Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hannah's room for White Wednesday!

Well today was the day I was able to cross off, clean and organize Hannahs room WOW what a job! Hannah had just 'cleaned' it but I think you know what clean means to a 12 year old...
I love the color of her room, the aqua with all of the white is so pretty. I mixed in the yellow and green and rosy pink that is in her comforter and when it's clean, well I just love it! Her desk is a family hand me down (otherwise known as an heirloom) I know many people who would gasp at painting a waterfall vanity but believe me, it needed it. The back of it is from Hannah old headboard now a sweet addition to her desk.
She loves my old typewriter and so came down to the workroom a while a go a claimed it for her own, I think it was a good addition by her. The flowers were from a friends parents anniversary, I have a tureen of them downstairs and Hannah asked if she could have some in her room, actually Hannah will cut flowers in the summer to put in her room, don't ya love that? :)
just perfect...
see how the top of this chair echos the old headboard, I got a thing for curvy lines in furniture.
Here is the chair in all it's glory... it's not strong at all, and you can't really sit in it but I just can't get rid of it, I think it's so sweet.
I LOVE these curtains! I found them at the salvation army and couldn't believe that there were enough for her windows. Just look at all of the dingy balls on them, be still my heart!
Thanks to Janis, I made this lampshade! I covered an old one with torn strips of flour sack towel and glued them to the shade, then made a rosette with a little bling in the center. Hers are fabulous, she stamped PARIS on the ruffles, Thanks Janis!
All on top of an old dainty lamp.
Some Martha Stewart pom poms for her new headboard. Hannah and her friend helped make these and some for her friends room too!
I painted the paper lantern yellow and then hung it like I did the ones in the hallway.
A view from her little mirror, all chippy and hung with silver tinsel, so there you have it, Hannahs room. Well I did leave out the closet, I cleaned it but it's still just a closet... You can probably guess I'm pretty tired but I want to finish our room yet tonight so maybe a cup of coffee!
I'm linking this up to White Wednesday and can't wait to see what everyone else brought to the party!

Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. Hannah's room is perfect. I love all the vintage touches and I LOVE the fact that she likes having the vintage touches in her room too. The mirror is fabulous, I love those old frameless mirrors and the headboard behind the desk was genius!! Oh...forgot to mention the lampshade...I love it too!

  2. this is just adorable, I could see it as a layout for a kids room in a magazine.
    Your lamp came out great I might have to try that in my studio soon
    Happy WW

  3. Love the whole room, the lamp shade and H on the dresser are darling. I have a booth at an antique store and over the last 7 years we have seen more and more young people looking for antiques, they like the really old stuff from the 70's ha!


  4. Theresa,

    Our daughters share more than just a name. When my Hannah was 12 her room was almost exactly this shade of aqua. Maybe it is the age? I tried to link a photo here but it wouldn't work.

    I will warn you, at 16 she changed her mind and a primer and two coats of cream were needed to cover.....


  5. Hi Theresa!
    You have been a busy girl! Hannah's room is darlin. I love that she picks flowers for her room. How sweet is that.
    Also, all the vintage touches are perfect.


  6. Hi Theresa,
    I love the paint color of your daughter's room! And the headboard is so pretty! thanks so much for stopping by. I am your newest follower :)

  7. Hi Teresa, I love Hannahs room, so girly. Those white curtains with the balls on them are so perfect. What a great find. And your lampshade is so cleaver. Love the desk. It will be fun bying for the room.

    come visit

  8. Hi Theresa,

    Those sheer curtains with the pom poms are totally great!


  9. Love the color of her room and the white just pops. The pompoms are great too!

  10. What a pretty room! I know what you mean about the 12 year old thing too. I got a boy version here. I do think that I have that same desk in the girls room! How funny is that!

  11. Just love all the vintage touches you've added to your daughters room. That vanity and chair are too sweet.

  12. Hannah's room is gorgeous. Love the color of the walls. And those white curtains are absolutely fantastic. Great job. I've been sorting through school papers in my kids room. Their's is such a hodge podge right now and really needs updating. I just can't decide which direction to go with it. Absolutely love, love, love your dock turned perfect outdoor table for dining. What a fabulous makeover that was. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  13. Hi Theresa, Your daughters room is verry nice and the wall color is great too. I need to pain some walls here also. And a great collection of vintage white I like the vintage mirror that is a great find. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Friday....Julian

  14. Hannah's room is gorgeous, I love the color of the walls with all the white's a nice contrast. And none of us WW folks will judge you for painting furniture white:)

  15. Nice blog and pretty room :) ... we must be practically neighbors ... I live on a Riverside, too!

  16. Very pretty! Love the yardstick idea and of course the mason jars! What a lovely space you have!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!


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