Monday, July 26, 2010

More rosettes... is she kidding?

So this is what I did while I watched ballgames, and in between ballgames, and after ballgames this past weekend! I was on a role and enjoyed the process of making these rosettes so much that there was really no stopping me! I packed a bag with some wool, some prints and more lace along with cottons and my needle and thread and started on some fall rosettes...
I started dreaming of the upcoming weather change, it was 90+ degrees during the tourney... I can dream, right?... It will cool down eventually! I was having fun mixing up the fabrics that I threw in my bag before we left and came up with some different rosettes. This black and creme one started with the toile fabric paired up with felted black wool with a vintage doily, finished off with a nonworking watch face in the center. I love how this one turned out and the fact that it has a couple of different kinds of rosettes to add dimension.
Oh now this one has the drop cloth material that I used for the ones I showed you last week (yep I said it... I used scraps of drop cloth to make my rosettes!) I love that stuff, what can I say!! Then more vintage crocheted lace trim and a very old pretty sheer scarf all rolled and twisted into a rosette with a brown bead in the center.
I think I have a bag of old scarfs around here somewhere and this rosette has me wanting to tear the place apart to make more of these! I really loved the process of making this one.
So this one is another of those BIG ones! The print fabric has the prettiest colors and vintage feel to it and I wanted to bring out the pink so I made a petal background for it.
The petals were really easy to do (kinda felt like I was cheating a little) I cut a long strip of the pink fabric about maybe 2 ft long and 3" wide (all of this would depend on how big you want the petals to be.) and then I folded it length wise twice and cut a petal shape over and over to the end of the folded strip and when I unfolded it I had many petals on one strip... like making gingerbread men. Have I lost you yet? I then baste stitched the flat bottom edge and pulled the thread to ruffle it. waa laa! If anyone wants me to do a step by step photo tutorial let me know and I will but I know all of you amazing creators out there probably get what I mean.
Another vintage hanky in the center with really vibrant colors mixed with nubby cotton and a vintage jewel in the center.

Wow, it's almost 12am and I am pooped! Tomorrow will be a fun day, Hannah, Max and I picked up 3 of their cousins and they are spending the night. I am looking forward to a fun day of cousin time and listening to the silliness that takes place whenever they are together.

These should be in the shop within the next couple of days, but if you see one you have to have today just send me an e-mail and let me know! ;) I'd list them now but it took all of my creative writing energy to get this out! I mean seriously folks can't you just read all of the creativity oozing from my words? I am not use to staying up this late... now I'm just getting slaphappy!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Theresa xoxo


  1. Theresa I love them!!!
    I am interested in the one in the last post are you keeping it for yourself? Let me know the ribbon one???
    They are all amazing and you can tell that you love making them by the beautiful way the turn out.
    GO GIRL, GO!!!
    They would look great on top of xmas gifts this year instead of an icky bow!!!
    Can't wait to see more have a fun day tomorrow.
    My best friend was my cousin growing up and I still adore the memories I have of our summer sleep overs that would last a week at a time...

  2. We will have to call you Theresa the Rosetter instead of Rosie the Riveter!

  3. You have SO inspired me to make some rosettes. Yours are absolutely gorgeous...every last one of them! I am in the process of making a pillow with a scarf I purchased in Paris (one of the cheap souvenir type scarfs). I thought it would be fun to add a rosette to it. I might be enlisting your help with how to make one!
    Have fun today!

  4. They're gorgeous!
    I see a "Rosette's R Us" franchise in your future! ;-)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  5. Theresa the answer is YES!!!
    I would love to just let me know what you would like
    I understand about the crazy so just when you can get back to be is good!
    Take care and have a fun day!

  6. I know what it's like to get on a roll, they just keep getting better and better. They are beautiful!


  7. Hi Theresa,
    So love your rosettes...I have been dying to try some for myself. I, too, always like to keep busy while watching sports with my boys.
    Happy day!

  8. Theresa 0 they are ALL so gorgeous!!! You could show me these all day and I'd be in rosette heaven!!!

    ;-D robelyn


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