Monday, April 26, 2010

Warning... Proud Mom Post Alert...

Prom was this past Saturday and Cam looked so handsome in his suit, I wanted to take just the right picture so I looked around the yard and house for some good backdrops, it's still too early for most of the trees and bushes around the yard and well the house has soooooo many doors and windows that I just wasn't happy with the outcomes. This lilac bush is in front of the kitchen window (and unfortunately in the sun, it made Cam squint) and had just a small amount of blooms, probably better prune it this year! Enough about that though... look how cute he is!
After he picked up his girlfriend, we met across the river from our house and took pictures of the two of them. I want to say that it's just my imagination but after looking at all of the pics he really only smiled in the ones when she was standing next to him. AWWWWWW
You can see a little peak of the river behind them in this one. They were both very sweet humoring the MOM PAPARAZZI but they had to hurry and catch the rest of their group. Cam said they all had a lot of fun and from the other pics I've seen it looks like it was a blast!

Another milestone and memory of his senior year.
Do you remember your prom? Was it wonderful? I went to two, one was wonderful and one was definitely not. My mom had a rule that you had to go with the first boy that asked you... The boy that asked me didn't really like me but liked one of my best friends but she was already going with someone else (I think her mom had the same rule) We stopped at the local bowling alley to go to the bathroom ( I grew up in a VERY small town) and when I came out to get back in the car my date and my friend were making out in the backseat!!! LOL!!! Sure funny now but imagine being 17 and feeling completely mortified!
You know the old story... what doesn't kill you makes you stronger... and it taught me another good lesson, my kids know other kids better than I do and they do not have to say yes to anyone or anything!
Onto another subject all together, I think I may be finished mulching so now I can do something fun... like create! Ofcourse I have so many ideas and a huge list of must dos to get to... maybe tomorrow...
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  1. Oh Theresa he is just gorgeous! He does look pretty happy with her :) Very cute! The word PROUD MOM are perfect for this!

    I like that "first guy who asks you" rule! I will have to remember that!

    I asked my cousin to get me date...I was joking but he did! Belt buckle the size of Texas & a mullet (20 years after they were out of style:)...but he was sooo nice....we had a blast!

  2. aww proud mama, those days will be here soon enough for me...
    anyway, it looks so nice with all the green and the river in the back drop, so great

    No prom here, wasn't allowed to go. very strict mother, from what I hear I didn't have much to miss, talk about growing up in a very very small town, 90 kids in my graduating class and didn't keep in touch with any of them.
    Here is to tomorrow!

  3. Fun post! I have a senior boy myself. He had a great time at the prom himself. Makes me cry to think he'll be leaving the next soon. Thank goodness there will still be one son left at home for a couple more years! Enjoy these last few weeks!


  4. Beautiful pictures Theresa! I am sure they both had a great time!

  5. Ok- sorry, that was me.

    Have a great day!

  6. Prom! I went to prom with my ex-husband. For his prom, although we were dating, he went with his ex-girlfriend. Hmmm. I wonder why I agreed to that at the time? Young and in love is all I can say. Great photos of Cam and his date. I am sure they had a fabulous time. Zack is on the badminton team -- so although baseball is finished, he still has another month of sports activities -- and then I think we are done until next year. Love the barn photos -- I could definitely move into that small red barn. So sweet and the inside is fabulous! Have a terrific Tuesday! :) Tammy

  7. Cam looks very dashing and handsome in his suit. Love her dress. What a great looking couple that they make.

  8. I think they both look beautiful...don't tell him I said that. I remember my kids' proms and how excited they were. It all goes so fast...savor every moment.
    P.S. My senior prom was the! I wasn't going to go, but my mother insisted and I'm so thankful she did. It's one of my favorite high school memories. Mamas always knows best!

  9. Hi Theresa, What beautiful kids!!!! It really brings back memories of my own prom soooo many years ago! I'm so happy you will be joining the Where Bloggers Create party. It's going to be super fun!!
    My Desert Cottage
    Valentine Design

  10. What a darling couple they are, yea, I see that smile! Beatiful backdrop of the lilacs and river. She's a really sweet looking girl. I had to laugh about your prom night. Mine was awkward also. My date and I had just broken up. Really devestating after being together for two years, but we both decided that we needed to go ahead and go, because we shouldn't miss our prom, my mom had spent weeks making my dress, and it was only like two days before. But it was difficult and uncomfortable to say the least! Not a happy memory!

  11. Great Photo ~ Great Memory.... Your Son is Very Handsome & I love that he smiles when he is next to his Girlfriend "Sweet, Young Love" They Both look so excited for the night, I hope they had a Wonderful Time.....

    Now for My Prom, I went with a friend (I paid) we doubled with my ex-boyfriend - it was 36 years ago, but I do remember that I was Grounded for 1 month after it~ I told my folks I would be home Late, they thought that meant 4 am, I turned up around 11 am on Saturday, with My mom sitting on the porch, Not Looking Very Happy, I'm surprised they had Not called the Police Yet (A Cell Phone would have been a Good Thing Back Then) Ahhhh Memories!

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