Thursday, March 3, 2011

what else is in the treat bag for my birthday giveaway...

Thank you everyone for the sweet birthday wishes, you really know how to make a girl feel loved, I was smiling all day long!

Yesterday was such a nice day... Duane and I were able to spend most of the day together, pancakes for breakfast, YUM!  Then off to get some of the dinner groceries, which I know sounds really mundane for a birthday outing but it was actually pretty fun.  Our oldest son John surprised me and came home on Tuesday night, him and our oldest daughter, Danielle had it all planned out and she picked him up from the bus station after she got out of school.  This is an important part of the dinner story because now that I am a vegetarian I'm pretty sure Duane was kinda freaking out about making my dinner!  John has been a vegan now for about a year or more and a vegetarian for 4 years now and is a very good cook,  dinner was delicious!

See... if you have to go grocery shopping on your birthday, it should be a happy place!  This is our local fruit market, it's more of a farmers market owned by one family with beautiful flowers, gianormous wheels of cheese and special olives and a meat dept. and some really fabulous homemade pies and one of my favorite parts... the cheapest vegies and fruits in town!  But even better than that on special days (like my birthday) they have this guy...

playing the piano while you shop!  I know right? I mean they did that just for me!  How sweet was that?!!
 Duane was funny, he hadn't been there in a while and they have remodeled and added much of the specialty items since he shopped there and he was like a kid in a candy store, he actually tasted a couple of things, yeah, they were NOT having tastings... get the picture? I found him at one point in front of a huge bin of what looked like dried tobacco and he had convinced an elderly lady to taste the dried hibiscus leaves that they sold for tea!  I was cracking up!  Not only that but Duane talks to just about everyone when we are out (I have to confess, I am not far behind him in that dept.)  so yesterday, I think it was senior citizen day (NOT because it was my birthday)  I kept losing him and when I would find him he would be talking to some couple or other :) 
 I will tell you another confession... that used to drive me crazy, but yesterday, I found it endearing. sappy I know, just keeping it real:)
So we spent the day eating a yummy breakfast, talking, shopping at a healthfood store, that's a story for another day, going to the market and then home where everyone made me feel like a queen!
Duane and John made dinner, Hannah set the table, Cam washed the dishes, and Max and Danielle were the entertainment (they usually are ;)  It was  a wonderful day!  50 is really a beautiful thing!

O.k. I know that's not really why you are here ;)  let's get down to the nitty gritty... you want to see what is going into the treat bag today!
so without further adieu...

I am packing one of the soldered pendants that I showed you a little while ago.  It is a piece of a vintage hanky with a chandy crystal dangling from the bottom! 
along with this...

A burlap rosette.  You know how you just start making something and then you think, hmmmmmm what else can I make this with?  Well, that's how these came about!  I was making some rosettes for something and spotted my burlap ribbon and wondered how it would look as a rosette and waalaa, I love them!  I think it would look so pretty on a mirror, a spring wreath, a package for a special friend.... you can do what you want with it!

Todays treats are the pendant and the burlap rosette :)
If you missed yesterdays post then here is what these are going into...

This drop cloth ruffled tote with a crocheted butchers string strap and bakelite buckle!

So all you have to do to enter the giveaway is
* leave a comment on this post or yesterdays post or BOTH posts to really keep me smiling :) 
*become a follower if you aren't one already...
*and stay tuned for tomorrows treat!

Thank you again for all of the birthday love!

Theresa xoxo

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  1. Pretty! I really like your treat bag and what's inside.


  2. Your birthday sounds so full of whimsy and fun and blessings for a special person!!! I hope it was wonderful because you are "one in a million!"
    I love all you made look likes a high-end boutique--oh my gosh!!!

  3. It sounds like your birthday was a smashing success. I love the flower market you shared..
    Have a great evening and Happy Birthday.

  4. Gettin' good! I adore the pendant and the burlap rosette.

    I've got a give-away on my blog this month, too. Hop on over and get your name in the pot!

  5. Oh Theresa that is the coolest birthday present, a simple day out with the man you love!! Time spent together is so important!! You are so loved by your family!! You have some pretty awesome kids, it tells alot about you!! Hope you're still rockin the birthday! Take care, XO Love ya, Fran.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful birthday. Time well spent and everyone doing their share so you could recharge the batteries! Loving this giveaway. Enjoying sharing your day

  7. I'm lovin' what you are adding:)


  8. oh this is going to be fun! that soldered pendant is gorgeous and so is the rosette. merci...merci!

