Saturday, May 15, 2010

Did you know...

That I won Cheryls Giveaway? That's right! I was thrilled when she announced that I was the winner because the prize pics were so full of goodies! And well, because who doesn't like to hear the words...Congratulations Theresa you are the winner! ( I guess anyone who's name isn't Theresa, that's who!) Anyway... There were so many wonderful goodies in my prize box that I just had to start creating with some of them! This dressed up candle is from the stash of candles I purchased when I was making these. I had a few left over and I am really trying to be good and destash the workroom so that I feel more organized and so decided to dress up some more. The ribbon trim I used on this one is from Cheryl. Love this photo of these girls at the beach.
This is just a fraction of the treasures I received. The metal daisy hook is already hanging in my kitchen holding a vintage crocheted pot holder and the view finder photo is on my mantle, I love this one it's of a small child in a garden! See the Mt. Rushmore box? It's full of glass vials and other wonders!

The purple seam binding was just one of the many I received. This little book is sooooo cool!

Please bear with me on some of these pics. I took them on Wednesday and there was not a speck of sunshine to be found so that I could take decent pics... This pink pressed glass bowl holds clothespins that I have added to my jar of pins! The rose fabric is a beautiful scarf. Thank you Cheryl for everything! I love it all and my mind is reeling at how I will use it! You are sooooo generous!

This candle has more of the trim from Cheryl and an adorable photo of two brothers and their dog. Look how the older brother is holding his little brother, it reminds me of my two older boys, I can imagine that these two became wonderful friends like they are.

Too adorable!

I used a music paper background for this one and then topped it with a burlap rosette.

O.K. this idea I got from the recent issue of Somerset Life... Repurpose a paper towel cardboard tube! Seriously why didn't I think of that before? Do you know how many of these I have recycled? Crazy genious! They make shipping something small special, and this one is holding a little bunch of flowers from the backyard. Inside of this one is another test tube. I didn't decorate the test tube this time because it will be out of sight. it's not a regular test tube either, it's flat and so fits the bill of a small vase tucked in here perfectly!

A bird, some buttons, pretty paper and some glitter and waalaa! You have a little wall pocket that you made yourself and in the meantime left some room in your recycling bin for other stuff to recycle!

I've been trying make a stockpile of craftiness for a show that I just signed up for... Remember the beautiful barn show? Well Jill is at it again! I just learned of it this week and so I signed right up and went over to visit her! I'm so excited! This was alot of fun to do and this time I'm in the beautiful barn!!! There has been so many inspirational posts on the shows in TX. that it just makes me want to make a fabulous display. I know that those girls are seasoned veterans and uber talented but I'm going to do my best and hopefully come up with something this area has never seen! I'll let you know how it goes... unless I'm too embarrassed and well then I'll just put my tail between my legs sulk away! So more test tubes are on the way and while I was making them I wanted to add a couple of bottles with corks. This one has a vintage game piece on it with the cutest picture of a little boy on his pony!

"If you want a stable friendship, get a horse!" Perfect for a little cowboys room! Ofcourse I think there are some holes in that saying, but I still thought it was too cute!

So there you have it! A little bragging, a happy dance, and some exciting (well for me) news to share with you on this beautiful Saturday! Yes, you heard me right... A Beautiful Saturday! The sun is out and I am headed outside to replant all of my flowers that drowned this past weeks torrential downpours we experienced. I hope I haven't lost any, we'll see.

Some of these will go to the show and some of them will be added to my shops, still working on filling those up too! Good thing I'm not doing a post on home decoration because unless I can turn dust bunnies into something fabulous, there is nothing new here to show you!!! LOL!!

I hope your Saturday is fabulous!
Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. Theresa You have been a busy little bee
    congrats on your prize and you have made some fab stuff with it, Love the little bottle and the burlap flower is the best!
    I think I am stuck in a rut, can't seem to find the excitedness that I need to get into the studio.
    I have the opposite problem with our flowers, wind blown and all the top soil has been blown away=dead
    Well it looked good for a few days.
    have a great weekend

  2. I hope that you are going to post about the show before. I would love to come and meet you! Sounds like a great time! I'll bring chocolate...

    Congrats on your win! I love what you did with the candles. You really dressed them up! The bottle is so cute. I think I need to make one like that for my oldest. I have a pic of her on a pony when she was about 3. I know that she would love it.

    Thanks for all the inspiration on this gorgeous Saturday in Michingan! Finally!

  3. That was a most wonderful giveaway. You are the perfect person to have won it, love all your creations. And I adore that pic of the two girls in bathing costumes. (Doesn't seem right to just say swimsuits...) That is a wonderful pic. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Congrats on all the treasures you recived. They look great. Enjoy....Julian

  5. I am a loser, I have never won a thing, Having said that I think this will turn my luck around!! I have entered every giveaway I can get my hands on I bet when I win it is going to be a big win like you got!

  6. What a wonderful win, Theresa!
    I'm so glad that a talented crafter like you won. :-)

    Thanks so much for your visit, I really do appreciate your comments on my cubby post.

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Theresa, congratulations on your big win! And it's so wonderful to see that your creative muse has inspired such lovely creations. Genius! ~ Angela

  8. What a cute blog! I really like your candles and bottles and smashed tubes. I thought that was such a clever idea...never would have thought of it!

    "We" are mother/daughter team from Minnesota. We are only a couple months old and would love to have you come and visit our new blog.

    We really aren't all about our jewelry, though we are busy with jewelry for a fair right now. Mostly about our life and loves! I love making jewelry but I love making, and looking at, the kind of things that you are doing, too!


  9. Hi Theresa, you lucky gal. What a fabulous giveaway just for you. Fun, fun, fun! And you've already put some of your winnings to great use. Love those candles. Details on the papertowel tube, please. We don't get somerset here. It almost looks like you wrapped it in an old hanky. It's beautiful nonetheless and something I need to try. Thanks for sharing and best of luck to you. Your creations are always fabulous. :) Tammy

  10. So glad a clever cookie like you won, look at all the amazing things you have made, so sweet!

  11. Wow...I love your prize package, so many wonderful gifts!! But it's all of your projects that had me really going Ahhh!!
    I love the candles and the altered bottle and the cute wall pocket with the flowers. You always have such wonderful ideas.
    Now I'm off to catch up on all of your posts that I have missed the past couple of weeks.

  12. Theresa... what I wouldn't do to spend just one day with you creating things! Oh my gosh - you are so fun to read and you have such fun creativity!!! I LOVE your bottle! You will do fantastic at the barn show!!!

    :-D robelyn

  13. Loved your creative piece's and your blog is a place to smile and get inspired to create.


  14. I love the way your mind's wonderful to witness a free spirit at work. The bottles are scrumptious and I took a peek at some of your Etsy creations. Fabulous and intriguing blog.


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