Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Around the house on White Wed.

A little doll assemblage befitting any shabby castle... My kids think she's creepy but I just love how she turned out, I mean just look at that face! When I make this kind of stuff that's when they begin to worry. (In fact I think I heard them whispering in the other room about an art intervention)
This banner hangs in our living room, it shows what is ablsolutely most important to me. The picture above is actually a card table. When I find things like this I marvel at how once upon a time people took the most ordinary item and turned it into something pretty. love it.

Perfect white contribution... My parents wedding photo, I know I'm bias but They Are Gorgeous! I was lucky enough to wear my moms dress at my wedding. I love my dads white tux, so hollywood!

This is my mom at a young age with my grandparents.

I love finding tureens with or without the lid, don't get me wrong I get way too excited in a public place when the lid is along for the ride but I know I'm gonna fill them with stuff anyway so it's not always necessary.

This cabinet is in my bathroom and was given to me by a good friend because it was too primitive for her. It was gray when I got it and I painted it white. It's extremely heavy and when I hung it up (alone) if someone would have been filming me do so they could have sent it in to a show titled worlds stupidest ideas on tape! I am extremely impatient when it comes to decorating... ok when it comes to seeing my ideas come to fruition... and don't always wait for the help I really need. (another post where I reveal yet another of my idiosincricies, this is really getting out of hand!) Back to the photo, The silver ice bucket holds very important items, my makeup! I am at the delicate age that I DO NOT go out of the house without this stuff unless I am in the mood to really frighten people. I'm just saying.

This last one isn't about the pretties on the mantel, I've shown you those before, it's about trying to pick out the perfect neutral colors to paint over the blue on the wall behind it and the two rooms with the wallpaper I have wanted gone since we moved in. Who would think picking a good white would be so hard? There are a dozen or so more paint chips on the other rooms walls... I don't want any yellow in it and am leaning toward the color of an old crock with the trim a soft white... wish me luck and if you have any favorites I'd love to hear what they are.

I think my children might be thinking this is the latest art project and will be calling on that intervention very soon so the quicker I get this paint picked out the better! There are so many cool white wednesday posts to check out so hop on over to Faded Charm and go visiting, you won't be disappointed. Happy Wednesday ~ Theresa xoxo

p.s. I could have taken a photo of outside my window to show you why my kids have the day off from school and are playing wii at 10:30 in the morning, that is truly a white wednesday, it's sunny and absolutely beautiful, I can't wait to go for a walk later! I gotta remember to take my camera along.


  1. Love the crown in the first photo. Happy White Wednesday, T

  2. goodness Theresa where do I begin. I feel that I am reading my own thoughts in my head when I read your blog. So similar in the way my mind is with the instant gratification of design and artwork. The can't wait gotta do it NOW mindset. I know the whispers to well, only I get this from friends. Some just don't know what to make of my art and hide their children from it. LOL
    Enjoy your wonderful white wednesday!!

  3. Just beautiful!

    YOU WON! :)
    Please send me your name & address so I can mail your gift~

  4. Beautiful Pics ~ I Love the Assemblage Queen Doll, She is Outstanding..... I wish I had wedding pics of My Parents ~ They Eloped back in 1947 in Findley Ohio.... No Photos....
    I am joining in with My White Wednesday ~ SNOW
    Did You get alot up there????

  5. You've got some great whites you're sharing today. Good luck withthe paint color. white is so hard to choose from. Love your parent's wedding photo.

    take care,


  6. fun post...and I don't think she is creepy at all!

  7. I adore posts about "white" things. So charming and colorful in a white sort of way! (Does that make sense)?

    I have a cardtable that is similar to yours. Mine has a different floral arrangement on top.

    Gerushia's New World

  8. I have to laugh, my kids always say, "Mom, you're a creeper" and walk by me when I am doing art projects. Then secretly, when their friends like a project I have done, they say, "my mom made that" but will they ever admit that part to me? No! Once again, I love all that you do, I so could move into your house! Hope you recovered from all that snow, my kids just went back to school after two snow days, man, is it good to reclaim my house!

  9. i LOVE your doll...she is just fabulous...and her little crown is kids think what i do is totally weird...LOL...boys!!! thanks for sharing...happy white wednesday...

  10. How beautiful everything is Theresa!! I especially love your parents wedding photo and your gorgeous banner!!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment! I am always so happy when you visit!
    Hugs, Carol Anne

  11. I am drooling a little bit over that cabinet:-)

  12. I don't think your doll is creepy at all. This coming from a gal that has creepy doll parts ALL over her house, LOL!

    Your parents make a dashing couple!

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. Love all the white samples on the mantle.
    White is such a hard color - as an artist i can tell you that there realy is no such color as "White"..they each have their own shade of something in them.
    But they are all a beautyful shade!

  14. Hello
    Love all your whites today! The white stoneware is wonderful, love it all.

  15. I don't think your dolls creepy at all. They haven't seen creepy! lol
    I can see where you get your good looks....your parents wedding picture IS just like Hollywood!
    I have a similar it!
    Good luck with color too!

  16. Hi Theresa,
    I absolutely love your cabinet in your bathroom and your mantel. How incredible that you got to wear your Mother's wedding dress. Their picture is so lovely! Thanks for always stopping by my blog. It means so much.

  17. So much to comment here!! The idea of the lids: just genius!!!! The dolly is priceless, my family also think that mine are creepy, and in a way, they are! But a nice creepy kind of way!!! The cabinet is sure scored!!!
    Thank you so much for your lovely visit, we hope you'll keep coming back!

  18. A special and delicate blog. Congratulations.
    Daniel D. Peaceman, writer and editor

  19. I absolutely love the white cabinet you hung!!! And I love the idea of makeup stored in a old silver ice bucket! Your blog is precious, but I especially love the way you write! Have a wonderful weekend and a lovely Valentine's Day!

  20. Hi Theresa,
    I just loved taking the little tour of your home and all the whites are gorgeous! Good luck picking a paint color. I'm trying to do the same for Alex's room. I want to get it painted before he gets back for the summer. He only has 4 more weeks of classes and finals week and he'll be finished with his first year....hard to believe!


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