Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inspired and challenged...

Have you taken Z's 15 minute timer challenge this week?  I have and can I say, it is liberating... I mean she said it would be, and while I do trust her explicitly, what can I get done in 15 minutes?
See this fabulous pink bread box full of dead flowers?
It used to be full of junk in my kitchen.
what a waste.
So I did it, I set my timer and cleaned it out!  I was in a purging mood and so those two phone adapters that nobody could remember exactly what phones they ever went to...
Along with the umpteen papers, and scraps, and really just plain junk, that at one time or another I had convinced myself that if I threw the junk away then what would happen to the axis of the universe?
Would everything come tumbling down?

guess what...


Now look at it on my cleaned up front porch!
remember that house-tending I had to get to?
This porch was desperate for it.
Seriously, I picked up no less than 4 nerf weapons from this thing.
Max and his army have been banned from the front porch,

I'm sure the mail lady will thank me ;)

 Blogland is so inspiring and I just love that. I mean I think I am more inspired everyday!

Yesterday Alicia put a challenge out there for us to turn our cameras off of auto.
I don't have a big fancy schmancy camera, I have a canon powershot.  I love it and not that I think I am much of a photographer but I am really in love with my powershot now that it is set on Manual!
I was doing the happy dance as I started taking pictures, I would take one on manual and then one on auto, and I couldn't believe the difference.

maybe it's just me but the pictures look so much more crisp and clean!
I am a happy girl!

Blogland is a wonderland, a wealth of inspiration.

Did you know about dropcloth rosettes before the country of blogland existed?
I didn't.
Did you care about taking pictures of your clean porch and new spring wreath before you blogged?
I didn't.

When these buckets get filled with beautiful plants I will show you them again, promise!
I can't wait to put a beautiful little garden in the pink box.
Thanks Z!

And I can't wait to take more pictures.
Thanks Alicia!

This porch is next.  
Rehang the sheets uhum curtains,
New cushion covers out of dropcloth or something equally fabulous is in the works.

Thanks to all of you who stop by and inspire me.

Theresa xoxo

I thought I would share a picture of this sweet little nerf mess maker and budding artist with his newest creation and his new glasses.
 Notice the details, the berry in the birds mouth and the barbed wire fence! love that!
See how cute this face is?  This is why, even though he is banned from the front porch, I will still share the side porch with him!

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  1. Beautiful Theresa!!!

    The nerf maker is adorable too. Have a wonderful week ahead. The chandy is {swoon} lovely


  2. Max is a cutie pie. Love his pic. Your porch is so sweet. Can't wait to see those flowers. I've had great weather but too many distractions on the weekends. I may have to take a day off and clean up our porch before it gets too hot to enjoy it. That pink container is adorable!

  3. Love your pink bread box! And I think Max's picture is fabulous - barbed wire was a GREAT detail!

  4. ..oh! I sooo miss a porch!!
    ~ but I adore YOUR happy outdoor space.
    My fav is the metal sieve/bucket/crystal chandie ~ most fab :)
    Can't wait to see your (sheet) curtains and I agree, what did we every do before blogging??!!
    Inspiration at every turn!!!

    xo, Rosemary

  5. Lookin' good! Love that pink bread box and that cute little chandelier. Those boys and their nerf guns. I find nerf bullets hidden everywhere around here. That is if the dog doesn't find them first!

  6. Love your cute little artist...and your porch is really lovely! Love the pink bread box! I used to set the timer for 15 minutes when my kids were small, to see how much they could clean up before the bell went was amazing how they got into it!

  7. Don't know which I love more, you or that sweet nerf mess maker face! oh, little boys, be still my heart...

    the porch, your photos, all fabuloso dear girl, now go forth and preach the 15 minute rule to all who will listen...I can say it a million times, but until you try it and see it work, well those non believers do not know what they are missing <3

    clue me in to any other tricks you learn- we point and shoot camera girls need all the help we can get ....

    Ginormous hug


  8. I didn't know you before blogging either...what a gift!
    The Nerfmaster is a keeper and quite handsome in his new glasses.

  9. Hi Theresa,
    LOVE the picture of the nerf master!!! He is quite the artist!
    I read Suzan's 15 minute timer challenge and it was very inspiring!! I am now looking at my clutter and thinking "how much can I get through in 15 minutes"? She inspired me with the challenge and you've inspired me because you showed me it works!
    Your porches look amazing! My outdoor space is very boring. I think I should make it my next project.
    Have a great day.

  10. Your porch is absolutely darling! I love it all. That red mail box just popped out at me and I'd love to have one like that!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  11. Can I come over and read a book on your porch?? I looks beautiful and relaxing! Hummm, I can dream of more crafting ideas!! Have a great weekend!

  12. Love this post. I've know about the 15 minute thingy for a long time, but thought ... 15 minutes??? NO WAY. You have inspired me to set the timer and run. Your little artist is a cutie, as is his painting. And, the pink bread box - - - the ultimate. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Living in an apartment, I don't have a front porch or any space I can call mine beyond my front door. So if you don't mind, I will grab a cup of coffee and visit your blog and pretend I'm relaxing in your beautiful porch with your lovely decor that is making me covet.
    The Nerforator looks so handsome in his new glasses, by the way. I love the detail in his artwork!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  14. Hi Theresa, Your porch is so adorable! I love the breadbox and the darling chandy. Thank you for joining my Open House party.

