Friday, July 30, 2010

Time for the party... excuse the paper plates!

So I finally got some pics taken for the Altered Art Party... not in the beautiful vignettes I'm so used to drooling over on all of your blogs but today is a crazy busy day and I still wanted to join the party! So grab your favorite party drink and snacks and link arms with me and lets go!
I made this guy last year for Halloween but brought him out to join in the fun. I like quirky Halloween and once I started putting these silly hats on the dollar tree skeletons well I just couldn't seem to stop myself!
Along with some dripping beeswax to look a little ghouly!
I did this one from an ezine by Teresa McFayden and I just love the vintage cuteness of it. I almost never follow a tutorial to the tee but if I remember correctly I did that with this one. I still like how it turned out (I mean she is a pretty talented teacher!) I just like putting my own spin on stuff.
Gotta have glittered wings of course!
So those are my halloween appetizers...
I'm also bringing some tag desserts....
Yup, when it comes to parties I always like the apps and the desserts the best, little food you can carry around with you so that you can visit all of the guests. I mean does it get better than that?
Wow, I really wish I would have styled these pics better, kinda like putting paper plates and napkins out with the plastic silverware for the party. I mean I really wish I would have had time to reach into the silver drawer and picked some flowers! So please forgive the rush of my party attire and know that next time there will be a full out gala here at 612!

Thanks so much for stopping by... Theresa xoxo


  1. Wow I am so sad that I am missing the party, once again too much work on my plate and no time for fun.
    But I am in love with your halloween items.
    That skeleton collage is right up my alley girl!
    I love what you did with it and the look is just perfect. I also love the girl walking the bird tag. So darn cute. For you not having much time you knocked this one out of the park. You didn't need all the backdrop drama, your work stands out not needing any fluff.
    Take care and I still need to find time to email you.

  2. Hi Theresa ~ I almost missed this Party.... trying to take photos for ETSY (I am So Bad at Photos!) and Forgot about the Day. I Love your Altered Halloween, Especially the Dripping Wax, makes it fit the Eerie Feel... Speaking of Fall, It will be here before we know it, actually I am looking forward to the Weather it brings (Not so much the Winter!)

    I heard from Kate today "Auntie Cake" she thinks we should meet up sometime & head over to Her & Libby's.... sounds like a Fun idea ~ I'm up for an Adventure maybe next year, if You Are!

    Take Care

  3. Hi Theresa,
    I just loved your altered Halloween projects. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love to create Halloween crafts....the crazier the better!
    I always enjoy seeing what you are one of my favorite blogland talents!

  4. Love the ghoulish creatives. August is almost here and pretty soon we will be seeing lots of fabulous and fun Halloween creations. I did Halloween today too. Come see! Happy Altered Art and have a wonderful weekend. :)

  5. ...halloween will be here soooooner than I'd like as I just got into the swing of lazy summer days!! BUT I simply adore Mr. Skelli with his orange frill and party hat! and I agree, wings of any kind simply need a little sparkle!!
    xo, Rosemary

    ps. yours is the last address that I need to mail off your party favor from the last blog party! :)

  6. me oh my this is quite a cutesy display!
    i must say i rather enjoy the lovely photos you have kindly shared!
    happy blogging! x x

  7. Love all of your creative Halloween projects! Definitely puts me in the mood for fall... my favorite time of year.

  8. Your winged ghoul is lovely! Her dress is sooo pretty. Thank you for joining us! Blessings... Polly

  9. Love your AA, Theresa, seeing your things for Halloween, are getting me excited about fall. I'm already seeing Halloween things at a few retail stores and antique malls. You always come up with wonderful creations!

  10. Lovely party, Theresa! I love the piece with the checkered border and the bat wings on the lady. Very cool!

  11. Theresa,
    I absolutely love everything you created. Halloween is my favorite Holiday and your witch wall art is so wonderful. I am glad I found your blog. Just enchanting.
    Thank you
    Wendy from Wonderland


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