Monday, April 11, 2011

can't. stop. soldering....

really. truly.

I have more ideas in my head than I can keep up with.

really. truly.
I think this time I will just fill you up with pictures and save you from the rattle that is going on inside my noggin...

old blue bottle, hello dolly china doll head, rhinestones... uh yeah.

 you know this girls deserves that and more!  Look at how sweet she is with her demure little smile. I think she looks remarkably like the doll head. 

The french postmark tag is where she always wanted to go.
I hope she got there.

oh yeah, it's my story... she got there and filled herself on croissants, wine and cheese!

and wore rhinestones ofcourse!


 on to my gypsy girl...
 swimming in pearls...

 bringing her bling...
cuz you know she's got some bling!

The back of the photo says '28
love that! 
I know you do too, we are made of the same cloth.

it's one of my favorite things about you.

 Her photo is actually inside of the bottle so the pearls can shake around her like a gypsy snow globe!

 you know I love my birds...

 unless they're pooping on my windshield.

 this one would never do that, certainly not after I gave him some rhinestones and a soldered charm.
a charm with his daily duties... his ta~da list so to speak!

 He is a plastic light from a vintage strand I think, I have a red one too, but they didn't come with a set or anything, so they. must. be. soldered.
 : O

 here you can see the jewels inside his bottle.
this is why the soldered bird sings!

 I love them all but I have saved my favorite for last...
I love this lady, I don't know who she is but I just love her gentle nature that shows up in this photo.

 Oh my gosh, I want to be her when I am old.
I might even wear that fabulous dress with the ruffle going down to the bottom.
did you hear me?

a ruffle all the way to the floor!!!
She has our style girls!

She had to have the crown. and this fabulous finial.

 She is standing in front of what I am assuming is her prize plant in her garden.
So I put dried rose petals in her bottle and hung a monopoly wheelbarrow game piece from a jump ring that I soldered to it, and a religious medal and her soldered charm that says garden queen.

 I left plenty of room so that you could see the writing on the back of the photo.


o.k. so much for saving you from the rattle...


So with all of this soldering you can probably imagine that I have a bit of house~tending to do!
I better get to folding some laundry because this morning Max went to school with mismatched socks.

just keeping it real people.

Thanks for the visit!


Theresa xoxo

I'm linking up to a few parties right now because I'm not sure how long this house~tending is going to take! Because these are all listed in my etsy... The Old White House
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  1. Whew! You are on a soldering frenzy! The old lady in the last pic reminds me of my great grandmother! It is a sweet pic. I love how you put them in bottles and embellished them as only you can! Great job!

  2. Such a talented solderer you are! That's something I haven't got up the courage to try, yet. All the bottles are really pretty.

  3. who notices mismatched socks??? no worries mon amie! the soldered tresors are WAY more important! these are GORGEOUS! sigh...

  4. Your soldering looks amazing !!
    Isn't it so much fun and while you have it
    out you might as well play :)


  5. what lovely projects, and yes, my favorite is the garden queen. gorgeous!

  6. Girlie! you have it goin on with the soldering!! All your projects are adorable! I have the same doll head with the blue ribbon. I just soldered a small Charlotte doll head on a small bottle! I love doing those! Happy soldering! Now it makes me want to solder more! It's addicting!! Like chocolate!!LOL!

  7. I am loving your soldered bottles. That little bluebird is darling!


  8. You go girl! I would love to learn how to solder all that cool stuff! Love all your creations!

  9. Those are so fun and whimsical, Theresa! Don't feel bad, I was walking around with mismatched socks this week, too...LOL!

  10. Next thing ya'll be soldering the piece at a time!

  11. oh Theresa, these are just divine, especially the old lady with the ruffles. Looking forward to seeing your new schmansey photos too ;0))

  12. ....and you shouldn't stop! everything you've shared is beautifully done! xoxo, Tracie

  13. Pure gorgeousness here, Theresa! WOW!!! I just love the precious!! And perfect for spring.

    If you right click on my button and push save, you can save it to your desktop and then put it on your sidebar like you attached your other pics.
    Hope that helps!!! And wait til you see what I have planned for next fun!

