Friday, April 2, 2010

Cross clean the porches off my list!

So I spent a beautiful day getting my porches cleaned and I gotta tell you, it made me feel so good! I get such a sense of accomplishment when I change things up. Way better than just dusting the furniture! I want to rearrange and play house instead! So this is where the smelting bucket chandi ended up. I still haven't worked on the other one yet so you never know if this one will stay here when it has a twin :) I do really like it here though... The bench cushion is a feedsack filled with two pillows, the end pillow is covered in a vintage pillowcase that sticks out so that it can fit the bench seat. And ofcourse just incase you are unsure if you are at the right house I leave little clues everywhere...the pillow,the door and there's even a old washtub in the garden with the numbers 612 on them! Did I ever tell you that the house I grew up in was 612 Flint St. So that's why this address means so much to me!
Another paper wreath, this one is pretty fragile and so had to be trimmed and then I added a little springy bird coaster in the middle to add a little color to it.

I stepped outside to see what it looked like at night and I gotta say I LOVE IT! I'm pretty sure my neighbors think I'm crazy, taking pics of my house after I arrange stuff but now that I think about it I'm pretty sure they think I'm crazy because well, they've met me! LOL

Last one I promise! Today will be spent coloring eggs, going to church, a little cleaning to prepare for company and anything else that I can squeeze in the hours of the day!

I hope you'll stop back on Monday because I have a big announcement to make... I now have 101 followers and in the spirit of that... well you can probably guess what's coming but I want to save it for Monday! (as usual, or my kids would say, I am horrible at keeping surprises a secret so I really gotta go now!)


  1. Hi Theresa,
    Oh how I love your charming porch. And the feedsack pillow with the numbers, oh, be still my heart!!!
    It looks so pretty at night with the soft light from the chandelier. You made it all so pretty.

    Have a wonderful Holiday weekend!


  2. Love your front porch....makes me want to grab a glass of sweet tea and sit for a while and chat!

    Have a beautiful Easter weekend!!

  3. Gorgeous!!! When can I move in? Have a lovely Easter, Pam

  4. OMG your porch is GORGEOUS!!!
    I love the night shot
    Truly fantastic, I would be so scared that here in Vegas my items would disappear from that beautiful porch.
    I am going to go look again and drool...

  5. You have a great porch! As a kid my grandparents had a big wraparound porch. I rember sitting there to stay out of the sun and the rain. Thanks for the pics..Julian

  6. Theresa,
    Now that is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL porch I have ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Absolutely Beautiful~ If I were driving down your street, I would Know Your Home is Filled with Love, A Real Home Sweet Home..... Your Making Me Wish I had a Big Covered Porch~ Happy Easter to You & Your Family

  8. Theresa, Your porch looks better than most of the rooms INSIDE my house. You really put a lot of thought and time into it and it shows.

    Have a lovely Easter weekend.


  9. Oh! Come do mine! They need so much love! It looks great! If you find a stranger on your porch curled up reading a book, it's me!

  10. I love porches! And your's is gorgeous! I have to take a better photo of mine to post. I just love everything you did on your's!


  11. I love your porch. It looks so inviting. You have created a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy!
    Have a wonderful Easter and I'll be back on Monday to read about your "big surprise"! Congrats on over 100 followers.
    Happy Easter.

  12. Your porch is so lovely. At least when you clean and arrange it, there's a chance it will stay like that for a bit. When I clean out two balconies, inevitably a dust storm will kick up and then it is all for naught. :( Wishing you many Easter blessings and much joy, Tammy

  13. Looks beautiful! And sparkly clean too!

  14. The porch looks great! I haven't started outside yet! As soon as this next show is over I will be OUTSIDE working! You have inspired me! xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

  15. Ohmigosh, I love your little porch! It is so sweet! All the white, and feed sacks, and numbers, and the book wreath! Just perfect! And so very inspirational! Thanks for sharing!


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