  9. Oh it sounds like you had a wonderful Blissful Birthday Theresa! See turning 50 wasn't so bad was it, lol! And I am in awe of your wonderful flower market, wish we had one here, wishful thinking! And I think it sounds so cute about your hubby and having to go look for him and how he chats with everyone, so cute, mine has gotten in the habit of chatting with the elderly folks out here also and have even a few "adopted" grandfolks here, lol! Love your roses, you've got me hooked on them, I don't throw anything away without thinking if it will make a flower first, lol!
    Have a great Birthday week Theresa, you deserve it!
    ((Hugs)) Theresa

  10. I am in love with the goodies! Great giveaway!

  11. Wow, it's getting better and better!

  12. That pendant is SOOO gorgeous!! And that burlap rose! oh my!

    Happy Birthday!

  13. It's always interesting to find another person that spells their name the same as me. Thou I have called myself Terry for more years than Theresa. I will be going home for a sad visit (my grandma just passed away) and I know that everyone there will call me Theresa and not Terry. I always say if someone calls on the phone and calls me Theresa instead of Terry, I know they are family! Great blog.

  14. A perfect day for my perfect friend.

    That market is a dream! My kids cannot believe how many conversations i end up having with complete strangers when we are out. It just makes life a little bit better for them, for you. : D so let's keep yakking it up!


  15. Birthday Girl!!! Look at you having a birthday & giving away amazing presents!!! Are you totally perfect? I think so :) That purse is ADORABLE!!! The ruffle!!! Way cute! & that pendant AND the flower! Could it get any better? I should probably let you know I sent that gy to play the piano for you on your birthday...they weren't going to have anyone today so I ordered him up especailly for YOU!!! No thank yous needed...just as you are draing a winner you might want to remember that beautiful music :) No i am kidding I actually just received a giveaway package in the mail today & I would feel bad if I kept winning like this! But I am glad you had a nice day...I am very jealous of that shopping trip! It would feel like a vacation!

    So cool John could be there for you birthday & you got to soak in love from all those kids of yours! You are one loved woman! & I want to wish you Happy Birthday before it gets too late! It should be another wonderful year!!! Take Care!

  16. I am so glad you had a nice birthday!
    I am a new follower too.

  17. it sounds like such a lovely day! and the pendant is gorgeous!

  18. A very happy birthday to you Theresa! It's great to share birthday's with family huh? Take care and may God bless with many more birthdays.


  19. Sounds like an awesome deserved it girl :D It cracked me up reading about the tobacco and dried hibiscus leaves tea hahaha ;)

    Adorable burlap flower and that charm is to die 4 ♥

    Hugs from Marian

  20. Oh wow I like it when it's your Birthday we get a chance for a gift, now thats a Party~ I will keep my fingers crossed, I would love to be picked... Happy Happy Birthday, and 50 is young I am older then you! And it really is not bad at all! Hugs, Diane

  21. Sounds like you had a really happy birthday, and WOW what wonderful goodies in your giveaway. I'm a very new follower, really enjoying your blog. Thank you for the chance to win such delightful things

  22. Hi Theresa!
    Sorry I'm a day late wishing you a Happy Birthday. Sounds as though you had a really fun one. The market place looks like lots of fun shopping.
    Your giveaway is wonderful. I'd love to win!!! LOL!

    Have a wonderful weekend my sweet blogging friend.


  23. Theres more! Wow, love that burlap rosette!

  24. See you're having a bloomin' sweet birthday and love the burlap rose and pendant...hoping it all comes my way.
    Friday Blessings that spill over into the weekend ;-)

  25. Your birthday sounds just wonderful! I have 2 years to 50 and I think I will make everyone, except the bitty one, read this so they can plan ahead. My birthdays are usually hubby coming home at 11 with a cake. Love that market! I could get into a place like that! Love your goodies. How pretty are those?!

  26. Sounds like a wonderful day! Love markets! Such pretties added to your birthday gift to us.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  27. Glad your birthday was fun and full of surprises!!

    You are filling that up with treasures that make me smile!!

  28. Oh, Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a perfect day. 50 is good!
    Your give away is beautiful and I can't believe I wasn't a follower before but I am now!

  29. I am so glad you had an awesome b-day and kids visiting was a big plus! Love the soldered pendant and burlap rose. Again...Love what you do. The Cranky Queen

  30. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful day!!!
    best regards,

  31. What a wonderful blog!! I can't wait to delve deeper and see what I can find. I had to laugh at your post today because I pretty much talk to everyone or they talk to me. My husband is painfully shy and hardly ever opens his mouth. Sometimes I wonder if I have "Talk to Me" written on my forehead...LOL Anyway so nice to meet you...I'm new to this blogging thing and happy I found you!

  32. Happy Birthday, dear Theresa! Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your sweetie. The market looks wonderful, ahhhh all the roses!
    Thanks for linking up, keep the Birthday going all weekend, I know i will!!

  33. Happy really know how to celebrate and have FUN! Thanks...and keep enjoying the party! ♥


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