Thursday, February 4, 2010

A quick upcycle project...

This is an easy upcycle project I did this BTB so I'm going to talk you through the steps but sorry no before and after pics. I'm going to let you guess what this item started out as... I added the chalkware bird, and the little gold balls. (which by the way wasn't my best idea, I'd suggest using little wooden balls or something unbreakable... if you catch my drift!) Painted it white but it was too stark for me and so I antiqued it with craft paint antiquing glaze. After your coat of paint is dry I painted the antiquing glaze on in small sections and then wiped some of it off. If you haven't used glaze before you kinda have to work fast or it will dry and you won't be able to get the aged look your looking for. Do you know what it was yet? Do you know what it is now?

Yup, it was an old floor lamp! You can find these all over the place in the summer at garage sales, most of the time the old ones are rusty and don't work anymore, no worries... just wash them give them a little sanding with some steel wool, strip the wires from them, if you cut the wires they will pull out easily most of the time. Spray paint and you got your base! Now antique, if you like that look, I do when I want the details of the piece to stand out. Find a fabulous topper and glue it on. The top of this lamp would have held a large lightbulb so I just squeezed the glue around the perimeter of the base of that, I used E6000 but even silicone caulk will do.

Mine is actually covered in winter coats right now, these pictures were taken before I found the cabinet that now holds the aprons. I'm linking this to Transformation Thursday over at The Shabby Chic Cottage so for more cool transformations go over there and check everybodys ideas out!
Honestly I can't believe today is Thursday already and not just any Thursday either, today is my son Johns' 21st birthday! Everytime my kids have a birthday I think 'how did that happen?' I mean I CAN'T be old enough to have kids in their 20's!!!!! ugh! Not only that but when they get older you know what happens? THEY MOVE OUT:( I miss the two of mine that have already flown the nest and Cam will be leaving in the fall. Really I say How Did That Happen a lot these days! So John is coming home from school tomorrow to have a little time with us and that makes me sooooo happy! We'll have dinner and you know what one of his favorite things to do is? Thrifting!!!! How lucky am I? We might just have time to stop at his favorite Salvation Army on our way home from the bus station. :) I hope your having a fabulous day! Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. A big Happy Birthday to John! Love you coat rack! How smart of you you clever girl!

  2. I love this! And what a great paint job on it too! I've got an old lamp sitting up in the attic, just waiting for some attention, and we could use a coat rack because we have no coat closets in this tiny house!

  3. Hey Theresa, what a super cute transformation. love the birdie on top! I used an old bronze one a year ago to put a dress form on. It turned out great, so yeah, there are so many wonderful ways to recycle them. Also loved your WW post. The doll house is just darling!

  4. Really cute upcycling project. I would have never of thought of it. Happy birthday to your son and have fun thrifting together. It's great that you are able to spend that special time together. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. I hope you get to watch it, do you have on demand it is on there too just in case you don't catch the rerun. I won't give you any spoilers!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog have fun this weekend!

  6. Your Blog's header is fantastic! Love that big family photo! Just became a follower and look forward to stopping back by soon~

  7. love this idea- how clever- love your lovely blog..


  8. Your blog header is WONDERFUL!!! Love your renovation here too...GREAT!

    (Also thanks for your sweet comment re: my grandson! So nice!!!)
    Have a great day!


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