Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vintage 4th of July Party!!!

As I put together the decorations for the 4th of July, I am always grounded by what our freedom means to me. To live in a country where anything is possible and you can remake yourself time and again to continue to strive to achieve your dream whatever that dream may be is truly a blessing. I know I have posted a few of these pics before, some have been given the 4th of July touches that are meant to show the patriotism we here at 612 feel.
My assemblage in an old sewing cabinet drawer, complete with a photo of immigrants at the threshold of Ellis Island. Creating assemblages, sewing, altering everything that doesn't move that is my dream, and I am glad to be chasing it!
I moved the bunting to a more prominent place on the house, and hung curtains on the side porch to block some strong afternoon sun and a little privacy from the street. Duane loves to work from this porch now that he can close the curtains. (which are really just white cotton sheets) I am pretty sure that before the summer is finished I will find those chairs on the lawn and a makeshift bed on the porch, he keeps saying how nice it would be to sleep out there... the neighbors will still know he's there though when they hear him snoring! lol!
The bunting actually looks a little smaller hanging up there, you should have seen me hanging out our bedroom window to get it hung with my sister sitting under the tree at the end of the yard telling me whether it was straight or not! I'm pretty sure she was having more fun laughing at me than I was hanging out the window!
I don't have a lot of vintage decorations so I made do by adding flags to vintage items such as this sweet picture.
I added this soldiers photo to a muslin star with a fabric (covered in stars) rosette and a vintage coin.
It hangs on the porches blackboard .
This vintage wicker planter is filled to the rim with flags, I stuck them in rocks to try and keep them in place, because if Max isn't taking them out of there then I have some incredibly patriotic squirrels having parades when I'm not looking!
Love this old postcard of waterskiers showing their patriotism in the water! The flag candle is just that, a big glass candle holder wrapped with 2 little flags and given a little trim and glitter.
I found this stitched sampler at a show a while ago... How fitting, it is one of the things that when I brought it home Duane was truly impressed... not that we know who Mary Hein or Col. Hein was but the fact that it has our family name on it is pretty cool.

I want to say THANKS to Joan for hosting another fun party! Go on over and check out everyone's decorations and grab yourself some inspiration!

I have a few more things going on outside but not enough time in the day to take pics and do everything I'd like to do! Cam's party was this past weekend and as together as I thought I was, I did not have it together enough to get pics... can you believe it? Lucky for me I have wonderful family around that love us enough to take care of things, while we mingled with the guests but I really wish I would have taken a few minutes before hand to take pics of all of the decorations so that I could share them with you. Danielle made some awesome cupcake toppers of pics of Cam and some of his favorite or rather regular quotes on them.
My favorite decoration was the signs she made for the streets pointing people in the right direction... She took pics of Cam in this cap and gown pointing and then blew them up and put them on the signs... too funny and really perfect for Cam. He is all about funny!

Thanks for stopping by, I'm still going to get something put together for WW tomorrow yet, after not posting for a week, that will be quite an accomplishment!
Theresa xoxo


  1. Hi Theresa,
    Such a beautiful post....your house is absolutely stunning!! Happy 4th of July to you!

  2. I just love your charming decorations, Theresa~ thanks for sharing!

  3. Very nice job on all your decorations. And your bunting is perfectly straight.
    You made me laugh about the husband and the neighbors. :)

  4. Hey Theresa,

    Too bad sister did not get a shot of you hanging out the window.
    Patriotic Squirrels. Who knew?

    Happy WW!


  5. Your house always looks so good every time you post it. Loving the curtains on the porch what a great touch and even though it was a nightmare to hang the bunting looks AMAZING!!
    Thanks for stopping in today it was a pretty scary day for me. We got thru and all is good now.
    Can't wait to see what you have for tomorrow

  6. Wow! I like your blog~ very nice. I am pretty new at this, and have just started my own blog.
    I will for sure sign up to be one of your followers! Happy 4th to you and yours!

  7. I love your house! The bunting looks fabulous hanging from the 2nd floor window and the curtains on the porch are just perfect.
    You've created some wonderful 4th of July decorations and vignettes. I really love the postcard of the water skiers!
    Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July.

  8. I just knew you'd have some wonderful things to share, Theresa! Your house looks beautiful, and I love the idea of the curtains! I'm crazy about that chalkboard and the postcard, and that sampler was an amazing find!
    Happy 4th to you and your family!

  9. Wow! I really love your porch, your entire home for that matter! :) Your patriotic display is so creative! I recently saw a couple of vintage sewing cabinet drawers at a yard sale, and I wish that I had picked them up! Love what you did with yours! Come on over & checkout my giveaway if you get a chance! $25 credit in my etsy shop!

  10. Hi Theresa, Thanks for stopping by. You did a great job with your displays. And what a beautiful Victorian you have. Have a great 4TH............Julian

  11. Oh, Theresa ~ The Perfect Patriotic Post....
    Love the Bunting hanging from Your window, Your description in writing is so vivid, I can almost hear Your Sister Laughing & Your Hubby Snoring!
    "God Bless America" xox

  12. Love your front porch....very inviting yet private.........Happy fourth of July!!!

  13. What a beautiful home. I love the curtains on the porch, makes it really cozy. Thanks for kind comment on my blog. I will be back to visit...you have a great blog. I LOVE the photo on your header.

  14. You've done a great job of bringing out the holiday spirit and that porch looks so inviting.

    Have a spectacular Fourth!

  15. I looove how you hung your bunting up high on your beautiful home! Your patriotic memorabilia is fantastic and I especially looove your sweet little sampler! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  16. What a beautiful home. Looks like you have some wonderful patriotic memorabilia. Thanks for sharing! Have a terrific 4th! ~ Sarah

  17. I love the assemblage you made ~ Perfect! And I chuckled at the fun your sister must have had at your expense ~ LOL!! You have a beautiful home, thanks for sharing!



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