Sunday, May 29, 2011

and the winner is...

so lets's just revisit the title "this day has gotten away from me"
 but add this WEEK has gotten away from me!
before I knew it, it was SUNDAY!
how did that happen?

 without further adieu...

 I love how Hannah put the bucket way up high so that she couldn't see any of your names,
even though she doesn't know any of you!
(such an honest Boo)
That's our "faithful dog Jazz"  looking on... really, that's what Duane calls her!

ohhhhh did you notice that we moved the metal glider to the porch in place of the wooden bench?
There it sat in the yard with nobody sitting on it, rocking the day away and one day I had an epiphany and grabbed Hannah, and her and I brought up the glider and the two matching chairs.
I will take a pic of all of it and its fabulousness when the sun shines.  We're hoping
that tomorrow is THEE day!

I'm not very nice teasing all of you like this am I?!!!
o.k. drum roll please...


Thank you everyone for playing along and for all of your sweet comments.
Truly, they mean so very much to me...
as do all of you.


I mean it.

I wish I could give a g.c. to each of you, but never fear, there are more giveaways
on the way in the near future... I just love giving back to all of you for the
love and support you have given me!

This week has taught me a valuable blogging lesson...
never, and I mean NEVER ever say you will be listing things on etsy and showing them on the blog,
BEFORE you check on the weather.
I have been making oodles of soldered pendants but haven't been able to take
any pictures because we have had so much rain and even more cloudy days.

I have been told that we are going to see the sun for more than an hour tomorrow.
*fingers are crossed*

oh I don't need the sunshine to show you these!
I worked on a new business card using Picnik
what do you think? 
Sepia or Black and White?

inquiring minds want to know...

Thanks for stopping by!

Theresa xoxo

p.s.  Blogger has been such a booger these days...I have tried to leave comments on some really fabulous inspiration in blogland only to have to sign in over and over without being allowed to comment.
I know some others have said that they were having trouble too.
I sure hope they get all of the bugs worked out, because it just feels awful not to be able to tell you just how
you all are!!! xoxoxooxoxo


  1. Congrats to the winner!! Oh that Blogger...I was having trouble myself and couldn't even get into my Own glad it's fixed and hope it stays that way!! Have a super week!

  2. Hi Theresa,
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Congrats to the winner of your giveaway.
    I say sepia on your cards.


  3. yay congrats to the winner!
    I have been told that if you undo the stay signed in box you can leave comments.
    Hope that works for you :)

  4. Congratulations Tricia ~ lucky you!! And thanks, Theresa, for hostessing this wonderful giveaway! I say black and white on the cards (after all, it's the old "white" house, right?) Re Blogger - for some, signing out of Blogger then signing back in and making sure you UNCHECK the "keep me signed in" box has been working...If it doesn't - I posted some work-arounds on my blog a few days ago:

    Hope you find something there that helps!

    Have a wonderful holiday...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Congrats Tricia!

    I like the sepia card. I love playing on picnik!

  6. Congratulations to the winner of your giveaway! Hope Tricia picks out some goodies she loves.


  7. Love the glider and congrats to the winner! I know your sweet packages are so wonderful! Hoping for sunny weather tomorrow. I painted even though you are not supposed to while it is raining. I never do what I am supposed to do anyways!

  8. Hi Theresa, hope you are having a relaxing weekend. The rain is making everything so beautiful in your corner of the world. I'm partial to black and white. :) Congrats to Tricia! Best wishes to all. Tammy

  9. Sepia for me too. Have you considered adding your blog address to your card as well?

    Congratulations to your lucky winner!

  10. congrats to the lucky winner and thanks for the chance to win! :)


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