Thursday, September 2, 2010

Another coin purse, more family, and more treasures...

Good Morning All! When I made the white coin purse with the rosette I also made this black one that also has special meaning to me. That photo under the chandi crystal is my Aunt Amelia, another one of my moms sisters. She passed away when I was a girl but she was very dear to all of us children. My Bushie (grandma) owned a restaurant up north and it had these tiny cabins for workers, travelers and hunters. She had stopped renting them out by the time we were around but my Aunt Amelia would fix them up so pretty when we were coming to visit. We were allowed to play in them all day long if we liked, but she also snuck us out to the barn, and showed up which green beans were ready to pick. She was a petite, beautiful woman with a giant love for all of us children. This photo was taken of her washing dishes in the restaurant, I think she is just beautiful.
The charm of the two girls at the beach was made for me by my sister Molly, out of a backgamman piece and the angel was a souvineer that John brought home from California for me a few years ago. I love that he thought out of all of the things he saw that I would love that most... he was right.
One of the things that I love about it is that when it flips over it looks like a heart. A love Angel.
Now on to the treasures from the title of this post. These wool blankets are from a sale a little while back. Some are in fabulous condition and some will be used for flowers, bags, pillows, etc. after they are felted. Oh tell me I wasn't crazy to buy all of them, just look at those colors, all of that wool goodness!
I went to a sale where the lady had quite a few pairs of glasses, I picked out some for etsy and I gotta say, that they are wonderful! How cute are these?
And vintage clip-on sunglasses... adorable.
Here's a grouping of the ones I bought that day. I gotta sell them before I change my mind!
Some old wooden building blocks, I just love the patina on these. They show the wear of small children playing and creating towers!
One of the hats from the estate sale, Danielle gets pretty excited when I bring home vintage hats, well because she always looks gorgeous in them!
Old birthday and Christmas candles. The birthday candles have the cutest graphics on them.
O.k. with this picture I'm going to start a new game here at 612... can you guess what it is? Or better yet, can you just tell me what it is?? I think it looks like a cherry pitter, but I have no idea and neither did any of the shoppers that I asked at the sale. One older woman said she didn't know but maybe you put someones thumb in there to get information out of them. Actually she also suggested that a very heavy vase could be used to clobber someone over the head... I very discreetly walked away from her! I should have checked her loot to see what she was purchasing so that I could reference the memory if I saw anything disturbing in the newspaper!! LOL!!
A sweet little ceramic pixi made in Japan,
One of the cool old bottles that I bought, this is the only one with the label still intact. I'm thinking the other ones need to be altered. My favorite kind of recycling!
2 old knife sharpeners I love the green one, it still has its label too,
Some vintage quilt squares, I don't quilt but I do appreciate the work that went into these!
A very cute chenille rug... SO SHABBY!!!
More shabby, 4 great frames with a wonderful patina!
And last but not least... more jello molds! I have made some pincusions out of these, and I see more on the horizon! So there you have it, treasures galore! Best of all, some of these things would have been overlooked and possibly thrown away. I know I can't believe it either! As soon as school starts next week I will have more time to list these things on etsy, but right now I want to focus on the last few days of summer with the family and getting the kids ready for school.
We did manage to get some shopping done this week and I really think were almost finished, at least I hope we are!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Theresa xoxo


  1. O my you have been busy, what amazing stuff to find out and about. That so does not happen out here. LOL I can't wait to get home to find treasures like you do.
    I love what you are doing with the coin purses, they are one of my favorite medias to work with.

    PS have you seen that you were one of the winners.
    Just drop me your address!
    Thanks Theresa

  2. Hi Theresa, love your coin purse! How special to have something like that of a beloved Aunt...and those memories are so special. Your finds are wonderful! I'd be so happy to find things like that around here!! Maybe this weekend will be a treasure find for me!
    Blessings, Doni

  3. Oh my gosh,
    All of this is amazing! And I love the purse and the hat...fantastic!
    I have a little drawing on my blog...just wanted to let you know!!!

  4. Lovely finds...I think it is a jar a baby food jar....loosk like it could do many things thou...the thumb deal is

  5. Wowee Theresa. You scored big time. So many wonderful things. And your coin purse is so lovely. I enjoyed reading your Project Genesis post. Unfortunately, we buy bottled water here because the pipes and waterways are not to be trusted. But thankfully our school recycles plastics so I have a place to take them all. It really is sickening to imagine all that folks throw away without a thought of where it goes. That Freecycle store is a fantastically fabulous ide. So nice to see someone who does something with purpose and not just for the almighty dollar. Have a wonderful weekend. :) Tammy

  6. Wow Theresa...I don't know where to start first.
    What a keepsake that purse is with your aunts picture and to think she looked that good doing the dishes! no automatic dishwasher back then!
    Love all your great finds. You have no idea how long I spent at Goodwill one day to find all wool sweaters to felt....I would have bought those blankets in a heartbeat!
    About that lady I'm sure she was harmless...sounds like something crazy I would say!! just like shocking ppl sometimes!


  7. Wonderful finds!! The blankets are my favorite!!!

  8. Wow! I can't believe all of great stuff you found. And you were not crazy for buying all of the blankets. I love the old glasses too.
    Did you get Cam off to school? Alex has 2 weeks under his belt now and he is really enjoying it. So good!!
    Have a wonderful week.

  9. Where do I start!!! Now just don't let Kate see that hat or she will be sneaking across your porch in the middle of the night to get her hands on it! & those glasses!!!

    My fav is your little purse you made! I love that you have all that history & you can tell the stories too! Makes your pieces even more enjoyable! That little charm on your purse is the perfect finishing touch!!! I better take pics of Kate washing dishes next time (She always washes & I dry...I hate washing :) maybe someday her ancestors will turn her into a gorgeous piece of art! :) But I do agree....she was BEAUTIFUL!!!

  10. Hi Theresa,
    Have a good week. I miss you, I hope to get back to blogging soon. It's hard with a slow camera and a slow computer though. And not to mention that I am hosting a wedding reception for roughly 300 people on Oct 2. (Man, I need to go so I can get back to my freaking out...)
    Take care, and many wonderful things happening in MN (junkbonanza, creative workshop thingie...)this week, if you would care to join us!

  11. I have a photo of my mom in similar glases sitting my my dad's lap when they were dating - sunglasses and they had on penny loafers. The coin purse is special indeed and pretty as can be. I'm packing up all my little finds to sell...just don't want anymore little stuff, hoping someone else will. Jennifer

  12. Hello Theresa, Look's like you found so many treasures. I like the vintage glasses and your coin purse look's great! Have a good day....Julian

  13. Theresa, I love the sentimental coin's charming. And your fabulous finds are making me want to go shopping today! The Mega Mall is having their outdoor market today, FYI. I have a lot to do in my antique mall booths, but if I have time I'm going to the Flea!


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