Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last Minute White Wednesday!!!

Gosh I really thought I would have more white to share... better get busy! :) Today I'm taking you outside to show a couple of birdhouses in the front yard. This martin house doesn't have a pole so it rests on a vintage metal table. maybe a typing table... not really sure but it works! Ofcourse my little bird needed a crown so I made him a bejeweled one. Those are hydrangea bushes under/behind it and I cannot wait until they bloom! Really I am so excited to see some of the things I just planted last year. I got these on clearance at Lowes at the end of the summer and paid only $2.50 a bush for them so yes I bought all 7 that they had and shared with my dad. They're sprouting so I'm hopeful!

This little birdhouse sits on an old wooden base that I think was the base to an ashtray. Much better use now! That little fencing is the rest of the roll I bought to make my platter hanger.
So that's it for me tonight, life has been so busy this week, Hannah started tennis and games have been late... 3 this week. Then the mulching, and I'm really trying to give my etsys some needed attention. BUT tomorrow there is a sale that I just found on Craigs List that I have got to check out... might be a good one! This is almost sad to say (or embarrassing) but my heart is already racing at what I MIGHT find!!!!! I can't help it I love me a good garage sale!
I better get over to Katheens and link up before the party is over!
Thanks for stopping by, Theresa xoxo


  1. Great birdhouses. I am an avid bird lover (real ones or not). The crown is a perfect touch!

  2. Hi Theresa,
    I know just how your feeling the night before a sale!! I get the same way. I feel like I'm going to jump out of my skin with excitement!! {How weird is that?} My husband laughs at me because I get so worked up at the prospects that I may find. I hope you find some wonderful treasures!! I can't wait to hear about what you find.
    I love your bird houses! I thought that little bird in the first photo was real, but then I saw the crown on its head. Really cute!
    Great post.
    Have a great day.

  3. By the way,
    I can't believe I'm not already a follower! I thought I was, I love your blog site!!
    Well, problem fixed, I am now a faithful follower!

  4. Hey Theresa, These are wonderful bird houses. I love hydrangeas, but unfortunately so do the deer. Thanks for your visit and sweet note left on my yard sale finds.

  5. I love old bird houses, yours look wonderful around all that green.
    are you kidding me, it get a nervous twitch as I pull into thrift store parking lots. I can't park the car fast enough once I am there.
    Hope it is everything you are dreaming of.

  6. I am loveing the little crown on that guy :) Toatlly made me laugh :) Nothing wrong with a little bling bling!

    That round bird house is just the coolest!!! I wonder what lovely lovebirds will make it there home. You'll just have to give them a last name! :) So we can call them mr. & mrs.________.

  7. What fantastic bird houses! Both are lovely and they look so charming in your yard.

  8. Hi Theresa,
    I love your birdhouses.....I am laughing at myself as when I saw your first picture I thought...oh how pretty how did she get that beautiful bird to wear a crown! I THOUGHT IT WAS A REAL BIRD---TOO FUNNY!! Guess I am needing glasses!

  9. Hi Thersea,
    Thanks for dropping by to see me at 'mouse house tales' and so pleased you like my creations. I love your birdhouses, did you see Julians at Tallulahs Antiques. I am signing up as a follower so we will talk again soon.
    Keep smiling,

  10. Happy belated White Wednesday. I love the birdhouses, yeah spring.

  11. Those are both wonderful birdhouses. Perfect for your garden! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your hydrangeas...that's my favorite flowering shrub. What a great deal you got on 'em!

  12. Hi Theresa, Thanks for your visit. I like your collection of birdhouses. I hope you make it to Palm Springs some time. But the summer can make you sit in the pool all day long. It can get up to 120 degrees during summer. I did have a good time out there. Have a good weekend...Julian

  13. I love your blog site,
    the past blogs charm me with euro flea market passion.

    I will return soon.


  14. I'm a bird house nut myself - I found this huge white one in this old man's yard (sorry nice older gentleman) - he had nothing else I wanted - all kinds of tools - so I asked my husband to stop (he love's drive bys) - we did and it was mine - I was soooo excited - it was $15 and I have loved it ever since so girl I get it! Come vist me at jennsthreegraces sometime...Jennifer

  15. that birdhouse and stand are sooo adorable! I love the fence too!
    thanks for visiting and commenting on my table makeover (1 table made into 3 tables) It was in the garage, in the way, so it HAD to go, one way or another!
    ps have a great weekend

  16. I'm playing catch up too! This birdhouse and bird with crown (oh my gosh, love it!) is just darling! I just adore your home. it's so charming and warm. I always enjoy your photos and what you're up to!


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