Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is 612 really a farm now?

Good Morning! Just stopping by to say a quick hello and thank everyone for their sweet comments about the pumpkin patch! I have been having a great time making them and on the side started making my wax Tom Turkeys... my house smells fabulous!! I have always made Santas and lambs and this week I found this amazing mold so now I have added turkeys to the bunch. You can find the molds at Walmart, I just melt down a huge candle and let it set up on its own, sometimes I rub them with cinnamon for more heavenly scent. Easy Peasy but if you don't want to invest in the goods to make them well I just listed them and some more pumpkins in the etsy store. More cuffs on the way too! So no, not a farm exactly... but my kids wished it was!

This has to be short, I need to wake Max up for school, we are going on a field trip to a wonderful nature center near by... I hope the rain holds off!

Thanks for stopping by and for always being so encouraging! Theresa xoxo


  1. You are one busy lady!! You know I love the pumpkins and now you have me wanting one of the turkeys too. Time to go shopping on etsy!
    Have a fun day on your field trip.

  2. Does Tom come with a wick for burning? That is such a clever idea and I love your pumpkins.

  3. Mr. Tom looks mighty cute! And I bet he smells good too. Girl, you have been busy!
    Hope your day is wonderful,

  4. the turkey idea!! To walmart it is!!
    Adoring your sweater pumpkins and cuffs...may have to break down and visit your "farm" for these!!!
    Love it all Theresea!!
    xo, Rosemary

  5. How neat. Is their anything you can't do??

  6. Hi Theresa,
    I am in awe over your pumpkins and now your wax turkey, you are a true wonder and sooo talented!!!
    They look fantastic!
    Keep up the amazing work.
    Have a great day with your son on his field trip, I love taking field trips with my son, it's a great time to bond!

  7. theresa you are so talented, I love that your happiness comes thru your projects.
    So heart felt.
    or should I say felted lol
    Love the turkeys wow he came out great seriously I thought he was a vintage candle.

  8. This is why we love you. Even though you are selling, you share the how to's. You are so kind.

    Everyone needs to go to Maynard Greenhouse blog to see more about wonderful you.

    Have a wonderful day.

    BIG hugs


  9. OMGos I love that Turkey and you made it from a Wal-Mart pan, who'd a thunk it, lol! What a great idea! You are so smart to use those for candles! I have wanted one of those but don't do much baking but love Candles so later when I go shopping I may just have to go through the housewares section and one of those turkeys may just fly in my cart, (and Yes Turkeys do fly, we have about 25-30 that cruise through our property every day and then the dogs chase them and off they fly into the woods, lol!) You are so talented and inspiring, I still have to get my pumpkins made but will let you know when I do. (I got some more really neat trim at another yard sale, lol)
    Have fun on your fieldtrip!
    ((Hugs)) Theresa

  10. Okay always amazes me but wax turkeys!!!! You officially win as the most interesting, talented friend in the world!!! I love seeing what you come up with now! Tom is sooooo cute! I have a little crush on him :)

    Hope you had a fun day with Max!

  11. OOoooo ~ Lots of pretties today. Have a great time today ~ gobble gobble

  12. Hi Theresa!

    I was just over at Carole's blog where she shared her wonderful win, and I thought I'd pop over and say 'Hello' and let you know how much I love your pumpkin patch! :)

    Hope you have a great day,

  13. Hope you had fun with the kids and happy creating too!
    The pumpkins are a big hit just like I thought they'd be!

  14. Hey Theresa, you are just full of so many fantstic ideas. And always seem to be busy. I don't know how you do it all. Fantastic! Hope you are having a great weekend. :)Tammy

  15. I love everything you do! and I have to tell you that I clicked on your previous post about your kitchen redo and fireplace purchase. I love your kitchen and now I want to purge and pull mine apart! It's beautiful. It looks like an English country it.

  16. Theresa, I love Tom Turkey. That is such a great project. I'm going to have to go check out that Etsy store of yours. What a great gift he would make (for me) my out of town relatives that we miss so much this time of year.

  17. These are absolutely darling!
    Time to go take a peek at your Etsy again. :-)

  18. I just came over from Tea Rose and I love your pumpkins. Your blog is filled with so many beautiful things.



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