Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you know Amy?

Do you all know Amy over @ Mittens? Well if you don't, then you need to hop on over there right away and see the creativity she shares on a regular basis! She is generous as well, and some time back... really back... she had a book cover party and she had a giveaway to go along with the party for those of us who participated. I won one of her prizes and this is the perfect week to show you all of the goodness inside that adorable trick or treat bag.
First of all this adorable little pillow will be staying out long after Halloween because these little ones are carrying candles to bed not too scary right?
They are now being held by the doll I made quite awhile ago when I used to do primitive crafts, the pillow actually inspired me to bring down the doll and put him in a little folding chair I found this summer. The perfect fit for one another don't ya think? My neighbors granddaughter came over one day and that is the first thing she picked up in the house to play with, she dragged it everywhere, it was so cute.
These are the surprises tucked inside the bag! I know right? Sooooo Cool, I haven't really bought much to decorate for Halloween, I didn't really need to thanks to Amy! Everything is just fabulous and full of her creatively genius touch! I have the little tag with the baby on it hanging from the silver bucket that is holding a gorgeous gray/green pumpkin...
this tag is hanging from a candelabra with black candles in the living room...
This very cool box with 612 (thanks Amy, your the best) on it sits on the mantel in the dining room. I love how she used a little sword for the one but Max thinks that is extra cool!...
and this Bingo card is decorating a portrait of a man that I glued a mask and hat onto. Yep I just hot glued the black wool hat and a mask like lone ranger right to the glass, instant Halloween! I hung him on the front porch. I will take more photos when the wind isn't threatening to blow me away! It is a blustery day Pooh Bear!

Thanks for all of my goodies Amy!!!! Tonight we make Hannah's costume while we watch the season finale of Project Runway, I love that show! Guess who else does? AMY! Stop on over to Mittens and tell her I said Hi!

***breaking news*** this just in*** today is only Wednesday****
I was a day ahead of myself, Duane just reminded me that today is only Wednesday, stay tuned for Project Runway tomorrow night! LOL!!!

****more breaking news**** Jan has started Boardwalk Bragfest again!! WOOHOO!!! so I'm linking up to join in the fun! Hop on over there and see who else joined in the fun!
also it's White Wednesday people... go see all the fab stuff everyone is sharing! Thanks Jan and Kathy! ******

also I wanted to remind all of you that I stayed true to my word... there was not a single pumpkin made by me anywhere to be found in this post, but next time I can't promise that I won't sneak one in!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Theresa xoxo


  1. Such adorable things...I'm going right over. And why did you stop making those dolls? I love her and would buy one in a second. I also love her hat!

  2. Congrats on winning Amy's giveaway. You got some great stuff!
    I'm a Project Runway fan too! Can't wait for the finale.

  3. Cute stuff! Congrats on the win!

  4. I love your winnings and I'm wondering too why you quit making dolls like that one. It's adorable. I love it holding the pillow!

    I'll go check out her blog too.


  5. Hi Theresa, That is some realy cute stuff I see> I like the doll she has a cool look th her. Thank's for sharing and have a great Halloween....Julian

  6. Congrats on winning... love all the pictures you have shown today, their just adorable!!! Thanks for stopping by to visit and for your sweet comments!!! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  7. Haha -- I will be looking for the pumpkin that got away! Great post, Theresa! I love all the goodies that you won from Amy. What a treat for you! I will definitely go visit Amy @ Mittens. Thank you so much for sharing your winnings with the Boardwalk Bragfest.

  8. How fun, congrats on winning! Everything looks wonderful, I'd love receiving a bag full of goodies like that!!! Thanks for sharing. Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  9. Hi Theresa, thanks for commenting on my felt basket. So glad you did because it made me come over here and discover your wonderful blog. Love your vintage style! All those beautiful shabby chic projects. Keep 'em coming!

  10. Hi Theresa, I love your Halloween goodies! I also want to mention that I grabbed your pic of the wonderful platter display from your home, and blogged about it, linking back to this site. I hope that's OK.....I know people are drooling over that platter display!

  11. Hi Theresa,
    Thanks for sharing Amy with us, she looks like a girl I'd like to meet! So many wonderful treasures she sent you! Wow, that is totally awesome!

    Have a wonderful Halloween, hope no one scares you too much!

  12. I love her stuff-she has great talent-I'm always amazed at what she comes up with!

  13. That is an unusual and lovely pillow! So many sweet wonderful!

  14. What great goodies you won, it's always nice to get things you absolutely love! I've found so many great blogs from your blog, Thanks! And I just wanted to let you know I linked your blog from my blog because I made some of your wonderful pumpkins, I sure hope you don't mind but I want to give you credit for my newest addiction, lol! They are so, so, so addicting and I actually made one out of denim and it turned out really cute! I added paper leaves and a tag and entered it in a challenge, I'll keep you posted how it turns out, lol! Thanks again Theresa and Take Care!
    Theresa K.

  15. Totally cute stuff, love it all!

  16. oh Theresa you are so welcome, I am so up to my head in barns and digging around that I haven't had time to blog.
    I will get back here soon to really leave a longer comment of thanks!
    Happy Halloween

  17. oh and I am in love with your new Header for Halloween!!!


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