Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You can call me Mr. Crazy Eyes!

They call me Mr. Crazy Eyes! The other day we went for a little drive to a small alpaca farm down the country road that we used to live on. Max was sitting in the back seat as we were driving by the 'old road' and He said "remember that cool farm that was by our old house, I wonder if they have any new babies"... that was all it took for me to spin around ( a little starsky and hutch action) and go down the street. They are so much fun to watch! The people who own the farm are shearers and travel all over the state taking care of other peoples alpacas.
Seriously, too cute! But his eyes were just a little on the FREAKY side! They were a brilliant blue and the pupils were rectangles going sideways. crazy eyes! Let me warn you right now though he is not the funniest picture on this post. are you ready?...
Joe Camel reborn! This mop top was hilarious! I took a crazy amount of pics of him. he just cracked me up! Then when I was looking through the pics I took, I saw this one and squealed, couldn't contain myself, snort laughed! he still makes me laugh everytime I see it. too funny!
Now this is the real reason I was posting tonight. 2 nights ago Duane and I were leaving for our walk, I spotted these by the road just 3 doors down from our house. OMG!!! Right??? This house does this on a regular basis, I think they clean out the garage just a few items at a time. Well it took less than a second for me to grab one and another couple of seconds to convince Duane to grab the other. Can you believe it?
I just had to put the grain sack pumpkin on the chair, cuz well you know it has been all around the house and yard, cuz well... I love it! We also grabbed an old sprinkler that is I think brass and on brass wheels, my neighbor informed me that it was the kind that traveled back toward the spicket. Ofcourse, I know nothing of these things and he does like to tease me a little so who knows if its true. We just took it because it looked pretty cool. I will take a pic soon and someone can tell me if I've been duped by Don ;o

So that's my show and tell for this White Wednesday. Thank you Kathleen for the great party! Making more pumpkins tonight, and even found a few new (old) sweaters to add to the pile!

Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. Those are great chairs... You should keep an eye on that house to see what's next out of the garage!!!...and if they are a pair of "crazy eyes"...even better!!! LOL!!

  2. Can't believe someone left those out by the roadside-what a score!!!!

  3. OHHHH I'm in LOVE with your Alpaca pics even Mr. Crazy Eyes but I really LOVE Joe Camels Clone! GREAT White Wed. Ohhh, I'm having a Scentsy give away, stop on by!

  4. Love adirondack chairs! LUCKY! Funny, funny!

  5. FREE Andirondacks!?! WOWZA! What a coup! Congrats!!
    ¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.*´* LORI LYNN *

  6. You need to tell your neighbors to just start leaving things at your curb...save you some steps! Who throws away great stuff like that?
    Those pix crack me up...one blowing kisses and one blowing smoke!

  7. Hey Theresa. Ol' blue eyes there is pretty funny looking, but I gotta tell you, I rolled when I saw mop top. That is the cutest alpaca I have ever seen! What a great photo. And those chairs -- who in their right mind would put those out on the side of the road? Hello! Good thing you snatched them up right away. I love, love, love all your pumpkins. I have got to find something to make pumpkins with. Have a great rest of the week. :) Tammy PS Sorry to hear about Nuts! We have a chicken that showed up downstairs so I was researching earlier what to feed it. I'm pretty sure it is sick, and don't know where it came from. Both of our animal shelters are not accepting animals at the moment so not much I can do. I just try to help the best that I can. Off to bed. G'nite!

  8. Hi Theresa
    Love all the cutie Alpaca's they are adorable. The chairs what a score you lucky girl. Have a Happy WW.


  9. Aww, I love alpacas! If I had the land I would get a couple, think they'd look great with my dog. Don't know if he'd think the same but I just love them to bits, cute post.

    Darling chairs, you really lucked out, they look great with the lovely pillows.

  10. ...eeeewwwww!! Those ARE some pretty crazy eyes!! I would probably run the other way if he started chasing me LOL!!
    Great find on your chairs...
    xo, Rosemary

  11. Those two are soooo adorable. And how soft they must be too. Love your new chairs. Look very comfy:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  12. I came over to see Crazy Eyes and was not disappointed. I am thrilled for you over the chairs. I agree, just tell the neighbors to call you or bring the stuff over.
    Now I have to look back - did you show how you make the pumpkins?

  13. Thank you Theresa for your visit,
    The chairs... well all I can say is you go girl! one man junk another man shabby junk :)

    Those goats are rather cute I might add.

    see you soon, I am bringing my own crazy eyes over to your palce next time, to take in your next great find.

  14. Hi Theresa ~ How Adorable, They Looks So Sweet.... Love the Chairs & Love your Pumpkin ~
    are you loving this mild Michigan Weather???
    Hope all is well

  15. Hi Theresa
    Both Joe Camel and Mr Crazy Eyes crack me up too... hilarious.. imagine waking up to those each morning.. you'd never take life seriously.. Fab find on the chairs too!!! Have a lovely week xxx Julie

  16. OMG. Those pics are hilarious. I love the way their pupils aren't round. I've always loved that about goats and the like. Those airdonack chairs are great - score!

  17. Holy Moley! My friend is afraid of goats but this would do her in! As for the chairs - I have found more great stuff on the side of the road! Lucky you! Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  18. Hi Theresa,
    I don't know how I missed this post! The pictures of the alpacas are too funny. I love "Joe Camel"!! I would have taken a ton of pictures too.
    The chairs are a wonderful find. I can't believe they were there for the taking!! I never find stuff like that.

  19. Oh how funny the alpaca pictures are. Even my hubby came to take a look. laughing out loud for sure..
    nice chairs..


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