Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project Genesis...

This Project Genesis is a proud one for me...

Meet John...
He is a 2011 graduate of the University of Michigan.
His degree?
Environmental Science with a major in Food Systems.
What does that mean for our world?
It means we have someone who has put his heart and soul into finding a way to make sure our food is healthy.
His dream job will be to find ways to convince cities and the people who live in them to eat food 
that is grown locally and is a sustainable product.

 Could I be more proud of him?

He is in this sea of humanity... waiting his turn to stand with his class to be told you are now a graduate of 
U of M...
He will be doing his internship in northern MI. and will be doing research at a Biocenter up there.
Before he moves to WA. to begin his next chapter.

Food is an important topic for John... he loves to eat.
But healthy food is a main ingredient in his diet.
He is a vegan.
He is serious about everyone eating food from their local farmers.
Organic food is a high priority for him.
He doesn't expect everyone to embrace the vegan life.
He just wants all of us to know exactly WHAT is in our food.
Do you read the labels?
Do you try to buy your groceries so that most of your food comes without a label?
These are questions he has asked me.
That is what he will be working toward for you and your family.
He wants to extend our lives by teaching us to care about what we put in our bellies.
He wants to preserve the small farming communities by having us buy our food right from them, not a middle man, not a huge company that dictates to the farmer how to grow our food so that it lasts longer on the shelf.
If your fruit rots after a week, although that would be a bit disappointing to have to throw it out,
it is supposed to rot.
Strawberries are red.
Bananas are yellow.
Tomatoes are red.
Wouldn't it be nice to find them that way at your local grocery store?
Wouldn't it be wonderful to know that you and your community provided a way to keep a local farmer in his home, farming his own land just for you?
John said even if you want to eat meat mom, you should know where it was grown.
It doesn't have to be shipped across the country when we have farms right here in our area that can provide the meat for you.  Farms that will open the barn door and let you see your "future dinner" and know that the conditions that it lived in were good.
That it lived a healthy life, NOT a drug induced life, 
so that YOU can live a healthy life, NOT a drug induced life.
Can you imagine the pride a farmer would feel knowing that his family was able to provide the community where they live, wholesome produce?
Our farmers are no longer able to sustain themselves by growing a combination of crops.
They are providing large companies enough corn to make sure that it goes in everything we eat.
It must stop.

 You can see, I have a good teacher.
 Our diet is still not where he would like it to be but we are getting there.
One step at a time and I do pay attention.
Old habits die hard, but they will die.

Just today he was telling Hannah why buying a bottle of water was a waste of money.
He doesn't just stop at telling her that it's because it's really only tap water in a plastic bottle,
 he gives a lesson on how much energy goes into making that bottle and how much energy and pollution is created to bring that bottle to the store.  Only to end up in a landfill.

It is these conversations that he has had with us, that has convinced Hannah and I to become vegetarians.
We are still going strong, and loving it.
so I will take the lessons that he teaches me and do my part to feed this family well,
to stay informed and to know where our food comes from.
I will buy locally whenever I can.

So hurry up summer...

I need our farmers market to open!!!

He is as persuasive as he is handsome,
I wish I could put you all in a room with him for one of the best food lessons you will ever hear.
(since I can't I will do my best to pass along the lessons that he teaches me.)

I love you so much. xoxoxoxoxoxxoox

I am linking up late, because I just came home from taking him back to his house in Ann Arbor.
but I didn't want to miss out on the chance to link up to Project Genesis over at Old Grey Mare
Thank you Z for this very important and inspiring party!

Thank you for reading my Proud Mom post!

Theresa xoxo


  1. Congratulations John & Mom.... Great Post & Great Lesson! We truly need more young Men like this in our World~

  2. Congratulations!! If we had more people in this world like your son, our World would truly be a better place. It seems like this point of view about food is beginning to take off a bit and I hope he can further the cause!! I just heard this week that our Los Angeles school district banned Jamie Oliver from intervening on their food program. arrgghh!!!! If we can start young, we could get somewhere. Blessings on your graduate!

  3. I LOVE proud Mama posts...they make me smile so big!!! & your John! Why he IS handsome! & what a cool guy! Maybe I will have to send Annie to school for that major...I could use my own personal health/green guide at our house!

