Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween @ 612

Halloween is such a whirlwind of activity here at 612... the activities started on Friday night with Danielle going to a Halloween party down at Johns house. She created this awesome Queen of Hearts costume and helped design her friend's (another Danielle) indian princess costume too. She is a creative genius! I love how the roses started out white and then get red, she kept singing 'we're painting the roses red!' too funny!
Hannah decided to be a 'lost girl' for halloween this year, we all love Peter Pan at our house! So she was a skunk, and as far as I'm concerned she is the cutest skunk ever! We did a spin on Danielle's Queen of Hearts costume and I made her a tutu (today) and then stitched the white stripe down the back of a hooded sweatshirt and tucked the hood inside. I only whip-stitched the stripe so she can easily remove it and wear the sweatshirt again. It's a twofer!
She loved it, can you tell? ;)
Danielle did her hair and make-up... so stinkin cute, pardon the pun!
Cam dressed up twice, once with his girlfriend as a figure skating pair, him and I glued all of the sequins and rhinestones on his 'outfit' yesterday. Oh my gosh I was cracking up, he is hilarious! Such a good sport, agreeing to this costume, but then Cam will do pretty much anything to get people to laugh :O
On Friday he went with the Danielles to John's party. Max was an 'army' guy for his school parade and party (tonight he was a ninja-way too easy and kind of boring but I couldn't talk him into anything else. I didn't realize that the only pics I took of him included his little friends and I wasn't sure if their parents would want their pics on here so nothing to share, imagine a little boy in a black sweat suit with a black mask and swords) Cam is wearing Max's costume from two years ago when he was a swamp monster. The best part is I made a version of this same costume quite a few years ago when Cam was 7 and he loved it so much that he convinced Max to be one too! Then when he was trying to come up with what to wear to the party and when he saw Max's make-up he decided to go as the swamp monster. For some reason he cold not get that make-up to stay on his nose! Like I said he will do anything for a laugh!
So as you can see, life around here has been pretty hectic, but a good hectic, these guys have kept my sewing machine and glue gun busy... and I loved it! I hope your trick or treating was full of treats! Max and Hannah just finished sorting and swaping all of their candy and gave me my favorites... almond joy and a dark chocolate milky way, yum!
Thanks for stopping by! Theresa xoxo


  1. What a fun, busy Halloween! All of the outfits were great and the kids looked like they really enjoyed getting dressed up.
    Pretty quiet at our household....had plenty of trick or treaters but no costumes for us this year.
    Have a great week.

  2. We had quite a few trick or treaters last night, and I made sure to compliment them on their costumes, especially the homemade ones. Your pics really show the happiness getting dressed for Halloween can generate. What fun to have creative kids that you can help with their costumes!

  3. What a priceless "Penelope Pussycat"! Am I dating myself?
    I love Halloween...wish I had someone to dress up...besides the Cat Man!

  4. These all show so much imagination. It doesn't surprise me that your children have talent just like their mom. There's nothing like homemade costumes. I wonder sometimes why other countries don't celebrate Halloween like we do. It's such a creative outlet for kids and it doesn't have to be spooky either.
    Glad to hear you had such a great time with all the kids.

  5. Where to start! Okay I cannot believe Danielle MADE those costumes!!! They totally look like high end expensive costumes! & the girls look just gorgeous! I can't get over all the detials!

    And Hannah! What a cutie in her skunk Tutu! I LOVE IT! Yep you can tell she liked it too which makes it all the better!

    LOVE Cam's pairs outfit! Too funny! I am sure they were the hit of the party! What a great idea! & that little pic of Max & Cam! Love brothers! Even if the pic is old I am so glad you put it up! You guys for sure win for the coolest family ever! Kate & I were saying again...I wish Theresa lived across the street!


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