Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Silver Sunday #6!

Strapped myself to the chair at my desk for a while and finally have a little someone to list on etsy... this paper bird is made from perfectly aged book pages from a vintage childrens book and stuffed and is resting on a silver plated salt shaker. I think he's perfect for silver sunday as he is carrying a glass glitter silver heart and what looks to be a diary key.
He is even sprinkled with silver mica flakes! (He really wanted to fit in at the party!)
Here is a close up of his paper nest and the rhinestone bling that he knew would be the perfect decoration for the party...

I found this silver wish bone at the thrift store on Friday. It has special meaning to me as Friday was the one year anniversary of my moms death. She loved wishbones and my dad has kept one that she saved on the windowsill above the kitchen sink all this time. She must have been letting it dry out so they could snap it together. I hadn't noticed it there until a few months after she was gone and when I did I was comforted to see it there. So on friday after my sister and I went to the cemetary we went thrifting (my mom would have loved that we found a garage sale in the winter) and then after Molly had to go home I still had some time left while I waited for John so I went to one more... and found this.

How perfect. Not that I need 'things' to remember my mom, I think of her everyday and miss her more, but this was a special find on this day.
Thank you to Beth for hosting these Silver Sundays, I have had fun participating and really learned a great deal about silver pieces I never knew existed! She is going to keep this going so come along for the party! ~ Theresa xoxo


  1. It's funny how life sometimes saw the wishbone on the widowsill and thought of your mom, then you find the wishbone at the TS....she was probably thinking of you too...
    Happy SS...

  2. What heart warming story and such a great memory to have of your mother.
    The bird is so fantastic. I love the paper nest, I am so into nests right now. I started to make myself sit down and work yesterday to but I couldn't force it, maybe today I will have better luck.

  3. Hi Theresa ~ Love Your Sweet Paper Bird.... I really Felt the Story of Your Mom & the Wishbone... I know it is so hard, I wonder if when we see Things that Remind Us of Our Moms. Are They Thinking About US~ One Day, Back in the Arms.....
    Have a Wonderful Week

  4. I have a wishbone on the windowsill gkids will snap it when they come next weekend. We always did that as passing on a memory!
    Love that silver wishbone!

  5. Love your little birdie sitting atop the vintage shaker!!! So adorable.
    Happy SS!

  6. How wonderful that you found that silver's a sign, your mother is still very much with you. I have a few wishbones from Cornish hens waiting to be pulled!

  7. Theresa, Your paper bird is very sweet and I love the dressed up salt shaker! How wonderful that you found that wishbone or it had found you.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Silver Sunday with a wonderful wishbone. Love it. Have a great afternoon ; )

  9. Oh, I love this story of the wishbone....precious, absolutely precious!

  10. Theresa, your bird is wonderful!! Love the silver shaker and the rhinestones attached. Oh, and the little heart and kety... just so so sweet!

  11. I love this story so much...we collect wishbones as well. It made me so happy to know that we are not the only ones who might save one in the kitchen.
    ♥, Susan

  12. The Vintage Nest is just crazy about your charming bird! And the wishbone story is so sweet. I used to have a wishbone brooch with a pearl on it. Hmmm...wonder where it is.
    Happy Silver Sunday. :)

  13. How amazing to find that little wishbone. A God wink for sure.

  14. I love your bird project. It turned out just adorable... and would look great under a cloche.

  15. Hi Theresa!

    Love that wishbone! What a wonderful story behind it. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  16. What a precious post, Theresa. Obviously this sweet little silver piece was meant for you to find on this day filled with meaning and memory.
    Wonderful Silver Sunday post!

  17. Your sweet mom is surely smiling down on y'all from Heaven. I believe this. :-)

    Your bird is precious, I love him!

    And thank you so much for your comments on my "burnout" post, every visit and comment means so much to me!


  18. I have never seen anything like that. It was meant to be that you went to that one extra sale, and there it was. What a lovely story and something special to remember your mother. By the way, I love the bird. A beautiful design.

  19. Theresa,
    I am so in love with the silver wishbone!!!! that is simply stunning to me. I loved this post it really was inspiring. Have a wonderful week I am so enjoying your blog.
    Warm wishes

  20. Your sweet little bird and her nest are just wonderful. I just so need one of everything you do. It would make my house smile...

    Love your wishbone, I know it was meant for you. It's amazing now little things in life can have such wonderful memories. My grandma also was a wishbone saver. I used to love being the one who could snap the wishbone with her. It made me feel so special. Now you have a tiny little reminder to make you smile...

  21. Kate always beats me :)

    I can't believe you made that bird! that is amazing! All the details!

    That wish bone is so special! It is just so cute even without your story but then your story added soooo much. VEry heartwarming in the most sincere way. Kate is our family wishbone saver :) "She is the magical aunt."

  22. Wow Theresa, finding the wish bone just gave me chills. Maybe you needed to feel your mom and somehow by some unexplainable miracle God wanted to let you feel her. Gosh I'm tearing up as I write this, it's just amazing!


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