Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy White Wednesday!

Whew, I made it! I was beginning to wonder myself... but I figured that if I wrote that I would be here for WW on yesterday's post, well there was no going back! You see with Cams party and all of the crazy that goes along with getting ready for that well I haven't been able to do much of anything else. I signed up to do the soapbox challenge and had some great ideas for it but alas as it turns out I just bit off more than I could chew (as my mom would say) not that I won't ever do it but I just couldn't get it done on time. Anyone out there able to relate? Sooooo on with WW, Thanks Kathy! I do love this party so much! Today I went upstairs, in my recently cleaned room :) and thought I'd show you a little bit of it... I got this Madonna at a sale a while ago but she was too brightly colored for me so I antiqued her with a little glaze, perfect!
She is holding an old photo that quite honestly I just spontaneously put on her hands and well it has just never left her. The crystal base next to her is an old ashtray base that lights up. The top of it broke, it was just a large crystal plate I think so maybe one day I will repair it but for now it is a fabulous night light, yep the bottom lights up, how cool is that? Now you know why I could never get rid of it! They sit on this double dresser that I bought at a garage sale and was the beginning of one of my best friendships ever! The couple who sold it to me are now my dearest friends.
Love me some hanky boxes, no matter how tattered.
I have had this hand forever, and it has been through all of our homes, resting somewhere. Here it holds some of my necklaces and a couple of rosaries. You hold the key... I have shown before, I made it for Duane for our anniversary a while back.
Another shot of the dresser, it's so big it really holds too much stuff on top but when I would take some away it looked so bare. sigh. See the old phone to the right? It was in the house when we bought it and actually works! It's not hooked up right now but I just love ANYTHING old! now Duane is sighing! cuz you know it's true ;)
So this is the other side of the room, really I want to change this whole room and one day (you know when I'm not toooooo busy) I will. I fell in love with this waverly pattern the first time I saw it and actually have it downstairs in the living room as pillows too. I would love to have this room be shades of white and definitely get rid of the wall color and the carpet. another sigh.

Well that's it for today, now I'm going to go link up and check out what everyone else is sharing today. Show and tell was always my favorite subject in kindergarten wasn't it yours? :)

Thanks for stopping by! Theresa xoxo


  1. I Love the color of Your Bedroom Walls, What are you talking about.... Just kidding, you can paint them in a shade of white if that would make you Happy - Of Course, When You find the Time ~ Love that Dresser & All the Fabulous Vintage Treasures Upon It..... I Never thought of Glazing something to tone down the color, I tell ya Theresa, I always learn something from you.
    BTW ~ Napping was My Favorite thing to do in Kindergarten, My Dad use to tell me that all the time... Actually, it's still one of My Favorite past times!
    Have a Wonderful Holiday weekend

  2. Theresa,

    Glad you made it to WW...
    Now, go sit on your porch and relax a bit. You've earned it girl!

    btw- I love the mirror.


  3. Love the dresser top decor, especially the leaning mirrors and Madonna. I also love the curtains on the porch, so inviting. What is it about sleeping outside that's so appealing? I'd be happy with just a couch to nap or a hammock.....

  4. okay, seriously we have way too much in common, I think. I had that same waverly set in my last apartment before I moved out of St. Louis. I loved it so much.
    That ashtray stand is amazing, they always remind me of my grandpa. He had those stands all over the house. Totally not as cool as yours though.
    Have a great weekend with all the fourth of july celebrations.
    It was a long night last night. Brooklyns fever came back and didn't break until around 3 am.
    So I am catching up today on everyones blogs.

  5. I luv the statue of the Virgin Mary she is beautiful. Have a great holiday on the 4TH!...........Julian

  6. So pretty, I love your Madonna and I really love your white hand! That is so unique!!! Happy WW (even tho it's now Thursday!).

  7. Theresa,
    I love your Madonna & other religious icons. I have a hand just like yours, it's in my bathroom & holds my jewelry too. I collect rosary's & crosses. What a lovely post. PS I can so relate on biting off more than you can chew! June was a crazy month for me. Lisa

  8. Hi Theresa,
    I'm late getting here, but glad I made it over. I love any kind of religious looks like it is off the pages of the JeanD'arc Magazine!
    Happy day!

  9. I just love all the goodies on that dresser! So much great stuff to look at...all the vintage things I love.
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  10. I just love your Madonna statue!

  11. I wish my dresser looked that classy (and tidy), it always seems to accululate so much the bedding too, vintagey! Thanks for stopping by.

  12. I'm loving all of your vintage treasures on your dresser. The mirror is wonderful!! And the color on your walls is yummy.
    Have a great holiday weekend.

  13. I love the waverly pattern too-I have it on a couch cover-so cheery and fresh looking!

  14. Gorgeousness, very Jeanne d'Arc Living!

    I hope you're having a wonderful and safe 4th!

  15. Love the look of the madonna next to that gorgeous crystal lamp, beautiful!


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