Saturday, October 2, 2010

Is it really autumn already?

This is sad... really sad... I have not even started to decorate for autumn. Not that there isn't a wealth of inspiration in blogland but I have been crazy making new things and really except for this new harvest banner I only have things in stages of being finished. I will tell you, I don't know how you all sew your burlap without cursing up a blue streak! But maybe you do and we just can't hear you ;o This stuff shreds so easy, I stamped on muslin so that it won't come apart before someone could hang it up. Now mind you, I am a glutten for punishment... I have made pillows and things with it before but I always say never again, then apparently I forget and try it once more. I do really like how the banner turned out, don't get me wrong, I just find it difficult to work with. Kudos to you Sissie, yours always turn out beautifully, you must have the patience of a saint!
So because I have not decorated yet, I'm bringing back pics from last year... pathetic I know. We haven't even been to the farm to get our pumpkins to be able to do this fab topiary. Maybe we can go this week. The young man who runs the farm where we go prides himself on planting heirloom vegies and unusual pumpkins. I love to visit there, or visit them at the farmers market, although I really didn't even get there this summer as often as I have in the past.
I make one of these every year. I love them. I buy a huge white pumpkin, this one is a little more green/gray than in the past but then I freehand a large H on it and put it on the side porch. This one is wrapped in a leaf garland but in the past I have also used fresh bittersweet which I love.
O.k. back to the work table, I hope to have some more new goodies to show you this week. It's a pretty quiet day around here, kinda dreary and that means we are all laying low. Which translates into me being able to create stuff and nobody really caring what I'm up to. Max has already made Danielle a fab picture and is diggin in the fabric bin to find some wool to make her a flower because well he knows how to sew you know! I'm just repeating what he told me when I asked him if he wanted some help... "no thanks I know how to sew you know."
Thanks everyone for your inquiries about Mr. Nuts the squirrel... unfortuantely I have bad news. He didn't make it through the night, we are sure he must have had internal injuries and that is why he was letting the kids cuddle him. Hannah was pretty sad when she checked on him in the morning but I tried to console her and told her that they gave him a very nice last day on earth full of love and kindness . When I pulled into the yard with Max on Wed. after school she was already digging the grave and then they held a little funeral service for him. I really wished I would have had my camera out there to show them all huddled in a group hug as they said good- by to Nuts. Another life lesson here at 612, hopefully the next lesson is a bit more cheerful!

Thanks for stopping by! Theresa xoxo


  1. Your decorations are really nice. I especially like the pumpkin with the initial H and the leaves surrounding it. Very festive.


  2. Hi there Theresa,
    I loved reading your post today. The banner looks great and I can tell that you put a great deal of work into making it! As for burlap, it is messy and hard to work with, and I usually have to clean the entire sewing room after making something. My kitties like rolling in it too! LOL! Thanks for the mention, you are too sweet.

    I love that pumpkin topiary. It should be featured in Southern Living! I'm sure the one you make this year will look just as good.

    I think I'll try the one with the initial. I like it!

    Sorry about poor Nuts. That's so sad. We have Weezie and George in our yard and they are so cute.


  3. Let me just start by saying what sweet loving hearts your children have...a squirrel funeral is precious.
    Now as far as fall deco goes...ssshhh...we'll never know the difference if you don't tell us. I gotta say...I think the banner is pretty darn cute myself!
    I love burlap...but I cannot STAND the smell of it. I made a burlap round table cloth about 5 years ago and I swore...never again!
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

  4. ...aaahhhhhh, THANK YOU!!!!! ~ for confirming the burlap ????'s I have as well!!!(ie. smell, ie. mess, ie. scratchiness, ie. smell, did I mention, ie. smell??!!)
    I am convinced that there is a secret stash of designer grade burlap out there that we are apparently missing!!
    xo, Rosemary


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