Monday, May 9, 2011

a little of this... a little of that...

Recently I have had a few orders at the old white house from brides to make my flower brooches for them and their wedding parties.  I know it is just a small part of their wedding, but the idea that the bride has chosen something made by me for her big day is really quite an honor.  It has had me playing with the fabric and flower ideas quite a bit.  I have come up with a few new styles and am in the process of even more.

This photo answers the question...
Does Theresa wear the flowers that she makes?
why yes, I do! 
I actually wear them quite often.
They always make me feel happy, so even if I'm wearing a t shirt, jeans and my converse, I'm usually sporting a fluffy flower.  Also, I have been known to take off said flower and give it to the first person to compliment it.  That will almost always be an older woman, and it makes me so happy to gift it to her. 
They are usually so surprised and we both leave with a smile.
My little pay it forward so to speak.

For those of you who have shops... do you like special orders?
I'm torn, sometimes it can stress me out, wanting to get all of the colors and ideas just right, and then sometimes I take that challenge and run with it.

The easiest kind is when someone sees something in the shop and wants it personalized, like this altered trophy ribbon.

My pleasure!
This person saw one of the original trophy ribbons and wanted to tweek it a bit.
no problem!

This person saw my original felted heart garland and came up with the idea for me to make one using elephants and the color scheme you see here.
I loved the idea, she only wanted to use a little bit of the blush pink so I asked her what she thought about the hearts between the elephants in pink.
We had a few emails back and forth about this garland, and I loved every minute of the project.  I "stepped out of the box a bit" for it and am so glad I did.

(I tried to take a full view picture of the whole thing, but it was really too big to get a good one.)

 So here is the one she saw and then she envisioned the baby shower banner.
What a pleasure to take her vision and make it a reality!

I think the hardest kind of special orders are the kind where the person asks me to make a flower of a particular color... you know, the kind of color you would find in the big box of 360 crayons and not the kind you would find in a box of 24!
That stresses me out a bit... I mean we all know that the color you see on the screen and the color I see on my screen and then the color of the actual material itself don't always match up.
Plus what you call plum I might call brownish purpleish,
yes, I would probably call it that....


So I think I found a new way to eliminate stress...

roller derby!!!!!

These girls are crazy! 
Meet the Lansing Derby Vixens!

No they didn't let me join... they took a look at my drivers license and said
"Girrrrrrl you crazy"

Seriously, I went to see this girl here.
Meet Amy...
She is my daughters long time friend and ever since I heard she was playing roller derby I have wanted to see her play.
You already know I am half way to 100 so I won't be divulging anything new here when I say I remember 'back in the day' watching Roller Derby on T.V.
I just thought it was so cool. 
and just a wee bit scary!
ok, I'm not kidding anybody here
it's a lot scary!
These girls are tough...

I am a wimp.

I should be ashamed to tell you that,
but one of the things my momma taught me was to be truthful.
that being said...

I am a BIG wimp.

So I didn't join the team, I just went to watch with this girl...

Thanks Sweetpea... I had so much fun!

to redeem myself and all of my wimpiness
I must tell you that we sat in the suicide section.
yup, right on the floor wear the action is!

and for that,

I might just make myself a badge!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Theresa xoxo


  1. aaah, I totally thought you were going to say you are now a roller derby queen, i was gonna give you mad props!!! LOL
    On the other side of your post, I love, welcome and enjoy every stressing moment of special orders.
    I know exactly what you mean about being part of that special day. That elephant garland is the most adorable thing I have seen.
    Congrats on all your success and it shows thru your kind spirit
    I always say that it comes back 10 fold to do a random act of kindness.

  2. I don't know where to start...Love the picture of you and crazy for your flowers. How sweet to wear one and give it away to someone that comments on it! Love the cute banners. So darn sweet. I would feel a tremendous amount of pressure making anything for someone's wedding day. God bless you! YES! I do remember watching roller derby on TV with my brother. LOL. I love it!

  3. Hi Theresa,
    Love the photos of you! All of the flowers you create are just gorgeous. I can just imagine the look on someone's face when you take the flower off and give it to them. How sweet!
    I remember roller derby too. Always looked dangerous to me!!
    I'm bird watching too. Posted about the new little birdies in our nest. So much fun to watch!!
    Loved the photo collage of your mother too!
    Have a great week.

