Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where I've been lately...

Oh my gosh, I just love that my kids will humor me by climbing in Yogi's picnic basket for a group snapshot! We were able to get away together for a few days of camping and since that is a rare occasion these days I really treasure these times. We went back to a campground that we used to take the older kids to when they were little. Last year we realized that Hannah and Max had never been to Yogis campground so Duane and I and just the two of them went there and they loved it! There are so many activities going on that they never wanted to venture from the campground (which actually kinda bummed us out a little because we love the area it is in) but they were having so much fun we stuck around. This time with everyone together we ventured out everyday and they were o.k. missing out on Yogi stuff!

we did a lot of this... playing at our favorite beach at Lake Michigan. Of course no day at the beach is complete without someone getting buried in the sand. Cam and Max are always up for this, whether Max is burying Cam or vice-versa. Hannah adds her creative touch and turned Max into a mermaid!
The process...
We went to the areas amusement/water park and had a blast. I am not a roller coaster kind of girl but I loved all of the water slides and felt like a kid again! Here is the whole gang riding the bumper cars Duane even got in on this action, so all 6 of these peeps belong to me!
Some of them like to live on the edge more than the rest of us. (me and D.)
Fireworks over Lake Michigan, LOVE IT!!! I don't know if this is possible everywhere but in Grand Haven you put your blanket, towel, caution tape, whatever you have available and stake out your space early in the day and then when you come back to it at dusk your space is waiting for you! Really even I think it's crazy but it's true! We staked out our spot about 11:ooam and came back to it in time for the fireworks with ice cream cones in hand and there was our spot right up front waiting for us!
We had a wonderful time, it was so good to get away from the day to day stuff but I'm back at it again! You know I have a mountain of laundry to do and a house to reorganize, putting away all of the stuff we brought and bought. The kids and I even managed to do a little thrifting on Monday and all of us came home with a few treasures :)
I hope your holiday was wonderful, I will be playing catch-up reading posts that I missed while I was gone!

Thanks for stopping by! Theresa xoxo


  1. Theresa,

    Sounds like the vacations of my youth and I remember them well. What glorious memories you are making for your children.

    We camped and hung out near Lake Erie a lot, and also spent time at Lake Canadota. The sound of screen doors slamming is still a wonderful sound to me. I can almost hear the small waves lapping at the shore. See? the memories that can be made? and I'm Old! : }

    SO glad you were able to get away.


  2. Hi Theresa, I have missed you girl. I was wondering where you had gotten off to, I thought maybe that new studio buried you alive.
    I am so glad you found the time to get away with the family. It is amazing that you find old fashioned way of enjoying life and your kids love it. I love to hear your stories and it makes me miss home like crazy. Life seems so simple in the midwest and I want this for Brooklyn something awful. Welcome home and I hope you share your treasures with us that you picked up along the journey.

  3. I was wondering where you got off to. Where is this magical place you speak of? I need to do something with the kids this year. The park looks like Michigan Adventure. I love that place, except for the roller coaster like rides. Not a big fan either. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time though!

  4. Hi Theresa, I hope you enjoy the rest of your FUN vacation! And enjoy all that sun Summer has to offer........Julian

  5. Glad your back!!! Memories of a life time!

    Sorry about all the laundry...can't the maid do that? lol

  6. Theresa,

    back again BTW- love the new profile photo, very cute!


  7. Oh the beauty of Lake Michigan!! Don't you just love the blue water!! Sim and I got to watch the fireworks over Lake Huron last weekend! Such beauty!! Kinda like God was drawing flowers in the night sky!! Glad you guys had a blast!! You deserve it!! XOXO Fran.

  8. Hey Theresa had to come back and answer your question
    I just put an edit on my new post from all the questions, My brother had an antique shop in Il and it closed last year, this was a shrine he had for sale that never sold so he pulled it out for our halloween celebration last fall. We had so much fun.
    and the water is the view from the Chester Il hill that over looks the Mississippi River, thats where I grew up

  9. oh how I remember these days with my kids ... tears welling up now!


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