Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How lucky am I???

Look at this fabulous bag my sister, Molly made for me!!! She is uber talented and lucky for me she likes to surprise me with fabulous creations all handmade. all her own pattern. all AMAZING!!! Just look at the bird on the fabric, we actually squealed out loud when we saw it!

We found this fabric at the GW as is store... all for maybe 1.29 for a huge valance and then she said that it would make a great bag... well I said ohhhh you could make me one for my bday (which is on it's way, more on that later...) This entire bag is made from upcycled fabrics, even the handles are leather strips she cut from something, probably a coat. One of the sweetest touches she put on here is the 4 buttons on the bottom are from a sweater of my moms :)
Then to top it off her and my hubby have planned a little getaway for me. I know, I was so surprised I cried. big baby! Anyway I will be taking this beauty to Gulf Shores, AL to visit my Dad at his winter place with Molly and her family. I haven't seen my Dad since he left the first of Jan. so I cannot wait to see him!

I love the details she put into this, the ruffle on the side pockets, the vintage wool to coordinate with the flower and bird fabric the tiny ricrac piping, and this little bag she made from some of the left overs!!!

Oh and she lined it with pink and trimmed the raw edges with brown seam binding. She really is such a wonderful seamstress, I wish I could sew like her. I am really trying to work on being more focused and less impatient when I work. Really when I see this bag I see all of the love she put into it for lil ol me!!!

And thenI got THIS in the mail today... I WON Michelle Palmers giveaway and well... HOW LUCKY AM I?!!! Michelle is another good example of someone who loves the details and this piece is full of them. Thank you Michelle, it's beautiful and I love it! If you haven't seen her artwork you can check her out here.

Wow it feels like forever since I posted anything really news worthy on here, so glad to share these beauties! Stay tuned, tomorrow is white wednesday...
Thanks for stopping by ~ Theresa xoxo


  1. Hi Theresa~
    Thank you for your sweet note & VERY kind post! So glad you like your prize... that bag is fantastic! Getting to see your dad~ AWESOME!

    So happy for you!

  2. Hi Theresa,
    Have fun in Gulf Shores, my parents own a condo down there (Orange Beach actually) and so we spend loads of time down there. Go to the Hangout and have fun for me, okay? I know you will have a great time seeing your dad.

    Love your new bag! Wow, wish I could make something like that out of a valance... Love the fact that she put buttons from your mom on it also. Super cute,

  3. Oh, it's like Christmas time all over for you.
    Lovely gifts.


  4. WOW, that is some amazing talent you are super lucky. Have fun on your trip, if you fly don't check it, i would be scared it would come up missing.

  5. Golly, that bag is so wonderful! and love the give away you "got" away! Happy Birthday!

  6. Your sister did a beautiful job on the bag. All that and a trip too?! You are the lucky girl!

    Happy future Birthday!

  7. Wow....that bag is gorgeous!!! Wish I could sew like that!

  8. Wow, your sis is so talented, that bag is just beautiful!

    I'm still chuckling over your cute comment on my last post, too funny!


  9. What a beautiful bag. You and your sister are both very talented. My sister loves what I make for her but she has no interest at all in creating herself.
    Congrats on winning the giveaway too!
    Let me know when it's your b-day.

  10. The buttons from you mother's sweater are indeed the sweetest touch, this bag could be a business concept all it's own; are starting an Upcycled Bag Biz?! : )

  11. What a fabulous bag from your sister. The fact that it is upcycled materials ($1.29 for fabric woo-hoo) and she made it with love and attention to detail makes it even more special. Have a wonderful trip to Gulf Shores -- I've been there once with friends many moons ago. Fun! the framed piece you won is just gorgeous! Lucky you! Have a beautiful day. Blessings, Tammy

  12. I love both items! Lucky you... stop by and see me sometime, Jennifer

  13. I love your little girl with the bird & Browning quote on Etsy! I design and sell cards...always a connection with people... funny isn't it? Jennifer

  14. That bag is truly gorgeous! I wished she sold them!! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm going to visit your etsy store.

  15. Fabulous items ~ You are one lucky lady ~ I'm off to check out their stuff now. Happy WW!


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