Sunday, May 15, 2011

whew! new listings...

 I made it a mission of mine to get my etsy up to 75 items this weekend and by golly I did it!
Here are a few of the newest listings in
 first up...

an anthro inspired necklace with a piece of vintage crocheted cotton doily that I have stiffened so that it will hold its shap under the rosette and also so that it would be able to be hung from jump rings and hold a soldered pendant that will be personalized for the buyer.

 here's another version...

 some new soldered pendants...



barkcloth encased in glass...
(all of the backs are the leaf pattern)

vintage embroidered granny hanky encased in glass.
plus some vintage finds....

instant collection of wind up clocks.

the cutest little wooden folding chair ~ petite childs chair, soooo cute!

O.k. I gotta go now, my family thinks I am permanently attached to the computer now so I have to prove them wrong!  I just wanted to share what I have been up to lately!

Thanks for stopping by,
I'll be back soon with even more goodies to show you!

Theresa xoxo


  1. You have really been busy and made some just wonderful items!

  2. that doily pendent #7 caught my eye on etsy immediately.
    Really adorable Theresa.

  3. WOOT! Fabulous girl, just fabby licicous. lol

  4. looks like too much fun, even though I know it's so darn much work to get stuff posted on Etsy. You make it look so inviting!

  5. Beautiful Theresa, simply gorgeous xoxo Kate

  6. Well look at you go! Love all the jewelry. It inspires me to dress up more! Perfect way to spend a Michigan rainy weekend though!

  7. You have been a busy little beaver...creating and listing....WHEW!

  8. Hi Theresa!
    Love, love, love the necklaces!! Such a great idea to use the stiffened doilies. They are just gorgeous!!
    I spent the weekend driving down to pick up Alex from school and then turning around the next day for the 9 hour drive home but worth every minute!! It's going to be fun having him home for the summer.
    Have a great week.

  9. Hi Theresa,
    I LOVE those necklaces!!! Everything looks absolutely beautiful!! I'm working on getting more items in my shop as well. You did an awesome job!
    Have a great week.

  10. Hi Theresa!
    I love your jewelry creations!!! You have been very busy and I know everything will sell right away.


  11. I dig everything you added!


  12. Beautiful items. I love the necklaces. So creative.

  13. The doily necklaces are awesome! Tiffany

  14. Instant Collection!!! So funny! That is the kind for me :) I am not much of a collector because I change my mind too often :)

    okay...75 listings!!! You are a maniac! I love it! I totally want to go visit your shop right now but I have 2 more friends I really want to visit & my eyes are drooping badly...but I will soon! Seems I don't have much time lately...but you know how that goes :)

    I am still trying to get that email off to you but I know I will babble on so i never start it because I never think I will have a good chunk of time. Talk soon!!!! Lib

  15. Good job with listing all the new Etsy items, Theresa! I know what a tedious chore that is! You've been creating some wonderful things!

  16. Boy and I thought you were slacking with less then 75:) haha
    I don't know how you find time to make so much and blog. My hubby's been happier since I've gotten away from the computer too. We'll see how long that lasts.
    I've tried commenting on a few of your posts but kept getting interupted.
    I'm still here lurking along....haha



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