  4. You are so pretty, Theresa, and your daughter, too...lovely photos! Your projects are really wonderful~ how fun to give a flower away! I'll bet they are lovely for weddings!

  5. Hi Theresa,
    Love the photo of you and your daughter, so beautiful!!!
    I would give anything if I could just make a sale in my Etsy shop and I think I would drop dead if someone actually asked me to custom design something for them!! :) Congratulations on your success, your creations are absolutely beautiful!!
    Have a lovely week.

  6. Theresa
    Such an adorable post!!! I love the flowers they are precious. The Roller Derby is the bomb good for you. Have a wonderful week ahead!!


  7. Haha! Love the story about Roller Derby. And I LOVE LOVE the story of giving your flower to the first person to compliment you. So sweet.

  8. What a daughter and I were just talking about a family friend who just began roller derby training. Said friend was doing it because it's such a great stress reliever (according to her!). Maybe you should give it a turn...or two!
    Love the photos. I always love to see the face of someone I read. Adds to the personality and you've got a great one.

  9. Okay do NOT let Kate see this or I will be going to Roller Derby matches for years to watch her :) Actually she has wanted to try... crazy girl! She would actually be really good...a little too good :)

    I wear one too & I get TONS of compliments by ladies young & old BUT I am not nice enough to take it off & give it to anyone! It is WAY TOO special & it reminds me of YOU! Still in love with those polka dots! You have no idea how perfect it is for me!!!

    P.S. Maybe you should just try their makeup :)
    P.S.S. love seeing those pics of you, you are so gorgeous!!!

  10. I love this post...I will be half way to 100 in November so I do remember roller derby...and I am a wimp too! One of my workmates is a Roller Derby Queen, I gotta hand it to her, she's tough, but it scares the Bajeeebies out of me!
    Love that you give away your flower pins, I do that too! I have been creating various pins for a number of years now and I love that I always have something a little special to give to someone! Have a great day! karen....

  11. your flowers are always beautiful and yes, quite an honor that a bride would choose to use them on her very special day! The one on your cardigan is lovely as are you! Looks like you had ball at that roller derby. what fun!

  12. Oh Theresa you are so pretty and it does not surprise me at all that you give away your pins. And to bless an older person is such a gift!! for you and them!! Roller Derby is big around here and hilarious! I think their outfits are a roit! kinda cutsey and sexy at the same time! That banner is amazing! And so adorable!! I would love to have special orders on Etsy! I have one right now from a friend for a benefit for her co-worker with cancer, and I am loving thinking of ways to do it. And feel so blessed to be asked and able to pay it forward also. You look amazing and "hot" for half way to 100 Theresa!! Take care. Love, Fran. XO

  13. I love everything you do!!!
    also have just taken to the trophy ribbons ... they are so verstile!

    thanks for posting the giveaway

  14. Hey Theresa, congrats on the special orders. I love your big frou-frou flowers. So pretty! I know exactly what you are saying about the stress factor. I've made things in the past and then was asked to make them again, personalized and I might do it once, but then that would be it. I was once offered a chance to make gift bags for a little shop here that sold oils and soaps and potpourri but I just couldn't imagine doing it all so I never followed through. You are doing wonderful things and the great part is you have the choice to say yes or no. That elephant banner for the baby shower is absolutely adorable. What a great idea! And paying it forward is always in fashion. :) Keep doing what you are doing! Yikes! Roller derby. That would be scary. Your daughter is beautiful. Like mother, like daughter! Best wishes, Tammy

  15. Make it a big, big, big badge you beautiful brave girl, you!!!!
    I love that elephant banner you created. I bet she couldn't have been happier with it! The one you made with the hearts is the sweetest thing too. You are such a talent!!!
    I love that you sometimes give your flowers to those you see in your daily round. I wear a flower almost everywhere I go...and you know I live in a town of only 450 people. I think they think I'm nutty. But that's okay...I am!!!

    Hey, did you know you are living in my dream house????
    hugs from here...


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