Tuesday, March 1, 2011

no more paper towels for project genesis...

A while back I saw this idea over at New Nostalgia, Amy has some really great natural cleaning recipes and earth saving tips that she shares on a regular basis.  If you don't know Amy, you should go over and pay her a visit, she has many great ideas, I always leave feeling a bit more enlightened.

I loved this one!  I hate buying paper towels every couple of weeks or so (more so if we have a particularly messy week, which by the way is usually the case)  it seems like such a waste of money and well where is all that paper going?  right. the landfills. ugh.
I was going to buy the flour sack towels that I love from Target, they come in at $1.00 a piece I think, but before I got to Target I ended up at Walmart and they had some utilitarian like towels in a bin in the center of the aisle for .43 a piece!  I bought 14 towels for less than I pay for one pack of paper towels.
Plus there they sit, on my counter in a pretty jar that I already had  (I love me a pretty jar, especially when it has a lid!)  I explained how this will work to my family and Cam came up with a good plan to air dry them on the sink and then place them in a pail under the sink to save them to wash them all together.  I soak them all together in a little oxiclean and my homemade laundry soap and they come out sparkly white... I like that!
So that's my tip for the month, well not exactly mine but Amys... I'm just sharing, cuz that's what I learned in Kindergarten. 
O.k., now go on over to The Old Grey Mare and link up to Suzan's party 
Project Genesis, you'll be glad you did!   I bet that something that you do on a regular basis to make your home cleaner, safer, healthier and our planet better,  needs to be heard!  You may think it's too easy to share or that it's common knowledge, but you know what?  Maybe it's not!  I hadn't thought of the towel idea and I am just loving that jar on my counter!

Have  a great Tuesday!

Theresa xoxo


  1. That is a good idea Theresa. I use baby diapers to clean with. Works great for the windows! No streaks! I usually just use paper towels for cooking, like degreasing bacon. I like your jar idea! You've got the same mixer as me! We're mixer twins! I love mine and it gets quite a workout!

  2. I use cloth rags also. I do keep some paper towels, unbleached etc from Trader Joes but only for when one of the pooches gets ill.

    Theresa you are so right. The simplest thing can make an enormous difference when multiplied by thousands of human beings acting on it. :D


  3. This is an excellent idea Theresa. There's only me and Bruce in the house now but the two of us seem to really go through the paper towels (and the paper napkins). Thanks for the tip about the Walmart towels!
    Hope you are having a great week.

  4. Love anything that will cut down on waste. Really love the big jars with lids. Will put the jars on my "WANTS" list. Thanx for sharing. The Cranky Queen...have an awesome week

  5. Ooooooo I like this!!! & actually I have a undercover laundry basket under my little kitchen desk that would make that really easy!!! Thanks for sharing! I really love it & you KNOW I need it! Tonight I caught the boys cleaning the toilet with Kelly's electric toothbrush..made me kinda crabby :) I coulda used a lot of those towels since the bathroom was covered with toilet water. :) true story. That reminds me I should run out quick & get him a toothbrush.

  6. thanks for the feature, link up and kind words!
    Amy @ New Nostalgia

  7. This is a great idea. I don't like to buy paper towels, but when I do, it seems people grab them for everything and use way too much and waste them and then they are gone. It makes me cringe.

    I once read someone buying thin faceloths and stacking them to use the same way. I like the jar better. I have a passion for jars..call me crazy...but I have a feeling *you* would understand :)

    happy day!

  8. I'm glad you posted about this. I've used cloth towels and napkins for many many years. The old practice of a fresh towel in the kitchen every day is a good one. A cloth towel can be used over and over again before it's finished for the day. The practice of a monogram napkin ring was so that you could save your napkin for another meal if you wanted to. This would work for some meals or diners, and less so for others. Ha! Maybe I'll go embroider some day of the week towels!


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