  15. That sweet boy had a nerf war on your gorgeous porch? Hard to believe!!!

  16. Theresa, your porch looks wonderful! (oh how I'd love to have one like it.)Love this pink bread box. amazing what we can accomplish in a few minutes when we get busy. Thanks so much for linking up, xoxo Debra

  17. Beautiful Post Theresa, Love Your Porch, all the details are wonderful & Your Young Folk Artist is Amazing, Love His New Glasses....

  18. You have a beautiful porch Theresa! Your photos turned out great too.

    Happy VIF!

  19. I absolutely adore this project! I am hosting a Springtime Craft and Project linky party today and I would love it if you would particpate.

    There is a giveaway involved. :)

  20. First - we LOVE that idea of 15 minutes of doing something...we've thought about doing it with kids...but, perhaps us big girls need to try it as well - lol!
    Second - your porch is to darn cute - love it! However, really??? You took the nerf guns off? ha!! We know exactly where you are coming from! What is funny, the kids are out at the farm where are shop is, during the summer, and we are constantly picking up toys, moving bikes, etc....from the front of the store (of course there is pleanty of room elsewhere - it's a farm for heaven sakes!!)
    Enjoyed our visit - have a great weekend!
    Karla & Karrie

  21. I love how your porch looks, and you have inspired me, when I saw your light fixture thought of the one I have in the bathroom, if I can't change it, I will transform it somehow. Thank you so much!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    XXX Ido

  22. okay.....this has got to be the cutest porch I have ever seen. I thought my front porch looked nice and all ready for company tomorrow. NOT after seeing yours. Time for a redo or a add to or something! And that cute is that?? :)

  23. Love your porch! Oh, if the rain would just finally stop here so I can get mine cleaned up. Your post really inspired me and I think a new spring wreath is in my future. Thank you for sharing!

  24. I'll admit I haven't done the 15 minute challenge with a timer. I'd be resetting it all day long. My problem is sticking to one thing.

    Great job on the porch. Looks like the perfect place to relax. Now i have a hard time thinking you ever have time for that Theresa.

    Have a good week

  25. Hi Theresa, looks like you are having nice weather over there. Your son's painting is wonderful. My kids don't do artsy stuff anymore and I miss that. Having major internet problems on this side of the world. And still hazy, dusty days. Ugh! The clean up is never finished. Really makes me crazy. Yep! Blogland is so inspiring! I use the "easy" mode on my camera. No flash like with auto. I like how the pictures turn out for the most part. Still have never tried using any of the digital programs. With all the cleaning I am constantly trying to stay on top of, I don't have time for everything -- and organizing needs to be at the top of my list too. I need to do at least this 15 minutes every day, although I am beginning to think that even 5 hours a day would get me nowhere. Double ugh! Hope you have a great day. Best wishes, Tammy

  26. I am so glad you told me about little Max's picture because I had just found myself smiling back at him because he is SUCH aq cutie that I didn't even see his pic until you told us about it & then I went back & got to admire that too!!! He sure is an artist!!! okay he TOTALLY just makes me smile Theresa!

    And even above all the wonderful things & ideas you mentioned...LOVE the pink box btw :)...are all the friends I wouldn't have...without blogland I wouldn't have YOU!

    So funny you asked if I am getting tired of your memories that you share in your comments...I LOVE them! They always make my day! I love hearing about you & your family too! So keep 'em coming T! Hope you enjoy that proch today! Wish I could!!! (enjoy YOUR porch :)

  27. Thanks for all the encouragement! I need to do both of those things and soon!

  28. Beautiful bird picture! One of the best I've seen! You're lucky to have such a great artist in your home!

    Your porch looks pretty, too!

  29. Now how could you stay mad at that little face and so talented!
    Isn't Z a wonder! I am still cleaning cupboards but I am listening to tapes and that is probably what is taking so long!
    Your porch looks fantastic...
    Happy Easter

  30. That is one smart looking boy. Your porch is just darling. I'm with you the inspirations we draw from blogs is unbelievable

    PS I want your pink box!!!, put it in your will for me!


  31. Max is adorable! And I LOVE your porch--oh my gosh--I love all your treasures--YOU are such an inspiration!!!
    Happy Easter to you and your family, dear friend.
    Love & blessings,

  32. Hey theresa,
    Just stopped by to wish you and your wonderful family a beautiful Easter weekend!

    Love the pic of Max. So sweet, (but if you tell him that, make it manly!)

  33. I think your son has some artist in him! Your front porch looks ready for spring, and I'm sure your mail carrier enjoys delivering your mail! Coincidentally, I just began using the manual camera setting, along with the tripod, and have been taking much better pictures, especially when I have to photograph smaller things, then I use the macro setting too. It's only taken me 10 years to figure this out! I'm a fast learner, lol.

  34. Love your porch! I had seen a similiar fabric wreath on Etsy and while I loved it instantly, I wasn't sure where I could put it. But on my back porch would be brilliant! I am trying to create a similiar outdoor space...a bit feminine, a bit shabby, a whole lot comforting.

    Trish xo


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