!

I've also been making some new things for the show, so you know I'll be back later to share!
Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo

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  1. Oh Theresa! You founds gorgeous treasures! You have such a lovely and cozy home and an enchanting garden!
    Happy week end!

  2. You did find some great things and loved seeing pics of your house. It's so pretty!

  3. It all looks fabulous! You made a great haul last weekend, hoping you find some good treasures this weekend as well. I don't know how you can bear to part with any of it. I totally couldn't. (My husband on the other hand would have me part with a ton of my old junk. But what does he know anyway?)

    Happy Memorial weekend, have a great bonfire, and think of us as we will more than likely be doing the same thing!

  4. Oh how many times in the past few months I have had to re-arrange...the trouble is..I have NO place to store the ( old ) things I am "Phasing out" I MUST have a GS in the Fall..when it cools down a bit. Oh I just can seem to stop seeing and finding treasures.. that I love, love, love ! We have had the same stuff in our home for years ..and it is time for ahange.

    Like you.... I just need to do that every so many years. You have done a nice job with your home.



  5. Hi Theresa,
    I absolutely love your kitchen, it is fabulous!! And you found some wonderful treasures, I especially love that crown jar.
    Beautiful post!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Hi Theresa!

    Oh my! Those crown jars! That camera! Your kitchen! ALL GORGEOUS!!!

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  7. Theresa, I am drooling looking at your haul!!!
    I would die if ever stumbled upon such awesomeness.
    Don't think I would be able to let any of it go.
    THE FIREPLACE!!! I am slightly jealous. I know I live in vegas, but I grew up with one of those electric fireplaces in our basement and we would fight over who got to sit next to it to warm up. Even though we had a real one upstairs.
    So I still want on for my living room now.
    Your house is so comfy and cozy. I love your decor. I wish I could come check out the sale, you are going to do awesome!

  8. Hi Theresa, You look like you hit the jack pot! And your kitchen look's great. Thanks for sharing....Julian

  9. Woohoo girl! Lucky you the rain kept those die hards away. You found so many great things. Love those jars and the fact that you already glammed one up. The fireplace is fantastic and looks great in your kitchen. Where there's a will, there's always a way! :) Hope you and your big ol' can have a wonderful holiday weekend. HA! I laughed when I read that part. You're a hoot! Best wishes, Tammy

  10. You found some INCREDIBLE stuff!! I'll take the large jars, the mantel, the clock face, the suitcase...well, pretty much everything!! Great finds and the mantel looks amazing in the kitchen! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment...I'm going to feature your finds post on my saturday shout out later today, so come check it out! -shaunna :)

  11. Just came across your blog and it caught my interest. I have been trying to clean out re-arrange, sometimes making a bigger mess. Maybe I should take some pictures. Your fireplace is lovely. Glad I stopped by.

  12. Darling Theresa, just found you from Shaunna`s blog and fell in love with your home, garden and treasures to find!!!. I love flea marketing here in Chile and if you see my home it`s filled with sooo many treasures, as yours... how great to have a new friend and share same passion. Following you forever...!!!!
    Muchos cariños from Chile,
    Maria Cecilia

  13. just found your blog...into my faves. we have the same mailbox. I have often thought of repainting it. Now I am!

  14. Theresa, you sure got some awesome finds! It has been so hot this weekend! We are staying home too, already did the s'mores outside in the fire. Love it!!! Tomorrow on Memorial Day we are having a parade. I love them!! Miss marching in them!! I really like your vinegar jars, and how you just put simple flowers and leaves in them, and also the label. Your Crown Victoria Canada canning jar, I found one just like it in Port Huron! Been hanging on to it! I found an old blue canning jar with a zinc lid this weekend. There were alot of sales! Have a great holiday . XO Fran.

  15. Neat stuff! Just found your blog and enjoyed reading. I'm a fool for antique dishes so the platters caught my attention!


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