Wednesday, March 30, 2011

how does your garden grow...

I have been making some new flowers and thought I'd show you a few of them, the flower bug has hit hard over here and so as I am making the etsy orders I am thinking of how I can mix it up a bit...

This one has a stiff linen type of fabric for the bottom petals and then some lace that a friend from work gave to me and a ribbon rosette and glass bead in the center. 
I have to address the lace fabric,  I am able to work on my flowers while I am at work during the quiet time (yup it's a really stressful job...not) and whenever she comes in, her standard question is "so what are you making now?" and she has started bringing me in things to check out and some to share.  I love it!  She is 78 years old and I love that crafts and junk bring us together, our common bond so to speak.

This one has more of her lace and some chiffon added with a gorgeous old beaded earring in the center.

I know this one doesn't qualify for WW but I am in love with this lavender fabric, it is just so delicate in both color and weight so I made it into a pom flower.

Can you pass up polka dots?  Nope, me either!

A lavender dahlia.  Help me out, lavender or lilac?  It's just the palest purple ever.

This was a special order of my ivory ones, the order was for 4 flowers that were 3"  instead of 6" so she can have her bridesmaids wear them!  I get so excited when someone uses something of mine for such a special occasion!

Yup, it's like a fabric gardening center over here @ 612... So unlike the planting, watering, and waiting like a  true gardener, think Carole or June,   instead  I sew, glue and fluff!

You can find all of these in my etsy,  The Old White House

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Thanks for the parties girls, I always come away with so much inspiration!

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Theresa xoxo


  1. Your flowers are so sweet! Congrats on your special order!


  2. your flowers are just beautiful!
    take care,

  3. Oh my goodness, all of your flowers are just gorgeous! You are so clever and talented! I've just found your blog, that makes me happy, I'll be back!


  4. Love all of your flowers !! I have been busy making flowers also , hoping it will "help" with spring to come ( we still have snow ) ! Have a blessed and creative day !

  5. I love your carefree flower garden. I see talent growing over there!!!

  6. You make the most gorgeous flowers!! I would have a hard time picking my favorite. How sweet to have your friend from work bring you in pieces for your projects!! I bet she has fun seeing what you create out of them.

  7. I love your beautiful rosettes. I like the different textures that you use and the way you cut the fabric like petals. Very pretty.


  8. Love that polka dot one! Love love love it! I am going to be putting in an order soon. Let me know when you want to paint and I will so be there. Don't know how much we will get done, but we will have fun!

  9. Wow ! Love your flowers !I would love to see a tutorial .

  10. Hi Theresa,
    Oh my gosh, your flowers are spectacular!! And I saw you on Melinda's blog and I came to say "congratulations!"

  11. "How does....." YOUR garden grows so lovely dear. : D

    Spring has sprung


  12. Gorgeous! That is a special honor to have your pretties used at a wedding. I will check out your shop! Can I ask, how did you get the mini treasuries on your sidebar? Visiting from WW

  13. You really wowed me Theresa with your wowzer flowers. It's really hard but since I am a black and white kinda girl I am leaning towards that polka dot one. But the lavender one is big time wowzer too....heck...they all are. I wore a flower a blogger made for me yesterday. It was a rosette exchange I participated in. I had so many compliments on it while I was out and about. Have a wonderful weekend.


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