Friday, March 4, 2011

what's in the birthday giveaway bag today...

First things first.. tonight was Hannah's special dance at school so I'm going to have a proud momma moment and share a couple of pics of her and her bestie first...

ohhhh isn't she so pretty, I just love this little girl...
she isn't going to let me call her that for very much longer and I DO know that she is growing up but that is what she will always be to me.  Duane calls her "baby girl" and we both call her Boo.

Danielle prettied up her hair for her...

forgive the lighting, it was too late for any sun, not that we had any today!

these two are so fun together, I love their silliness and the laughter that goes on between them!

oh that darn light...

o.k. let's take a break from the proud momma moment and get down to business!

What's in the bag today?


how about a vintage "Hearty Congratulations" postcard?

and while I'm at it...

how about a vintage postcard for your Easter decorations?

and while I'm at it...

I'm going to send the flower frog with them
just in case by some small chance you don't have one of your very own!

So there you have it!

If you haven't thrown your name in the hat yet all you have to do is...

* leave a comment on this post or one of the other birthday posts...
*become a follower if you aren't one already...
* and last but not least have a great weekend!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Thank you for indulging me my momma moment...
Enjoy your night, and stay tuned for tomorrows last treat bag post!

Sweet Dreams, Theresa xoxo

p.s. today was not a good day for pics for me OBVIOUSLY but that is how much I love you guys, I just couldn't miss the opportunity to add to the goody bag today, so lets pretend the light is good and they are all in focus, K? 


  1. My son is 30 and I call him baby boy! they are never to old! I loved the teen years, just like you said their energy, giggles, and antics are so fun!! It was my favorite far! Your daughter is darling!


  2. I enjoyed the pictures, I loved those first moments with our children, so much fun! Hugs, Diane

  3. My kids (all over 37) are always gonna be my babies. :)

  4. oh she's so sweet! what a smile! and what fun having a girlie girl. i'm jealous.....

  5. I love your mama moment...Lovely photos of your daughter...hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  6. Theresa, You should be a proud momma. Your daughter is adorable! All my life my dad has called me baby girl.

  7. So lovely and that dress! So pretty! Don't you know she felt all grown up in it?

  8. What a beautiful girl you have her dress.


  9. your daughter is lovely!!!
    best regards,

  10. Oh what a proud Momma you are, so cute and your daughter is a real beauty! It brought back memories of my daughters Prom and all the pictures we took, lots of good memories (thanks for the trip down memory lane, lol) And I have to tell you I Love all the vintage goodies and I have been looking for one of those metal frogs for a bit, boy I'd love to win just that, lol, but the other goodies are great also. I sure can't wait for Auction and yard sale time again, one thing I really miss about the winter, hee hee!
    ((Hugs)) Theresa

  11. We are both so lucky to have such beautiful Hannahs. Hope the dance was magical for her.

    Did I ever tell you my nickname for my DD is Boo also? and Ben was scooter. And DD's favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, with of course Boo Radley..

    we are kindred girlie..kindred.


  12. Your baby girl is becoming a beautiful young woman! Love her dress and the necklace(I found one just like it at the thrift store last week). The gift bag is getting full of wonderful goodies!!
    P.S.~my 37 and 40 year old sons still answer to "Babe"

  13. Lovely daughter you have:) and that dress is SO pretty ♥

    Hugs from Marian

  14. Hi Theresa, looks like you had a fabulous birthday. I could get lost in that grocery store too! So much to choose from. My hubby loves to talk to people all the time. That was what was endearing to me all those years ago. Your giveaway items are so pretty, especially since you've made most of them. Sweet! Hope your baby girl had a lovely time at the dance. My besties here and I used to take photos with our friends using Charlie's Angels poses and then we would make up tales to go with them, we would give each "criminal" a name and how we were going to take them down -- all in good fun! Our friends loved those scrapbooks and still talk about them with others. Have a super dee duper Saturday. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  15. aww, they grow up so quickly don't they? my daughter just turned 21 and i still call her baby girl!

  16. Your Boo is beautiful! No need for perfect light her and her friend lighted up the room with their pretty smiles.Love flower frogs they are something I always seek out at fleamarkets,amazing all the differnt shapes and sizes.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  17. She is just gorgeous! Isn't it amazing that you don't realize how grown up they are until they are dressed for their first dance? Love the little postcards and the frog. I was just looking at some of those the other day. I so need some! Hint hint!

  18. Wow, Wat een mooie meiden...
    De zwart witte jurk vind ik echt heel mooi.
    Soms zou ik zelf ook wel weer jong willen zijn,, haha en gewoon alles nog een keertje over willen doen..
    Je mag trots zijn op die mooie dame.
    Lieve groet Inge

  19. Hello Theresa,
    I found you from Linda's blog. I was just stopping by to congratulate you! Beautiful daughter!
    I am your newest follower. See you again soon!

  20. Look at those two cuties! =) You know I'm in for this giveaway!!!!!


  21. Your little girl is a true beauty!! They both look so lovley!

    I love flower frogs ~ I collect them!!

  22. Theresa,
    Your daughter is gorgeous!! How fun these first are....I love her smile.
    I would love to enter your birthday give away-happy birthday!!!!

  23. What a doll!!! Hannah looks adorable! She is so pretty! Danielle did a great job with her hair & I totally laughed at the pic with the lights on their heads in the mirror! that is totally something I would do!

    I call Annie my Baby girl too...I always will :) I found a pic of Annie when she was 3 today & I almost started crying! (darn pregnancy hormones!) But looking at these pics of Hannah so sweet & growing up even wants to make me cry harder! they grow up so fast! Where is the pause button Theresa!!!

    Whoever wins that purse is going to need some BIG are putting so many goodies in there! It is like celebrating your birthday all week! I like that :)

    Good night! Tuck that Baby girl in bed & kiss her forehead when she is asleep! :)

  24. Hi Theresa, You must be one proud mother. I cant belive how children grow so fast. Thank You for stopping by and have a great Sunday..........Julian

  25. Lovely pictures!

  26. Love seeing young girls all gussied up and clowning around...this between age is magical.

  27. Your daughter looks so sweet!

  28. I just so happen to not have a flower frog yet. You have such lovely girls!

  29. oh, my...those pretty! They grow up so (too) fast, don't they?
    I missed your birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  30. Hannah and her friend sure look beautiful. I hope they had a good time.
    I like the Charlie's Angel's pose.


  31. Hello, Happy Birthday, what a sweet post and what a beautiful daughter. I hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Birthday! Terri

  32. What beautiful young ladies! I love their pretty dresses and great hair styles! Oh, to get all dressed up and go out...what fun! ♥


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