Sunday, April 10, 2011

playing with my silver stash...

     The story goes something like this...

I cleaned the workroom...
 and as I was looking for something to play with,

(I can't remember right now what it was, and probably forgot while I was looking!)
I spotted some silver trays that I have been saving for a collage or two.

It has been a wonderful couple of creating days for me.
I had so much fun making these!
In fact, Duane came home from a meeting and asked what we had to eat and I looked up from the piece I was soldering and actually uttered the words...
"I can't think about it right now, I'm in the zone"
Never fear people, I did manage to help him make a nice salmon dinner!
It being warm enough outside and him being the chief griller here @ 612 will make my job list a but shorter! yay spring!

No innocent children went hungry
 but I was in the ZONE  ~ ya know?

Every Good Will has these siver trays, and for a song too!
They really make wonderful backgrounds. 
They can go from whimisical ~

peep! peep!

to a bit more serious ~

I think these men look like they are beginning a new business venture together and that their photo was taken after the ribbon cutting.
~ just a little story I'm giving them!

I even had the soldering iron on today and added soldered rings on the back for hanging crystals and the number 3.  There is also a twisted key ring soldered to the back for hanging.

Back to the Easter theme I put this rabbit on top of some ledger paper and used a rub on R at the top.  I aged some seam binding by soaking it in tea and scrunching it up and baking it in a ball.  When you take it out of the oven it has the coolest aged appearance.

Try it... you'll like it!

(oh man, how old am I?)

I just put a seam of glue along the edge and ruffle the ribbon into the glue as you go... easy peasy.
Then I made a rosette with some of it and glued it in the center.

 I glittered the flowers with clear glass glitter and his hat has black glass glitter on it, I'm disappointed that it doesn't show up very well in the photos but I promise it's all sparkly!

So then Max had a good idea for this umbrella, so I stoled borrowed his idea and put it in this birds nest.

He is resting under his umbrella in his cushy nest in the 'penthouse' of the croquet ball :)

I always bring a craft or two when we go away, and this past week I brought some clay with us to play with.  The kids each picked out a couple of colors and I brought white.

go figure. :)

I wrapped a rhinestone strand around the bottom of the nest and strung a bell, a jewel and the tag on it.

Thanks Max! xoxo

Wow, I didn't realize how tired I was until I sat down to write this...
Now that I am proofing it I realize how tired it even sounds!
sorry :(

Tomorrow I will show you some of the soldering I finished and maybe interject a bit of the fun I had into the post!

Happy Sunday!

Theresa xoxo

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  1. You were quite the busy bee! My goodness...the creativity was flowing in your studio today! Great stuff...I love the one with the 3 men, the rabbit and the bird on the ball...thanx for sharing...tiff

  2. Those are great! I like the three serious guys. You had a busy weekend.

  3. that first ones nest is so cool Theresa!
    You have had a busy day crafting.
    You are in the Easter spirit.
    I am too but all Rabbits here! lol

  4. Hi Theresa, I luv them all! But my favorite is the rabbit. It is all wonderfull Thanks for sharing your creations.....Julian

  5. Peep tweet and Run Rabbit Run!

    Have a great week sweetie :D


  6. Oh Theresa, I am love with it all!! You are so darn creative, I wish I had even 1 ounce of your talent!! Just amazing!
    Wishing you a lovely week.

  7. Each one more clever than the next. You are one talented lady, Theresa. Thanks for sharing these. ~ Sarah

  8. Very cute! I really like the second set of trays. I really like the trays too. I never find cool trays like that at my SA. If I do, they are like 10.00. I did find some that are plastic at the dollar store though. Love the little croquet ball too. You sure did have a crafty weekend!

  9. You were totally in the zone. Some serious fun going on here. These are so you. I love them.

  10. Hey T, I am loving all your creations esp. the bunny one. I always enjoy hearing from you. Hope you have a great week, T

  11. Oo, oo, oo! Those are great! I'm very happy now that I didn't throw out the little, rectangular tray that the salt and pepper sat on that I bought for.... I dunno. The shaker tops? Anyway, I looked at the tray and wondered if there could possibly be anything I could do with it ever -- and there it is! Yay! I'm loving the nest on the ball, too. So creative!

  12. Hi Theresa,
    Gorgeous trays!! I don't know that I have a favorite, they are all so wonderful. Love all of the embellishments, they really make the piece.
    You are one talented lady!! Glad you were able to get in the zone!

  13. I stumbled upon your blog and love it! I can tell you absolutely love what you are doing. Your artwork is awesome, you are one talented gal! I look forward to reading more!

  14. Hi Theresa,
    Those embellished trays are nothing short of BRILLIANT!!!! I love your blog and will be back...I am going to become a follower for sure. I would love for you to stop by my blogs if you get the and Have a blessed day and thanks for the sweet inspiration!

  15. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your silver tray collages!! Love the "peep peep" one with the man and the blue ruffle tape measure! TDF!!



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