Friday, June 11, 2010

Trying to avoid Hoarders Anonymous!

I have been a busy bee taking pictures and trying to get things listed on etsy... I would LOVE to keep everything I find, but I really love being married! Soooo to appease Duane I will relinquish some of my fabulous treasures to my etsy stores... stay tuned there is much more to come, I just can't load all of it at once or my computer will shut down on me! I get this baby smokin I tell you! So the crazy quilt has the best feedsack material and feather stitching along the edges...
This round or sphere shaped cookie jar is AMAZING! I love it, the colors and crazing are perfect...
And then there is the fabulous cake saver... all @ theoldwhitehouse so come take a peek and like I said stay tuned for more treasures! O.k. I've kept Hoarders Anonymous at bay for another day. whew. (imagine me wiping my brow here with a mischievious grin on my face) Blogger is giving me fits and won't let me start typing at the top of the page so now my posts will look different than in the past. sigh.

Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. I am in love with that quilt, not that I have room for it but it is gorgeous! Maybe if I lived in a colder climate and find my porch swing this weekend it would look great draped over the swing outside this fall.
    Good luck with letting go, I am on my way to bring home more treasures
    see ya next week

  2. It's a start - but I know what you mean - at least you're selling it! I just threw out all my lidless or 30 year old Tupperware - ahhh what a feeling! Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  3. It is hard to part with vintage items-the beauty, the hands that have held them in the past, and the unknown story that goes along with each one. I hope each piece you sell makes it's way to a good home:)


  4. You've made it another day! They can't lock you up yet!! :)


  5. Hi Theresa,
    Maybe we will be in the same recovery for the hoarding and me for the addiction to thrift store shopping....ha, ha!!
    Happy day!

  6. Hi Theresa,
    Thanks for stopping by. I stopped by to see you last night but my blogger or computer more likely kept crashing. ggrrrrr!!
    btw love watching Hoarders....makes me feel I'm not that bad ...yet!

  7. Hi Theresa; first time at your blog...first of all very cute family! I love peeking at all your wonderful stuff you have for sale. It's like eye candy online. Hope you can stop by at my blog sometime.


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