Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This picture is worth a thousand words...

Because I know that I am... I'm adding a couple more patio pics so that I add a couple of more parties to my patio post... For this pillow I just stamped Blessed with my huge stamps and then freehanded the scroll work, cut the bag down and folded over... no sewing! The pic below is an old washtub that I attached to a table bottom, now just imagine it full of flowers, it sits to the left of the patio.

Love the blue jars, one day last summer I came up on my good friend as she was looking through her neighbors trash, she called us over to see her treasure... 2 boxes of blue canning jars going to the trash! OMG! She gave me some just cuz were friends, and because she couldn't have gotten them home without me!!! Thanks Julie!! They are already for a night time cookout :)
I am linking this to Boardwalk Bragfest ~ Thanks Jan! I am also linking this to the blog hop over @ ITS SO VERY CHERI, Thanks Cheri!
So now that I'm an official party girl well you never know what I'll come up with next, right?
No one need worry at the partys though, anyone that knows me will tell you I'm a real lightweight and just incredibly silly with a lot of hoot and hollering going on!
Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. Even with your hoot and hollering going on you are just as cute as a button! I love that washtub. If it comes up missing, don't ask me.....

  2. Love your burlap pillow, I'm hearting burlap right now! Those blue jars are awesome, perfect for a cook out. I saw somewhere in blogland mason jars filled with all the fixings for smores...

  3. I'll be back to look more closely tomorrow, Theresa, but I just need to know what kind of vitamins you take...I can't keep up with you

  4. Hi Theresa,
    I love the little pillow that you made, it is so awesome! Also those jars are to die for! I have one blue one that I just bought, and found several others but refused to pay the $50.00 price tag. $5.00 for one was enough for me!
    Have a great day!

  5. I cannot believe someone would throw out canning jars -- especially blue ones. What were they thinking? Hello! Treasures, definitely not trash. Your backyward area is so beautiful. Chandeliers from trees. That is amazing. I love everything. A couch even -- I think I might take up residence right there. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday! Tammy

  6. Just keeps getting better and better....party time!

  7. What a pretty pillow. I love wicker too and have so much of it in my house. Have a great day, T

  8. LOVE hat pillow!
    LOVE that you didn't have to sew even more!

    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Hi Theresa! Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you find a new home for your iris. Have a good day in the garden...Julian

  10. Yeah, I thought you might enjoy that comment! And thanks for taking if off, otherwise I just might have to go into the witness protection program!!!

    Have a great day!

  11. Ooh that pillow is so cute! Love the little plant container too.


  12. Love your burlap pillow and the no sew makes it even better! Great find with the blue jars. My local GW had a large one last week and wanted $12.00 for it.

  13. Gorgeous decor Theresa..Happy day!

  14. Hi Theresa,
    I wanted to leave a quick comment before I dive into all of your posts for the past couple of weeks.
    I love the pillow and the washtub table is too cute!! You always have such wonderful ideas!

  15. Your So Clever~ Love the Pillow, Heck, I Love Everything..... now to check out the links
    Hey, It's gonna be 80 tomorrow!
    take care

  16. Theresa
    I love that Blessings pillow in burlap too cute for words. The Porch is lovely I am looking forward to spending time in the garden with summer coming. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful goodness with us.

    Have a terrific week

  17. That tub!!! Genius! I am so loving it!

    thanks for the swett comments. they mean even more coming form you the real Mother of the Year!!! MOY :)

    That burlap pillow, it sure does just scream how i feel. Doesn that mean I am getting older & wiser :) Yeah...fianlly!

  18. I was going to email you with my number just to show you that I really would give it to you but I couldn't find your email :) Not that you wanted it! But I just wanted you to know you could call me anytime! I laughed because I totally think of you as good friend too! So funny! That was cute!

    Crayola isle :) & actually if you ever need to you can email me & I get it on my cell phone :) So I could have called ya back! But I am realizing I don't actually get my emails for AT LEAST 1/2 an hour! So it wouldn't have been much help anyway :) ButI am glad you found them somewhere! My kids just LOVE 'em! you should see how many grapes they eat now! They just like to stab the little guys! POor grapes :)

    I probably woudn't have even thought twice if i got a call from you :) It would just seem normal :) Good night!!! Hope you are having a good weekend!

  19. Theresa...sorry for the intrusion. I saw your dilemma on Libbie's blog comments. I just happened to be at the Dollar Store today (sat) and saw tons of packages of pom poms....sorry, I just had to let you know...good luck.


  20. I just picked up an old burlap coffee sack for $1 and now I know what I can do with it :)

  21. You just keep getting better and better girl! Jennifer

  22. I found a dress form at a thrift store on sale for $50.00 the thrift gods were smiling! I had always wanted one for my bedroom. The first nite I woke up and it freaked me out (Not like clowns or anything) So, I moved it to the guest room, maybe it will freak them out Ha! I am a new follower, I love, love your site!! If you get a chance I would love if you could peek at my blog, it is DIY tips, tricks, and secrets. http://thepolkadotcloset.blogspot.com/

    Thank you sooo much Carol!


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