Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chandi for White Wednesday

This is definitely one of my favorite GW finds ever... I found it 5 or so years ago and saved it in a box until I had THE house it belonged in.
I love it in the dining room. This is the room I'm getting ready to paint can't wait to give it a facelift! I do like the blue/gray walls but I really want more of a neutral so these will be my BEFORE pics and I am right now as we speak wearing my painting clothes so today is the day! I gotta say... blogging has really helped me clear away some of the clutter in my house! You just cannot take a pic with all of the usual junk that gets left on that skinny counter! I mean really, you would think I would worry about 'what if someone stopped by' but NOOOOO As soon as I get the camera out the counters get a good going over too! My husband says thank you to the blogging world for this, he hates clutter:)

O.k. like I said today is the day so I need to get off of the computer and tape a paint brush to my hand so I don't get distracted and forget why I'm dressed like this!!!!! Head on over to fadedcharm and see the rest of the party peeps and I'll meet you there maybe tonight when I'm too exhausted to do anything else but sit on the couch and blog hop! Thanks for stopping by,
Theresa xoxo


  1. Love, Love, Love that Chandi ~ so happy it has the Perfect Home..... Can't wait to see Your After Pics~ Have Fun

  2. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
    The worst is taping good luck with it all.
    Don't be drawn like a magnet to the computer until you are done.
    Blogging is like a tv show, you have to wait til tomorrow or next week to see the end.

  3. Beautiful chandelier and I can't wait to see your facelift. I know what you mean about all the junk lying around.

    Have a wonderful WW.


  4. Wow..stunning brilliant beauty! THis is such Gorgeous post! Eye-candy!!

    Happy WW!
    here's mine too if you like

  5. Beautiful chandelier and a great GW find. Good luck with the painting! Room redo's are so much fun.

  6. Wow...what a terrific GW find! Lucky girl! I hope you will show us the finished room....maybe next week for WW? xoxo

  7. Beautiful chandelier. I love Goodwill. It is just THE place to shop. Great treasure hunts going on there every week. Thanks for sharing. Hope you show the after pics.

  8. Any day you get to wear your painting clothes is a good day. Have fun working on your dining room, hope all goes well and quickly

  9. LOL about the clutter...yep that's the way it is! Beautiful chandy...and GL painting...I need to get back to it too!

  10. Good Luck! I can't wait to see what you do in there. Love the chandi. Very pretty!

  11. I know you have to stage everything before the camera is in hand. Your dinig room is very pretty...julie

  12. Great chandelier! I just became a follower so I can keep up with your transformation. Come on over anytime...door is always open.
    Cindy at Lakewood

  13. The GW find is outstanding. When you paint, I hope that the sconce arrangement on the wall fits it with the decor, it is quite beautiful.
    Tin and sparkle

  14. Hi Theresa,
    I love your chandelier! Wish I could stumble upon one of those finds. I stumble upon them, but never at times when I can afford them. Patience is a virtue, I keep reminding myself. One day!!!

    Hope the painting is going well. I am glued to my tv watching the Olympics. I haven't missed a second of them in the last two days. I can feel my couch molding itself to my butt. Or maybe the other way around. Sigh... I should be doing something more productive like laundry/cleaning or painting, but the winter Olympics only come every four years. The laundry is always there for me. I can't wait to see your after pictures! Have a good weekend with that brush stuck to your hand. It will be worth it when it's all done!

  15. Such a lovely and exquisite chandelier. Good luck on the paint job!

  16. theresa,
    what a cool site! i absolutely love your title photo. that's a real touch of class!
    nikonsniper steve

  17. Hi Theresa,
    So love the chandy....your room is gorgeous. are one of the winners of my giveaway at junkdreams. You won the pretty candle holder and matches. Please send me your address and I will get it in the mail to you asap.
    Happy day!
    xojanis (

  18. Theresa,
    You scored the GW score or all GW scores!!!!
    That chandie is drop dead gorgeous!!!!

    Can't wait to see your finished paint job.

  19. WOW, what a gorgeous chandelier Theresa!! I love your before pictures, your dining room is so beautiful! Looking forward to seeing it after you finish the paint job!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment! :)
    Hugs, Carol Anne

  20. again!
    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for always stopping by my blog. I love your style so I really appreciate all of your sweet comments.
    Hope your having a great week.

  21. OMG, what a difference so bright and fresh looking.
    Just in time for spring.
    I only hope my painting goes as well.
    Well I don't do it, I just stand and observe. LOL!
    Happy WW

  22. Hi Theresa,
    I just wanted to let you know I'm having my first giveaway on my blog and it ends March 7th. Stop by and sign up for your chance to win. You are always so sweet with your comments and I just want to say thanks!
    Take care.


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