    Blessings & love,

  14. Very pretty! What a good idea! Your newest follower...hope you can visit me sometime soon.

  15. Theresa! I mean SISTER! Hello! I just jumped on quick to say hello to you with Roo sleeping in my arms :)

    So funny about John being Roo! Do you call him that too? I just love it! (my mom...not so much :) She'll get used to it :)

    I loved your messages this week! I feel so bad I haven't been able to visit people much but I am still trying to figure out this 4 kid is it crazy! It gves me hope to know you are still alive ( & completely beautiful) raising your little pack :) I will have to check in with you for inspiration :) I am sure the kids will have a few mismatched sock days!

    Okay your artwork is crazy woderful! That bluebird just totally made me smile! He is such a happy little piece of art! & that dollhead! I can't believe what you have done to her! Her makeover is fabulous! She was cute to begin with but now dripping with diamonds!!! LOVE her! You really really are such an inspiration Theresa...I just love how amazing you really are!!!

  16. Wow, Theresa! I have never tried soldering, these are just gorgeous!!!


  17. Wow Theresa! Your bottles are gorgeous! I love each and every one. How in the heck do you solder and attach. I gotta see these in person to really see all the lovely work you put into them. Don't even talk about cleaning! We are in the midst of yet another major dust storm. Schools officially closed today. My oldest son purposely mismatches his socks so Max is very cool in that regard. It seems to be the thing to do. :/ Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  18. Love your style with the soldered bottles ... putting the pics inside the bottle so that the back is visible is sooooooo cool!Of course the gypsy girl stole my heart ; 0


  19. Beautiful creations. I love the garden lady. You are very creative and have been very busy. ~~Sherry~~

  20. you are so fun. so much heart and personality here. so glad you visited so i could discover all the lovely. and thanks for laughing with me on this journey. oh lord, there are days...



  21. Fabulous! Love the Bottles, will you teach Me how to solder, I tried & Failed Big Time, mine was just a rough, bumpy Mess.... I know I can always count on You to show us amazing Creations ~

  22. Gorgeous! They are all stunning but my favorite is the Gypsie with all the pearls. LOVELY! Thanks for sharing.

    -Aaron {the girl with the boy's name}

  23. Those are SO cool! Love them!! So glad I found your blog at WUW. New follower!!

    jenny @ Faith&Pearl

  24. Well , you just inspired me to go clean off my porch !

  25. Some how I managed to comment in the wrong place.So the comment on the last post is for this one. I think !?!

  26. ohmygosh, these are gorgeous! Glad you linked it up. Link as many as you'd like, love all your great creations! big hugs, Debra

  27. Love your projects - and we think that that one lady might be our great great grandma - hee hee!!

  28. I like when you share that rattle that goes on in your head! (hmmmm...what does that say about me?) hee! hee!

  29. Hey Theresa,
    Just popped by to see what wonders you have created lately! And I am so lovin yoru soldering too! (And how I wish I knew how to solder correctly...)

    Have a wonderful Easter at your crazy house! I will just sit and drool over your beautiful creations and front porch instead of actually creating my own! (And did I mention that my Christmas trees are still in pots on my front porch?) We are still getting snow here so the inspiration to actually clean my porch has not hit me yet. Hoping it hits soon!

  30. Oh wow, totally GORGEOUS!!! WOW! This is purely amazing!! Thank you so much for linking up to the "Oh-la-la" Party!!! Have a great weekend~

  31. love how you went the extra step to put items in the bottles that relate to the photos...these are not only beautiful but thought provoking.

  32. I love old bottles and you are creating some beautiful works of art! Love the china doll on top! WOW! ♥

  33. So glad you can't stop yourself, Theresa! Your bottle art is fabulous...beautifully created!

  34. Hi
    This is my first visit to your blog and so wish I could Follow you.
    I am visiting from Cindy's beautiful party.
    Adore the altered bottles.

  35. Stopping by from Cindy's Oh La La Link Party. Wow on your creations!


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