Sunday, August 1, 2010

2 parties today: Project Genesis and a Grad. Party!

Today is my nieces graduation party at my dads house so I get to hang out with these crazies for the day!!! I know your jealous aren't you? No we will not dress like this, this pic is from our last family reunion on Carny Day, now your really jealous aren't you? :) It is by far one of my favs and all though not all of my family is in the picture I thought I'd give you a little giggle today!
The second party of the day is the ongoing link-up that Suzan is having on her blog...
I love that she started this party... Project Genesis. we can learn so much from eachother. I believe it will take ordinary people doing ordinary things that will help save our planet and immediately I wanted to join in. Last month we were away camping and so I could not but here I am today with a few little things that I do to help 'green' things up around here...
1. We don't buy plastic wrap to save our left overs and I don't use aluminum foil either... we just take a bowl from the cupboard (size depends on how much you have left over) and flip a plate over for the top! Simple. That way we aren't using plastic ones either-I recycle those. So cereal bowl-tea saucer on the top. I have to be honest though, I still have plastic freezer bags and storage bags in the drawer for snacks out the door and the cooler though so I need to come up with better plans for those things. I have seen reusable sandwich bags on etsy so maybe I need to give those a try.
2. I also started using our own cleaners...I found a recipe for a homemade disinfectant cleaner because my sister and I were having a conversation about bleach. This one works really well, my kids don't like the smell of the tea tree oil but to be honest I didn't have a dropper on my bottle and may have used too much! But tea tree and thyme oil (don't have any of that) are disinfectants so I say spray away and it's not like I always liked the smell of the chemical cleaners either. Here's the recipe: Combine 2 tbs. of borax; 1/4 cup of lemon juice; 2 cups of hot water; mix these 3 ingredients into a spray bottle, shake the bottle until the borax is dissolved; put in 20 drops of thyme ESSENTIAL OIL or tea tree oil; shake again. Use as you would a chemical laden disinfectant.
I just want to point out that you make sure it is essential oil and not a fragrance oil.

Also... I found metal spray bottles at my dollar tree! I know how exciting is that? They look like skinnier mini metal water bottles with a spray top. Unfortunately that part is plastic but we can't be completely plastic free I guess.

Mind you, I am by no means perfect in being green, but I am getting greener all of the time! I figure it's little steps that lead to one giant 'Mama may I' leap!

I want to thank Suzan for having this link up party, I can't wait to read and try everyone's tips so that I can incorporate them here at 612!

Thanks for stopping by! Theresa xoxo

This just in..... Lavender oil is also a disinfectant and I forgot about another cleaner that I mixed up recently... equal parts vinegar and water but because Hannah thought the smell was awful (and she was doing the cleaning with it) I poured a little lavender essential oil in the spray bottle. I was making a disinfecting cleaner without even realizing it! I thought I would check to see if Lavender was one, I knew it was used as a antiseptic, we use it for earaches.. you just put a drop or two in the little ones ear and it works every time! well it has for us anyway. I am not a doctor, I just play one on my blog! LOL!

O.k. I'm glad I came back with that because Hannah didn't mind cleaning the cupboard doors with that and it made my kitchen smell wonderful!

Have a Fabulous Sunday!!! Theresa xoxo


  1. great info here...i just love lavender oil. i must say the photo of your fun family is a riot. my kinda peeps!!

  2. I am jealous for sure, Oh you know how much I am missing my fam and so enjoy every minute of the crazy for me!!!

  3. Hi Theresa,
    Happy to meet you via Project Genesis. (And I love your family photo!)
    I'm still getting great tips from my parents. You know the liner inside cereal boxes? It works well in place of purchasing plastic bags.
    Wishing you & yours a wonderful time @ the Grad party!

  4. Great ideas, Theresa! And such a treat to have a grad party, too. I must say I got a chuckle out of your reunion photo.

    We can defintely help the planet And have fun at the same time!!! Thanks for the tips...


  5. You can also take orange peels and put them in a quart jar fill with vinegar. Wait a few days and the vinegar will smell orangey. Good way to put to use orange peels! After you remove them out of the vinegar, run them through your garbage disposal. The mechanical kind not the human kind. It will clean and disinfectant your disposal and make it smell fresh!

  6. enJOY your day; I love the group photo, looks like a fun gathering! I love lavender and it's amazing properties! I love your great ideas; I used oils in spritzing up my home. I think I need to rethink of my mixture. Thanks for the heads up about metal! I agree, small steps lead to big changes...YOU are on your way~
    Fun post with great tips~

  7. ha ha! I love this photo. You can tell you have a funny family. ;D

  8. That photo of your family is just priceless!
    My kinda peeps!

    Thanks for sharing all this, good info to have.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  9. Great ideas you shared; I like the family photo in your header.

  10. Hello Dear! So glad you joined us!...and that photo, what a giggle - your family sounds like enormous fun. Carny Day is one I want to remember for my next party. Hilarious!

    ..and because I read in your comments about Orange peels in the vinegar, I'll be doing that too. Thank you White farmhouse.

    That is what I love about Genesis. Ideas that make a difference and Create Change.



  11. Some fabulous ideas here...
    We are very big on Tea Tree oil here in Australia.. and I always carry both that and Lavender oil with me when I travel!! makes a simple little emergency kit... Lovely post.. hope your week is fab xxx Julie

  12. I think essential oils need to come back in a big way. Enough fake fragrances.....

    Love your ideas. Thankyou.

  13. I love tea tree oil! It does take some time to get used to the smell, but in the right amount it is fabulous! It's also a natural antibiotic for topical use, I've used it for skin conditions for years.

    Wonderful ideas for Project Genesis!


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