Tuesday, April 26, 2011

rain rain go away...

All of the dreariness of the day has me wishing for more motivation than just trying out different settings on my camera... but there you have it.

along with the rain, John has just left to go back to school and I'm not going to mince words here people, as I watched him and Cam pull away the tears flowed like the rain outside.
I think the idea that he graduates on Sat. and then will be moving across the country has hit home and hit home hard.  :(
that is life and I want nothing more than to see my birds spread their wings but it doesn't make it any less painful when they do.
(sorry just keeping it real.)

back to the collage...
All four of these shots were done with the manual setting.
I am ashamed to say it (but I will anyway) but I didn't even know my camera could take a sepia or B&W shot without editing on the computer!
I bought some dill from Aldis and thought I would use it for Easter dinner. I was unsure what I was going to make with it at the time but it just smelled so good!  Then wouldn't you know it,  I made my "moms famous dilled carrots" but used the dried dill I always use in the recipe because I FORGOT that I had bought fresh dill.   ugh.
I should be ashamed to say that too, but there you are... apparently I have no shame! LOL
so now I have a little pitcher of it to use as a photo prop!

(the carrots were delicious by the way)
you are welcome Boo! xoxo

While I was playing on Picnik I made a couple of thank you cards to go in my packages from

I actually turned them into collages so that I could print off more than one at a time.
For some reason (the reason being that I need MY computer fixed because I had that one figured out when dealing with the printer and I don't have Cam's figured out at all!) I can only get Cam's computer to print one at a time so the collage worked great for the cards.  I will just cut them apart to add to the package.

There are a few things I would change about them and I could dr. them up a bit but I can only justify so much play time on the computer.  And I NEEDED to talk to all of you today, it has been a week since I posted last!  Where oh where does the time go?

So do you all PICNIK
I still haven't upgraded to premium but have been tempted on more than one occasion. For now the free version works just fine.   (I like anything that is labeled FREE)... just saying.

 and just in case you thought that maybe I haven't had my hand in any creating... I did manage to make a couple of market totes.   I had an order to take care of and while I was printing on that miracle transfer paper I thought I would make something new.  Love the bees, of course not really fond of them when I'm relaxing outside, but they are cute with crowns, are they not?

Then I went crazy big with one of my flowers.  
That's how I roll, once I make enough of something I have to play around with all of the sizes it could be!
So this one is enormous!

Guess what?  While we were visiting. the rain stopped!

thank you. I needed that!
Come by and work your magic anytime!   ;)

love, Theresa xoxo


  1. Hi Theresa
    I am a big fan of enormous:))) I love drama and that is gorgeous. Everything you do is fab. I love seeing what you are up to. Have a great week and happy WW


  2. Hi Theresa!
    I'm in love with everything you are showing today. You create some of the loveliest things.

    I know how hard it is to let our children go, but remember they always come back.


  3. I LOVE picnik!! My photo for White Wednesday was done there also. Great effects on yours with contrasts.
    xxx Liz

  4. Theresa, As always, wonderful creativity going on at your place. Adore those cards you made for your Etsy shop. And with two of our three away at college, I can so relate to your tears. You're so happy to see them making their way in the world, but..... All part of mother's having to grow up, I guess! Xo, Sue

  5. sister, been there... done that twice...call me, and we can boo hoo together.. it is tough, but is balanced with the joy that will come watching them soar! been there done that too lol :D

  6. Aw, I am so sorry that you are sad to let your baby go! I have a few years, but I can't imagine handling it all that well. I think we need a shopping trip! That always makes me feel better! Love the market totes! That would be really cute on a table runner too! Just saying....

  7. Oh Yes, love the "big" flower, also the big white pumpkin on your heading, is that a flour sack? great job, Celeste, thevictoriantailor.blogspot.com

  8. What a great post...I love picnik...I've just begun to play. What do you print your cards on?? I'll have to try it out.
    I'm waiting with eagerness for my eldest to return home from Italy. I've got two years left until she finishes college. Not thinking about it. at. all!
    Glad the rain stopped.

  9. Thank you for sharing your pretty whites ..still dull here in Mass,..beautiful post and blog..

  10. Love your enormous bags! they are gorgeous!
    Have a great day!
    XXXX Ido

  11. Ahh..... you need some duct tape to make you feel better about your bird flyin' the coop. :(
    AND! We'll duct tape your umbrella too!!!

    Girl - the ginormous flower ROCKS!!! And - speaking from experience - your etsy packages are THE BEST AND I LOVE TO GET THEM!!!

    ;-D Have fun!!!
    Smile - my thoughts are with you.


  12. ok first I have to say do you know that your statue has an uncanny resemblance to Peter O'Toole??...Z's heartthrob btw! wonder if she's noticed:)
    No I don't Picnik but I have tried it. I use PS 7 which is very basic.

    ok being called to get back to work...uggh!

  13. Hey Theresa, I am sure there's lots of things my camera and my scanner/printer can do but I just hate reading instructions. Your cards turned out great. I signed up for Piknik because everyone is talking about it but haven't spent any time playing around with it. Was just having a conversation the other day with a friend who doesn't want her kids to grow up to face all the challenges of the real world. I said to her that we are supposed to raise our kids, give them the tools to survive and then let them spread their wings and fly ... we did it, we went out on our own and figured things out along the way. Everyone makes mistakes. We can't fix everything for them. I have already accepted that everything is changing all the time. It's best to just go with the flow. Creating keeps you busy and happy! Keep doing that and sharing with all of us. Hope you have blue skies and sunshine. Best wishes, Tammy

  14. Oh Theresa,
    I can only imagine what your feeling with your son getting ready to spread his wings, and it's okay for you to feel blue, he's your baby {will always be}and he's all grown up. My boys are little right now, but I know I will be in your shoes sooner than I know it! It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it!
    I do use picnik and I have to say, pay the extra $24.95 for the year, it's worth it!! Or if you want to try it out for 1 month, its only $4.95. I think I'm going to break down and get photoshop elements now that I have my new computer. It looks like fun.
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  15. Hey Theresa ~ Glad the rain finally stopped, for Me too! it is Cold out today, so still just sitting inside & visiting on the computer. Love the Collage & the Thank You cards you created, I Love Picnik, but still waiting to upgrade, I just got a new program called "Photo Explosion" that came with my new lexmark printer I received for Christmas from My Kids (yes, I just opened the box & set it up last week- I had been without a computer for so long, I thought no rush on the installation) anyway, there is some Fun things to do, like a thing called Instant Artist, makes your photos look, like drawers or watercolor prints, still need to learn more about it! well, time for lunch, whenever I finally get a working car, I plan on visiting, think I'll bring a Bouquet of Spindles!
    Here's to May Flowers, since the April Showers Should be OVER!

  16. New Follower here. I believe I need to look at my camera and see if it can do the same. I love the first photos with the dill. Now I must look around some more!

  17. Hi Theresa,
    Sorry it's been awhile since I dropped by. Bruce has me quite busy with some of the outside work that he would normally do.
    Your new totes are adorable. Love the bees with the crowns....and that flower....gorgeous!!!
    Love your idea for the thank you notes for your etsy items, such a nice touch.
    Have a great week ahead.

  18. Oh, how I love the market tote! Are you going to sell them on your etsy shop?


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