    Isn't it so bittersweet when they start new chapters! I can imagine you are having some up & down feelings about him moving to the next part of his life. Mostly amazing proudness but some, "where did time go?" moments too :) Well now you keep us posted on where he goes next because it IS so exciting to see him spread his wings & soar. And any kid of a kid I love :) Take Care!!! Happy May Day!

  4. Oh sweetie, you must be thrilled Congratulations John! and parents :D

    He is a cutie, and a young man to admire Think he'd like to meet a cute 20 year old film student ? lol


  5. Bravo John! Wow! That is a big graduating class. Yikes! No wonder you are so proud of your wonderful son. People like him are much needed in this world today. I do read labels, I am vegetarian, I do eat healthy so I am right there with him. In fact, I probably could still learn a thing or two. I've thought about going vegan, but very hard in this society, and very few things are locally grown except cucumbers and tomatoes. Imagine this country has date trees and yet they don't have a factory to harvest them so they bring all their dates in from Saudi Arabia. Is that sad or what? The dates just fall off the trees here unless their owners bring individuals in to pick and process them. You are lucky to have a caring son who is leading you and your family in the right direction when it comes to food consumption. Best wishes and blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  6. Theresa,
    This is a wonderful post!
    Congratulations to your son!
    Thanks for dropping by, and leaving me a comment today.
    I have started following you.
    I love to read along with others.

  7. congratulations to john and his proud family!! how wonderful to study and work in a field to be passionate and proud of! fantastic.

    a great contribution to project genesis and creating a positive change.


  8. Congrats to you on bringing up a responsible, wonderful and handsome young man. Congrats to John on graduation! That is a big accomplishment! I wish him luck on his new adventures. I have been trying to lose weight lately. Everyone keeps on asking me what diet I am on. None really, just watching what I put in my mouth. I have stopped buying canned veggies and prepackaged dinners. I have been doing alot of "scratch" cooking. I have eaten sweets, but they are made from scratch. We have also for the last 4 years only used wild game for meat. In four months I have lost 35 pounds. Makes me wonder what they put into food in processing. I am waiting to find out if I got on the membership for a local CSA. I never really thought it mattered, but it really does!

  9. You Go John!! Congratulations! And as a mom you must be oh so did good!!

  10. Hi Theresa! Proud Momma you should be!! We need so many young people like John to move forward on this life lesson!! Kaitlin handed in a paper last week for her last week at Mott Community College talking on that very matter of the farmers, and how we should buy from them, about the corn, the Tyson chicken company and much more! She read it to me before she had turned it in! Amazing cuz I wanted to save the world like I told you before! It sure got me thinking!! I can't wait til our Flint Farmers Market opens!! I bought some lettuce seeds today to plant to start my garden!! Are you planting any vegetables yourself? I am looking forward to your posts regarding Johns knowledge!! XO Love, Fran.

  11. LOVE THIS POST!!! You should be sooo proud of your boy Theresa. I want to congratulate him on such an awesome accomplishment!
    I try to eat as fresh as I can. I grow lots of veggies in the garden and to me there is nothing more satisfying than growing my own food. I know it's not possible for everyone though. I feel very blessed to have the space to garden.
    I love your White Wednesday post above. Everytime I get to see the peeks into your home is a pleasure, and to see your beautiful children!
    hugs from here...

  12. Hi Theresa!
    Just enjoying a bit of peace and quiet after the last two very busy weekends I had, then I remembered, YOUR weekends were much busier than mine so I stopped by to see if you survived! and it looks like you did beautifully! Wow!!! Congrats to John on his graduation and love his major. I know you will be enjoying your time with him before he leaves for Washington, and sounds like Washington has loads of great shopping when you visit!

    And I am partial to freckles myself. They look beautiful on Hannah! Happy Late Birthday to that sweet girl. Hope she had a great birthday!

    And the prom picks were beautiful. I loved the dresses this year, and the colors were fabulous! Hope they had a great night as well.

    I already have my hanky out, you'll have to tell me how to get through graduation. (either that or we can cry on each other's shoulders...) My girl is only going an hour down the road, but knowing my family will soon change and not really be all under one roof again, don't know how I'll get through that one!

    Loved seeing more glimpses into your sweet home. I soak it all up! I adore all your little touches! I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day, you deserve it!!!


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