Wednesday, January 20, 2010

let your light shine...

I had an idea yesterday... as I mentioned in my last post I keep thinking "what can I do?" so I donated to crafthope and that felt good and so I figured since crafting is what I do and I'll be honest here -the budget is small here at 612- I decided to craft some more!( I hope to be able to raise more money than I ever could afford to give right now.) I had these candles set aside for valentines candles but I like this so much better. These are tall glass votive candles, you know the kind with the religious pictures on them, well I took off the picture and covered them in a copy of sheet music, the song is Angel's Serenade, fitting don't you think? I then made a rosette out of creamy white crepe paper and topped it with a wool cream heart and a red wool cross.

I am selling these in my etsy store with all of the proceeds going to the Red Cross.

How rude of me... I keep saying I made them but my 11 year old daughter Hannah helped with these ( she can ruffle a paper rosette with the best of them!) As soon as I told her my idea she asked if she could help me :) I gotta tell you that's my Hannah, when Hurricane Katrina hit, her and one of her friends sold lemonade at our farmers market and made well over $300. to send their way. All by themselves, all their idea. Can you tell I'm a proud mama? She has a big heart and loves to give of herself.

If you know anyone looking for a new candle... or needing a special gift... maybe you could spread the word for us. We have 6 on there right now but will make more! Thanks, Theresa xoxo


  1. What a wonderfully generous gesture!
    And those candles are just lovely. You and Hannah did a wonderful job with them!

    Big hugs,

  2. So sweet, it's so wonderful how kids all over have been so willing to pitch in and help. What great lessons these kids are learning. Hannah, you are a great rosette maker! Love the candles, so sweet of you to donate!

  3. The Candles are so Sweet ~ Hannah has the Creative Spark & the Joy of Giving.... I have My Grandaughter Memphys coming over this weekend to help me with Hearts to sell on Etsy for Haiti ~ Mem is 6 & Loves to Craft with Her Bubbie & it is Never to early to teach a child to have a Giving Spirit..... like so many, money is very tight, but if we could all give of Our Talents, that would make such a difference....


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