Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I made a clutch!... and some other stuff for good measure!

Happy White Wednesday Everyone!!! This will be short but sweet, I just got back from taking Cam to orientation, got stuck in a traffic jam for almost an hour (I know there are some of you out there who are used to this but I live in a teeny little podunk town and so it was wearing on me... I don't know how you get through it, really) anyway, I digress... the orientation went very well and Cam is now a registered college student. I did good too, no crying on the way home! So we got home just in time for him to help coach Maxs baseball team for a tourney that will be an all weekend event this weekend. Hannah is in 2 plays for summer theatre on wed., thurs. and fri. what a boring life right?!!! On to WW, I made this little clutch for a friend of mine, I still can't believe I made it!
Look I even gave it 2 pockets! some vintage crotched lace from an old dresser scarf and a rosette that I have been going gang busters on. These will be good to make while watching a ball game or two! (wish I would have had some done to join in on the rosette party) oh well...
And to round this WW post off, a couple of shots from outdoors...
I love this girly placque and where better for her to hang than on my little white barn... Kate, if you are reading this, can you believe it's STILL not painted? ugh.
love the old white doorknob on my red door.

This white chair just would not stayed glued and came apart so much it was driving me crazy so outside it came to become a planter. I know this is not a new idea by any means but there you have it. :) So right now I am going to figure out what I need to make for dinner and then hit the couch. oh yeah, right after I link up to my favorite parties... Boardwalk Bragfest and
White Wednesday!

Thanks for stopping by! Theresa


  1. Your little chair looks very happy there in the garden....it's probably where it wanted to be anyway!
    I just bet your friend loves the little girlie clutch you made. It's very pretty.

    Like the red barn door too.


  2. oh Theresa it came out beautifully!!!
    I love the rosette, you should make those for your shop!
    Oh, college I am glad those days are far far down the road for my little one.
    You sound so busy and fully booked for summer but fun with your fam.
    Have a great time and enjoy!!!

  3. Such a great clutch Theresa! I am personally frightened of my sewing machine so I have to admire what others make..lol. Enjoyed the fate of the chair..banished to the outdoors. I have a few chairs like that in my house too, perhaps I should take your lead.


  4. What a cute clutch! The rose is perfect! The lace doily dresses it up just enough.

  5. Love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine so I could find you! Gotta run- more of your posts to see!
    Hugs- Tete
    PS- I like the pumpkin idea!

  6. The red door with the white plaque is stunning. olive♥

  7. I love what you did with the clutch bag. So lovely.

  8. Hi Theresa,
    So beautiful!!! Love the clutch and the rose on it!!! And lace!!!
    I just posted on Rednesday..You might want to post that
    adorable door on there tonight...

  9. You are a woman of many talents, girl. really pretty and the rosette is gorgeous! LOVE your new profile photo!! Kids to college is really hard. Hope he's close so you can see him frequently. Have a wonderful WW!

  10. I love the clutch!! The crocheted lace and rosette you added to it are perfect touches.
    Glad to read you had a successful orientation. Can you believe our boys will be off to college soon? In less than a month we'll be driving Alex to MS for his first year. I'm sure I'll be in tears on the way home!
    Happy WW.

  11. Oh, that clutch is just beautiful and the rosette is just the right touch.

    Love it!


  12. Good Morning Theresa! I really don't know how you could bear to part with that clutch. It's a beauty!
    So that's where chairs that misbehave go. To the garden! It looks really happy there, with the petunias spilling out of it. Love that wire basket too, with those colorful balls just waiting to get played with!
    Happy WW!

  13. As I like to say here in Texas...Tray Sheek! Beautiful little bag and I love the cameo on the red door.

  14. What an awesom white lace clutch, I love the way you have the garden chair displayed. Happy White Wednesday! Mary

  15. Well done on the clutch! Love it, love it, love it!


  16. Your purse is so lovely, I like the use of the doily and rosette. I'd love if you'd link this to Fabric Fun Thursday :).

  17. What a great job you did on the clutch, it turned out very pretty. Happy WW, T

  18. You did a great job on the clutch! I am so impressed really because I can sew just not anything like that!

  19. Love the clutch bag, great color!!! The chair planter is fantastic, it is still one of my favs!!!
    Margaret B

  20. Love the clutch! But that chair is my absolute favorite! It's sensational!

    Hugs of Summer Sunshine,

  21. I am telling Kate on you :) Not painted yet :) Too busy making fabulous purses!!!! I can't believe you made it either! :) Gorgeous! What a lucky friend! I can't imagine the time you put into it!

    Cam's orientation! Did ya cry? Oh that will kill me when the time comes. Even if they went to school a block away..I am not so good with change :) Hope you are well! That little lady on your red door is amazing T!!!

  22. Hi Theresa! Your clutch turned out great, I know your friend is going to love it just as much as I do!!

  23. Hello ~ it seems like my daughter just finished her orientation, yet she will be a senior this year! Time sure does fly! Love the chair in the garden!!

  24. You made me a purse! I love it! You really shouldn't have! Teehee.... I meant to post about this yesterday when I saw it. I guess I forgot. Sorry!

    Yes, Theresa, there is a way to get rid of Japanese beetles! Annnnnd..... it's chemical free! You know the bulbs of garlic that you buy in the grocery store? Take one of those and pluck off a bulb or two and plant at the base of the plant that the beetles are attacking. They hate garlic! The benefit is that if YOU love garlic it will grow also! I use so much garlic in my cooking that I just love this. No more beetles either munching on my beautiful flowers! When the garlic starts to grow a green spike will appear. No one will ever know that you have garlic growing in your flower beds.

  25. that clutch is just LOVELY! and your garden chair/planter is adorable! thanks for sharing!


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